Our Guarantee

Most Furniturebox products purchased after 1st May 2023 come with a 2-year manufacturer guarantee (products purchased before this date have a 1-year guarantee). Under this guarantee, Furniturebox will replace any faulty items free of charge to the customer that have arisen from the following terms listed below. Unfortunately, scratches, dents, chips and marks aren't covered by warranty so please do remember to take good care of your product - it will last you for a very long time if you do!

For customers who received their order on or after the 1st May 2023:

Most Furniturebox products have a 2-year manufacturer warranty. However, the following products are exempt from our 2-year warranty and only a 1-year warranty applies to all colour options of the products below:

  • Tahiti Outdoor Rattan Chair and Footstool
  • Algarve Outdoor 2 Seat Bistro Set
  • Maldives Outdoor Sofa Set 5 Seat
  • Seychelles Outdoor Dining Table and Corner Sofa Set
  • Antigua Outdoor Dining Set 6 Seat
  • Barbados Outdoor Dining Set 4 Seat
  • Lisbon Outdoor Sofa Set 4 Seat
  • Porto Outdoor Sofa Set 4 Seat
  • Marbella Rattan 9 Seat Garden Dining Set
  • Monaco Rattan Garden 8 or 10 Seat Dining Set
  • Orlando Rattan Modular / 4 / 6 seater Outdoor Sofa
  • Malva Wood and Metal 6 Seat Extending Garden Dining Set

For customers who received their order on or before the 30th April 2023:

  • All Furniturebox products come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


In detail, our guarantees DO cover the following:

  • Deterioration/loss of interior or pre-inserted fixings such as metal threads becoming loose and removing.
  • Chair leg faults, for example bends/breaks caused by fault joints.
  • External fixing faults such as glued metal discs removing from the tabletops.
  • The frame of the product losing its structural integrity.


In detail, our guarantees DO NOT cover the following:

  • Light bulbs supplied with our lighting products are not covered by our guarantee.
  • The cracking of wood/veneer due to extreme changes in room humidity, liquid damage or an external heat source e.g. a radiator are excluded from claims.
  • Colour deterioration in fabric cannot be claimed on if caused by contamination by contact of hair dye, or other cosmetic products.
  • If damage is caused due to exceeding maximum load limits a claim cannot be filed. Please make sure you check the load limit for the items purchased.
  • For outdoor furniture the cushions should not be left outside in wet weather. Damage to the cushions from weather exposure will not be covered under the guarantee.

Important Information About 10 Year Frame Guarantees

Please note the below relates to purchases of IDA sofas only, the 10 year frame guarantee does not apply to any other of our sofa ranges.

What Your Guarantee Means

The IDA sofa is provided with a 10-year guarantee which is valid from the date of delivery. This guarantee applies only when the product has been used in your own home within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Your guarantee covers you against manufacturing faults and defects on the following:

  • Loose joints.
  • Timber Breakage.
  • Spring rails breaking.
  • Springs and webbing coming loose.
  • Broken legs.

Your guarantee does not cover:

  • If there is any evidence of deliberate damage or abuse, misuse or use in a non-domestic environment.
  • If the care instructions haven’t been followed.
  • If the timber is exposed to extreme moisture within the home.
  • If the product is an unsanitary condition, or damage has been caused by pets.
  • It does not apply to fabric, fillings, cushions and mattresses including sofa beds.
  • he guarantee only applies to the original purchaser of the item, any second-hand products that are still within their 10-year guarantee are excluded.
  • The guarantee has no cash value and is non-transferrable.
  • Items which are sold as Ex display or clearance are excluded.
  • The metal mechanism for a recliner chair or sofa bed is not included. This includes electric recliners.

How do you make a claim?

If something should happen with your sofa that falls under the criteria we will need a description and photos of the fault or defect from you along with proof of purchase.

We will arrange for an independent service technician to visit you to assess whether your sofa can be fixed. We will endeavour to always repair your sofa within your own home.

We reserve the right to use alternative materials to repair your sofa, but we will try to find the closest match at all times.

If your sofa cannot be repaired, you will be offered a refund depending upon the age of your sofa as set out on the below sliding scale.

Please note that a refund will only be given strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions of the 10 Year Sofa Guarantee.

We are unable to advise as to how quickly a technician will be able to attend your home or how long any repairs may take. On occasion the repair may not be carried out on the same day as the technician attends to assess your sofa. The technician is an expert and will ascertain whether the sofa has been treated in such a way that the 10 Year Sofa Guarantee will not apply.

Refund Scales

  • Year 1 Full refund.
  • Year 2 90% refund.
  • Year 3 80% refund.
  • Year 4 70% refund.
  • Year 5 60% refund.
  • Year 6 50% refund.
  • Year 7 40% refund.
  • Year 8 30% refund.
  • Year 9 20% refund.
  • Year 10 10% refund.




In order to make a claim on the guarantee you will need to complete the form above on this page.

If the faulty item is in stock then delivery will be arranged and can be as quick as 2-3 working days. If the faulty item is no longer available or will not be back in stock in an acceptable time frame, then the full price on the faulty item will be payable. Please note that when a warranty case is approved, and more than 30 days have passed since you have received your order, we have a right to repair or replace the product (at our discretion). We are not able to refund the order at this point but we will make sure that the product is repaired or replaced for you.

Please make sure your fixings have been tightened correctly when assembling your item before contacting us. Unfortunately, this is not covered under our guarantee however if screws keep coming loose and all correct fixings have been used and tightened correctly then please contact us so we can resolve this for you.

The claim is only valid 1 or 2 years from the original purchase date depending upon the product guarantee and proof of purchase must be provided with all claims.

Unfortunately, we are unlikely to be able to provide a replacement part free of charge, however, please contact us and we will see what we can do to help!