10+ Unique Grey Dining Room Ideas

10+ Unique Grey Dining Room Ideas

15th Nov 2021

Posted by Alice Ewens on 15th Nov 2021

We’ve got all your grey dining room ideas covered in this week’s blog, with a collection of our own customer’s gorgeously grey homes for inspiration.

Why Are Grey Dining Rooms So Popular?

Grey is a great foundation colour for an interior design scheme. It gives a lovely clean blank canvas to build on, while still being practical (white floors or walls + kids and pets = urgh – am I right?!). Grey can really bring a room together, and with a range of shades and tones, it can still be really versatile. You can pair grey with almost any other colour and use it whatever your home style is. Grey works equally well with super modern sleek and glossy styles, Scandinavian minimalist décor, or even the rustic farmhouse trend.

With us all spending more time at home over the last few years, it’s no wonder we’re all keen on maximising our home space, and looking for versatile but practical design solutions.

Grey interiors are a design staple and one that looks set to stick around long into 2022. Pantone even listed pale “Ultimate Gray” (the American spelling) as its 2021 colour of the year! But we are seeing some design shifts away from the entirely cool grey on grey tones that dominated the back end of the 20-teens. In fact, Pantone’s second colour of the year for 2021 is the bold and warm “Illuminating” yellow.

grey dining room ideas - grey open plan kitchen dining area, with Pantone shade Ultimate Grey overlaid
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grey dining room ideas - grey dining area with yellow light fixing and yellowish wood table, with Pantone shade Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (a sunny yellow) overlaid
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Grey dining rooms are still really popular with our customers, so let's take a look at how the Furniturebox UK gang are doing it, to get those inspirational ideas flowing!

Grey Dining Room Ideas: Tones and Textures

Cool and bright white and grey are still very popular, for sure, but we’re seeing some warmth and some more textures coming through in styling. Adding in warmer putty shades of grey in walls, or even flooring, or bolder charcoals in feature wall styles are definitely increasing in popularity.

Mixing grey with more rustic textures brings in that interest, depth and dimension. You can even achieve the “hashtag grey dining room” style with white walls / flooring by using grey furniture, rugs, soft furnishings and accessories. This can be great if you’re not able to fully redecorate and paint walls. Fabric choice is also helping to add warmth. Faux leather is always in when it comes to dining furniture, but the increasing popularity of velvet definitely brings the cosy factor. Not to mention, it looks super glam! Curtains, rugs, chair fabrics or if you’ve got an open plan living-dining area then sofas too, can all add touches of softer warm velvet.

Grey wood panelling is also very on-trend right now, because grey really adds definition to the panels. Whites and creams can make the panels fade back and look flat, and bolder colours can be overwhelming. Grey, on the other hand, feels both modern and in keeping with period panelling.

Our white Milan faux leather dining chairs.

Grey Dining Room Ideas: Materials and Metals

We’re also seeing a lot of pairing grey with marble (or marble-effect at least – we don’t all live in Ritz!).

Our white Lorenzo dining chairs

Chrome accents work really well with grey because they’ll bounce the light around, make a room feel spacious, but still reflect the grey tones in the décor. Chrome and grey is an elegant combo, especially in dining areas where we want to achieve a fresh, open and airy feel. But, how about grey and gold?! Gold accents have the same glam and luxurious touch as shiny chrome but also bring in the yellow warmth. Grey with warmer wooden accents is also a newer style choice but once that seems increasingly popular.

Let’s Get Colouful!

The occasional pop of colour against grey décor schemes add some sumptuous rich and warmer vibes. That’s the thing with grey – it lets other colours really sing! You can still use grey in your dining room without it being a flat wall. @xxx has used a grey graphic print wall image with a few bursts of red to achieve a strong and very urban modern grey dining room look.

Our Atlanta white gloss and chrome dining table with 4 grey faux leather Milan chairs.

What Next?

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As you can see, we really love seeing how our customers style their homes with our products, so be sure to tag us and your Furniturebox UK purchases on our Insta account! We’ve also got heaps more grey dining room ideas and inspiration over on our Pinterest, so go check that out, too.