15 Interior Design Trends Straight From Milan

15 Interior Design Trends Straight From Milan

17th May 2023

Posted by Alice Ewens on 17th May 2023

Interior design trends are always hot news around the Furniturebox HQ and we love to keep on top of emerging styles that we think you'll love. Part of that is getting to attend some pretty swanky fairs and conventions. Laura and Vicki, two of our product development team, went out to Milan to attend the Salone del Mobile furniture show in early May 2023 and picked out some key emerging interiors trends.

Here's our roundup of 15 key trends for living rooms, dining rooms and just in general, that we think you'll be seeing in all the style mags and Insta feeds soon! These are also concepts that we'll be looking to incorporate into our upcoming products so we can always be offering you gorgeous on-trend styles that won't break the bank.

Overall Top 5 Emerging Interior Design Trends From Milan

green velvet curved sofa with coloured patterned cushions, and matching round footstool with wooden coffee table slotted over footstool - interior design trends 2023
Curvy is in!

In general, we're seeing interiors embrace the idea of mixing things up. Maximalist bold colours with softer neutrals and pastels. Mixing materials. Mixing straight lines with a lot of curves. Taking inspiration from the natural world with wood, rattan, mushrooms and earthy tones. Furniture also seems to really be getting into the laid-back, relaxed vibe with a lot more low-slung and wide seating.

Our Top 5 General Trends

  1. Mixing Materials - wood with marble, wood with loose-weave fabrics etc.
  2. Curves and mushrooms - especially low curvy sofas and low nesting coffee tables.
  3. Warm pastel colours alongside creams and neutrals. Peach, pink, baby blues and yellows.
  4. Natural materials - wood, stone, marble, cork, ceramic OR sustainable materials -0 lots of recycled plastics and fibreglass.
  5. Pedestal-style tables with a central tapered plinth leg, largely in wood with bases becoming curvier.
cabinet sideboard in wood with marble and black metal details - interior design trends
Mixed materials
collection of pedestal round coffee tables in various sizes and finishes
Curvy pedestal tables
lighting display featuring lantern style lampshades in pastel colours
Pastel colours
low and wide futon Japandi style seating of grey cushions on slatted wood base with matching coffee table
Natural materials

Top 5 Living Room Interior Design Trends From Milan

Living room trends are leaning hard into relaxed and laid-back styles, combining minimalist shape with maximalist ideas of mixing materials up. The Industrial and Japandi influences are still there with comforting and soft, rounded touches in shape and fabrics.

oversized living room furniture - low and wide/deep sofa with warm brown neutral velvet and pops of orange in cushions, with large but low glass coffee table that has gold legs, on shagfgfy rug. Inset of a second wide and low sofa.
A touch of modern 70s in the fabrics, colours and oversized, low-slung, relaxed seating for living rooms.

Our Top 5 Living Room Trends

  1. Oversized - deep sofas, big and low coffee tables, big lamos, lots of big plants and massive textured rugs.
  2. Nesting coffee tables either at different heights that overlap or slotted over a footrest or sofa seats.
  3. Boucle (teddy bear fabric) - cream and pale neutrals.
  4. Shelving as room dividers - lots of black or white thin-framed open bookcases with planting (check out our blog on room dividers!)
  5. Accent chairs that hug - tactile materials like velvet and boucle, in curvy and low designs.
nesting round stone marble coffee tables
Nesting coffee tables and footstools in mixed materials
cream boucle sofa and footstool with inset of boucle chair in wooden frame
Boucle is still in, with its tactile and comforting feel.
tall shelving used as room divider, with books and planting, beside living room set up and hanging pendant lights
Shelving as room dividers
Stage with row of accents chairs in orange, yellow and white velvets and boucle fabrics, with black legs, against orange curtain with lighting that reads 'be an original'.
Curvy accent chairs that hug

Top 5 Dining Room Interior Design Trends From Milan

Dining room trends seem to be following the things we're seeing in living rooms with the low and wide seating. Some retro made modern touches with open-frame chairs and again that mixed materials theme. Pastels and fabrics, simple shapes with pops of maximalist colour here, too.

Our Top 5 Dining Room Trends

  1. Large tables with pillars - one central one as per pedestal tables, or 2 pillar legs, with curvy legs featuring heavily.
  2. Wood-framed dining chairs - with a mix of materials.
  3. Pastel-coloured recycled plastic chairs.
  4. Low-backed dining chairs - table height at the back, less of the tall back throne style seats.
  5. Simple shapes for chairs with maximalist pops of metallics or colour.
Statement dining tables - round marble top table with fabric chairs that have wooden legs, and inset of large table with curved pillar legs
Curvy tables with pedestal or pillar legs, and mixed-material chairs (wood frames and fabric)
Stage with row of recycled plastic dining chairs in pastel shades - low back designs
Recycled plastic chairs in pastel shades
Low backed dining chairs that show back is the same height as the bistro tables they are beside. Retro inspired designs
Low-backed dining chairs with nods to retro design
Fabric tub chairs on rounded cantilever gold metal legs and arms
Simple shapes with maximalist pops of metal

And Some Of Our Fave Fun Stuff, Just Because...

Some of the things we saw at the Milan Furniture Show were pretty out there! Here are a couple of favourites.

rain cloud lighting fixture
bright velvet accent chairs in pink, green and yellow against purple wall
abstract pendant light fixing featuring small hanging cones in white and grey against white wall.

Are You Already Incorporating Any Of These Trends?

We love seeing how our customers style their Furniturebox products so be sure to give us a follow on Insta and tag us in your product pics. We've also got heaps more inspiration over on Pinterest so give us a follow there, too

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