Get Romantic With Dining Tables For 2

Get Romantic With Dining Tables For 2

2nd Feb 2022

Posted by Alice Ewens on 2nd Feb 2022

With Valentine’s right on the horizon, we're looking at romantic dinners at dining tables for 2. We’ve got the cosy inspo, all you need to do is figure out what’s on the menu!

Who wants the hassle of trying to book somewhere to eat out on Valentine’s Day, surrounded by tons of other people, shouting over everyone else’s conversations and the music? Then there’s having to pay for the Uber, or not drink. Why not get something yummy in for dinner, pop open a bottle of something fancy, and have a romantic dinner at an intimate table for 2.

Our Two Seater Dining Sets

We offer our Novara 100cm and our Selina tables specifically as two-seater sets because they are on the smaller side, but you can get any of our tables on their own and buy two chairs on their own.

Round The Bend For You – Round Dining Tables for 2

Round tables somehow feel more intimate. Maybe it’s the Lady and the Tramp scene stuck in our heads but there’s something about a round table and being able to scootch closer that feels romantic. And round shapes just add to the soft, sweet mood!

Our gorgeous Palma table in white has modern-retro chic all over it! We also sell this with a marble-effect top and in black.

Our Selina table with 2 Lorenzo faux leather chairs in white looks classy and elegant.

Old School Romantic – Rectangular Dining Tables for 2

But there’s no reason why you can’t go for a rectangular table for two. It’s a more classic, traditional table arrangement but our dining table designs keep it fresh and modern. Capture a bit of that Greek elegance with our Imperia high gloss table and its 2 columned plinth legs.

rectangular glass table with gold starburst nested legs in shiny metal.
Furniturebox Studio

Go for gold with our Leonardo shiny gold and crisp glass table (this seats up to 4, but would be lovely with two chairs).

Capture a bit of that Greek romance with our Imperia high gloss table and its 2 columned plinth legs. @jojokgriffin has styled their Imperia with 2 white Milan chairs. We know we're biased, but we really do think all of our faux leather dining chairs pair beautifully with the sleek designs of our dining tables!

Velvet Touches

Add some extra luxury with a touch of velvet. Velvet dining chairs with legs matching the colour of your table legs will bring everything together. Sumptuously soft and super comfortable to boot, get style and function with our gorgeous Pivero and Belgravia chairs. Pick a colour combo to suit your table and your room and turn the luxury up a notch.

Our Novara 100cm round glass table with gold legs, and these chairs are very like our green velvet Pesaro chairs with gold legs. This looks lovely and warm against the warm yellow tones in the flooring.

Our Novara 100cm round glass table with the silver chrome legs. And we sell chairs like these, too! Our grey velvet Belgravias. Gorgeously cosy and intimate, you don't have to sit opposite each other!

Maximise Your Space – Space Saving Tables for 2

Our two seater dining tables are perfect for smaller spaces. The Novara and the Selina are both 100cm x 100cm. Plenty of room for a lush dinner, a few cocktails or other beverages of choice, but they can tuck really nicely into corners and keep your room looking open. Plus, with the table set in the corner like this, it makes it feel a little more intimate, doesn’t it? Our glass and chrome tables have the added benefit of bouncing light around, keeping your room bright.

Both of our customers below chose the Novara 100cm with silver chrome legs, and chairs very similar to ones we sell!

These chairs are very like our grey velvet Pesaro dining chairs, which we also sell in blue and green, and with silver, gold or black legs. Endless possibilities! This set up is so slick and modern. We love those mirrors too, adding even more light to this corner.

And these chairs are very similar to our Belgravias. @heart_home_life shows how nicely the silver chrome legs reflect the rug they’ve placed under the table, giving it a lovely rosy glow.

Dancing On My Own

OK, OK, so Valentines’ Day isn’t for everyone. We get that. Or at least, it doesn’t just have to be about celebrating a significant other. Why not celebrate with your besties and have a Galentine’s celebration (any Parks and Rec fans out there?!). Show love to your pals, your mum, your dog, your siblings... Cook up a little treat or get something in and let ‘em know you care, whoever they are to you.  If you’re footloose and fancy-free, a smaller dining table for two is still great for smaller rooms or apartments. Get that ‘mimosas for brunch’ or ‘coffee-catch-up with your mates’ look. Super modern and stylish, without breaking the bank.

Both customers below styled their Novara tables with chrome legs with different colour themes, but both look ridiculously glam and elegant to us! Just perfect for sharing a cup of coffee or something fancier over!

Is A Dining Table For 2 Perfect For You?

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