At Furniturebox we take our sustainability responsibilities seriously. It's important to us to do what we can to offset our impacts on the environment. We've set out our goals and all the things we're already doing across the board below. Check back for updates!

Eco-Packaging Project

Packaging and protecting furniture is not easy but we’re committed to doing it sustainably. 

We aim to reduce the amount of non-recyclable packaging we use and introduce environmentally friendly alternatives where possible. We’re on a mission to become fully plastic-free with our packaging, and we’re working with our suppliers to reduce this wherever possible.

We work closely with expert consultants Valpak to control the quantity of plastic-based materials in our packaging and reduce our impact on the environment.

Environmental Responsibility

At Furniturebox we believe everyone has a responsibility to be environmentally conscious and strive to protect the environment, maintaining our planet whilst trying to slow global warming.

We will continue to do everything possible as a company to act with sustainability and the environment in mind, to ensure like our furniture, that we can enjoy the world for years to come.

We’re really pleased to announce that we’re now a certified FSC® retailer. Our FSC® certified wood and wood-derived products come from sustainable and responsibly managed forests. These products will show the FSC® logo beside them. We strive to work with sustainable materials and FSC certified suppliers.

We also work with Earthly Carbon Accounting to invest in ecological projects and offset our carbon footprint. We’ve helped fund tropical forest protection in Keo Siema Wildlife Sanctuary, Cambodia and Mai Ndombe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as mangrove restoration in Maroalika, Madagascar. We’re in the process of renewing our Climate Positive Business certification and looking at all areas of the business, including our direct emissions, energy consumptions, transportation and waste.

Returns & KFR

KFR is a local, Wiltshire charity that makes furniture and electrical goods affordable to everyone, especially low income homes.

KFR collect returned items from Furniturebox, which cannot be re-packaged and sold. Thanks to this, we've drastically reduced our product waste and put our returned items to good use in our local community.

We also use Ebay to resell our returns, another way to avoid these items ending in landfill.

Recycling at Our Warehouse

Our dispatch team has worked hard to introduce measures to minimise material waste from our warehouse operations.

We've refined internal processes to ensure we use only the bare minimum of single-use materials and where possible we recycle.

We even have a polystyrene compressor that helps us reuse and repurpose surplus polystyrene and foam.

Sustainable Staff Travel

The sustainability of how we travel is just as important as the sustainability of our products.

We're lucky to have office locations in a number of well-connected areas with lots of sustainable travel options.

We also offer sustainable travel incentives to all our staff through Government-backed projects, such as the national cycle to work scheme, car sharing initiatives and a sustainable travel information hub available to all staff for info and advice.

Future Warehouse

In summer 2022 we moved to a brand new 90,000 square foot warehouse that has been purpose-built for us with sustainability as a key consideration.

We're mounting solar panels to power our operations with environmentally friendly solar energy and contribute any excess to the national grid.

Our new car park comes with electric car charging points to help staff cut emissions from their commute.

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