Furniturebox Instagram Christmas Inspiration!

Furniturebox Instagram Christmas Inspiration!

6th Dec 2021

Posted by Alice Ewens on 6th Dec 2021

Looking for Instagram Christmas inspiration, or just want to see how our customers decorate their homes for Christmas? Look no further!

I'll let you in on a little secret - Christmas decorations are my absolute favourite bit of the whole Christmas season. Yes, seeing my family, and all the delicious food, the general magical cheer in the air, gift-giving etc. are all lovely... but the lights and the decorations make me feel like a giddy kid at Christmas staring in awe at Santa's grotto. So, when we decided it'd be nice to collect together all the gorgeous Instagram Christmas pics our customers tag us in and share them with you in one place, obviously, I was very up for the challenge.

And all our customers are so talented and stylish, I've had a lot to organise! We've broken our Instagram Christmas inspiration bonanza down into a few categories.

Instagram Christmas Inspiration #1 - Living Rooms

Instagram christmas inspiration - modern hallway with decorated stiars and console table

Whilst we sadly don't sell this console table anymore, we do sell others! And this coffee table is similar.

When I was a kid, back in the late 80s and 90s (showing my age, now!), we'd string these shiny metallic garland things and tinsel across EVERY ceiling in the house, and have to duck through doorways, haha! So, as much as the awful 80s Christmas decor is fun for nostalgia, I'm so glad Christmas decor trends have moved on a bit. Decoration trends are a lot more streamlined and cohesive these days, with colour schemes and elegant simple living rooms taking centre stage.

Instagram Christmas Inspiration #2 - Bedrooms

Instagram christmas inspiration - modern bedroom wth pink-toned christmas decor

One of our console tables here. We sadly don't stock that one at the moment, but we do sell others!

Who says Christmas decorations only belong in the communal living areas? I always longed for a 2nd Christmas tree in my bedroom, and Mum always said no. Now I'm a grown-up, I totally get that it's a LOT of extra effort, haha! Doesn't stop me drooling over these gorgeously Christmassy bedrooms, though.

Instagram Christmas Inspiration #3 - Dining Areas

Where the magic happens, right?!

White, Grey and Silver Rooms

White and grey interiors are super popular and a design classic (we wrote a blog on it!). This is transferring into complimentary Christmas decor, in crisp snowy silvers and whites, with the odd pop of gold for warmth.

Other Colour Schemes

Even though white, grey and silver are still very popular, we've also got some customers mixing things up a bit with colour that might just be right up your street.


What is a tablescape, anyway? It's a bit more than just a single centrepiece and tends to include a collection of themed and matching bits and bobs to make the table look pretty. It's a mix of the words table-setting and landscaping, so think of a tablescape like a little themed landscape! And they make for great Christmas table decorations

Simple Centrepieces

Just as pretty, but taking up a little bit less room on the table.

clsoe up of silver taer candle in christmas wreath on a glass table. A white and gold christmas tree is visible in the background.

Another shot from @home_with_sasha, showing you can mix it up and swap out a bigger tablescape for a smaller centrepiece to suit your event.

And Just 'Cause We Love 'Em...

modern dining area

Our Novara with gold metal legs. These chairs are very similar to our Belgravia chairs, too.

animated GIF showing 2 images of hte same room - close up and wide shot - featuring modern glass and chrome table and bench seat with grey velvet seat, and red and white christmas themed balloon arch.

Holy cow, this blew my mind!!
That's our Leonardo table with grey Corona chairs, and the Cambridge bench too.

That's A Wrap For Our Instagram Christmas Inspiration Round Up

Whew! I'm seeing baubles when I close my eyes after all that! But, worth it, no? We're constantly floored by how beautifully you lot style your homes, especially for Christmas. So be sure to follow us on Insta and tag us so we can feature you! And there's always lots of inspiration to be had over on our Pinterest.

Thanks for reading. Stay festive, lovelies.

Alice xo