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Luxury Mirrors

Adding a decorative mirror to your hallway or living room will reflect light to create a bigger and brighter space. You’ll find a range of luxury wall mounted mirrors that will make a statement in any room, including large rectangular designs or patterned circular mirrors.

Ornate Wall Mirrors

With unique and intricate designs you'll find a mirror to suit even the most specific taste. With all shapes and sizes available whether you want a mirror for your bathroom, living room or dining room. Our mirrors are about more than just checking your hair before heading out, they're a piece of art which will wow your guests!

Patterned Mirrors

We have lots of mirrors in different patterns and styles from a sunburst design to a geometric mirror design. The different patterns are ideal for reflecting light around the room and brightening up the space.

Our quality wall-hung mirrors are available for FREE next day delivery across the UK and come securely packaged.