Elegant Dining Room Ideas

Elegant Dining Room Ideas

17th Aug 2022

Posted by Alice Ewens on 17th Aug 2022

Elegant dining room ideas for all homes and all budgets! We've collected the very best of our recent customer images to inspire you.

It's always been really important to us at Furniturebox that luxury furniture styles should be accessible for all and that everyone should have the dining room of their dreams. Elegant dining rooms do not have to belong to the super rich and famous, or to those with enormous houses. It's possible to make your dining room the very picture of elegance without spending a fortune with our gorgeous dining sets.

But first, let's get a few basics out of the way.

What Makes A Dining Room Elegant?

Elegance in interior design can be summed up as:

  • Graceful and dignified;
  • Uncluttered and tidy;
  • Usually making the most of light (although darker maximalist dining rooms can also be really classy too);
  • Occassional pops of colour and/or pattern;
  • Luxurious materials and finishes coupled with structure and simple lines.
  • Marble, stone, glass, mirrored elements and velvet, all used sparingly, with more minimalist foundations.

Think modern Bridgerton vibes meets Scandinavian minimalism.

So let's take a look at the ways some of our customers are serving up elegance...

Glass, Grey & Neutrals Elegant Dining Room Ideas

Here, @tiadaniellehome has created a really light and elegant dining space, using glass and reflective elements to really bounce that natural light around and make things sparkle. The drinks trolley is a classy addition, adding interest (love the tall taper candle) as well as extra surface space. This is our Selina Chrome Round Glass Dining Table with square legs.

@ourlittlehome._ has gone for a stunning neutral palette that is giving us some serious Mediterannean vibes with those terracotta pots, greenery and soft linens. We love how this shows that you can achieve an elegant dining space with a more rustic and relaxed style. It's all about the matching shades to create this clean and bright area. This is the Novara Chrome Metal And Glass Large 120cm Round Dining Table.

Glass and Gold Elegant Dining Room Ideas

Using gold accents brings warmth to a space while still keeping things light and airy. @thewortham has styled our Novara Gold Metal And Glass Large 120cm Round Dining Table with some on-trend velvet chairs that have lovely tapered gold legs. Wood elements in the countertops and flooring add to the warm tones here. An elegant modern luxury dining space!

A wonderful example of how grey and gold work so well together! The glass and metal keep the table from feeling like it's bulking up this corner. The straight lines of the table are reflected in the chairs (which also add height to the space). Our Milan chairs are quite throne-like! The bowl of peonies softens the area, but this is a really elegant dining area and we love how @rebeccasglamhome has styled our Leonardo 4 Gold Dining Table and 4 Gold Leg Milan Chairs.

Monotone Black And White Dining Room Ideas

round glass dining table with solver chrome starburst legs, ad 4 white faux leather tall-back chairs in a white room
customer review image: John H

Our customer John has styled our smaller Novara Chrome Metal And Glass 100cm Round Dining Table And 4 White faux-leather Milan Dining Chairs to look super stylish in this corner. White and silver really is an elegant combination - fresh and light.

round glass dining table with black metal starburst legs, and 4 black faux leather dining chairs with silver tapered legs in a white room
customer review image: Michael S

Here's an example of how black and silver can really modernise a room but still keep it sleek and elegant. Black metal and black leather brings in some Industrial design elements and we love how our customer Michael has paired our Novara Black Leg Round Glass Dining Table & 4 Corona black faux leather chairs with silver legs. The black place settings and tall simple flower stems really finish this off.

white rectangular dining table with 4 black faux leather dining chairs with gold tapered legs. Gold and white accessories on the table including candle jars, white jug with pink flowers and gold plant pot.
customer review image: Narinj M

Our customer Narinj shows how black, white and gold can work seamlessly to create this elegant, high-luxury dining area. The grey marble floor brings in some classical elements, too. Here, our Corona black faux leather dining chairs with tapered gold legs look the part against a simple white dining table (try our Pivero for a similar look). The gold, white and delicate pink accessories on the tabletop finish it off nicely.

Elegant Modern Scandi Dining Room Ideas

We adore this sleek, chic, minimalist dining space with Scandinavian elements. The unfussy shapes, open space and black and cream palette with grey marble flooring is so elegant. These are our Halle fabric and black metal dining chairs and we love how @missrachelshome has styled them!

round black semi-gloss pedestal table with 4 black velvet bucket seats in white room
customer review image: Olafuyi D

Here, our customer Olafuyi has gone for all-black furniture against a neutral floor and walls makes this dining set really pop. The black centrepiece really finishes this off! This is our Palma semi-gloss black pedestal table paired with some all-black velvet dining chairs (try our black Calla chairs for a similar look).

Here's a stunning example of an elegant modern dining area with Scandinavian inspiration. Everything is sleek, minimalist, and uncluttered. The black Palma semi-gloss black pedestal table paired with our Halle fabric and black metal dining chairs reflect the other black and white decor choices here for that cohesive look. The wood floor adds some warmth. We absolutely love this styling!

Wood 'Rustic Meets Modern' Dining Room Ideas

This elegant dining area has some Industrial flavours to it, with the minimalist wood with black metal table and bench, paired with our Pesaro green velvet and black leg dining chairs! Against the pale floor and walls, the bolder furniture choices really stand out! The black elements are reflected in the picture frames and industrial wire frame light fixing, to really bring this whole space together. We love it! (try our Kylo or Anders dining tables for a similar look)

This is a perfect example of how to mix older rustic farmhouse styles with modern minimalist pieces and achieve an elegant and inviting space that doesn't feel too formal. Here, @lor.of.the.shire has paired 6 of our Halle fabric and black metal dining chairs with their solid wood dining table for a 'modern meets rustic' setting (try our Anders dining table for a similar look!).

wooden dining table with grey chairs, with glass table top protector on top. 4 grey place mats. Large wall window style mirror.
customer review image: Majlinda H

Our customer Majlinda has combined a dark dining table with modern grey suede chairs and a stunning black wall mirror which creates the illusion of an internal window. One of our glass table toppers does a great job in elevating this area by adding a little bit of light and gloss without hiding the table's lovely wood grain.

Dining Rooms with Statement Colours or Accessories

This dark forest green feature wall is very on trend and goes so well with the neutral palette on the floors/walls, and the black fireplace. The round glass pedestal table and 6 of our Pesaro green velvet dining chairs with back legs give this space an elegant look with some Industrial touches. We really love this dining space!
(check out our round glass dining tables to create a similar look)

And, to wrap up our customer image showcase, how about going all out with a huge and ornate mirror? This room screams regency elegance with the gilt mirror frame, cream roses, crystal glass chandelier and grey tall-balk Chesterfield style dining chairs. That's our Renato High Gloss 4 / 6 Seat Modern Extending Dining Table in the centre, there, which provides plenty of space for your banquets!

How Will You Style Yours?

mobile phone on desk displaying the furniturebox instagram page.

We love seeing how you all style your Finritrebox pieces, so be sure to follow us on Insta and tag us in your product images for a chance to be featured in a future blog like this! We've also got lots more inspiration over on Pinterest, so give us a follow there, too!

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