Living Room Colour Schemes For 2022

Living Room Colour Schemes For 2022

29th Jun 2022

Posted by Alice Ewens on 29th Jun 2022

Are you looking for the latest on-trend living room colour schemes? Well look no further - we've been keeping an eye on our customers' style choices to see what's making waves in living room interior design.

Our living rooms are where we all (probably) spend quite a bit of time. Unwinding, socialising, maybe even working. So, it stands to reason that we'll want our living rooms to be places we enjoy spending time. How we choose to decorate them will often be a reflection of our personalities and also of the mood we want to create.

One of the best bits about having a really active and engaged customer base on our social media channels is that we get to see emerging trends in interior design through all the gorgeous pics they send us. We don't mean what some expert says about fashion trends for the out-there homes that never look lived in, but trends emerging from the most important people to us - you lot, our customers (and potential customers!). Real people, real homes and real design choices.

A Shift Away From The "White Home" Trend?

As the days have been growing longer and warmer (sometimes, at least!), we've noticed a bit of a shift away from the gleaming white home interior trend. Neutrals are definitely still in, but early on in the Furniturebox Insta journey, our tagged feed was full of bright white and chrome homes. Stunning, sure, and wow did all those rooms look huge! But, it can sometimes feel a bit cold. And we've started noticing a bit of a shift towards incorporating warmer neutrals, more natural materials in furniture (wooden furniture is on the up, along with stone, concrete and marble effects). We're seeing more contrast being introduced, and less all-white. This is also something we saw in emerging Dining Room Colour Trends, too!

Living Room Colour Schemes - Warm Neutrals

Perhaps it was being stuck indoors for so much of 2020/2021, but it seems like people are wanting to bring a bit more warmth and sunshine inside. Still light enough to keep spaces looking big, but a little warmer, the 'warm neutrals' living room trend is all about beige, cappuccino, pale yellows, and warm wood tones.

This combination of whites, creams, beiges and gold is really warm and inviting! Featuring our Novara round glass dining table with gold metal legs.

stone fireplace with black metal burner, with wood and chrome glass-topped coffee table
Customer Review Image - Laura

This is a gorgeous example of older styles meeting new, tied together with warm beige, and the wood accents in the floor and coffee table. That's our Mayfair Brown Wood Veneer and Metal Glass Coffee Table.

Here we see the white and grey warmed with touches of cream in the soft furnishings and the panelling on the wall. Features our Vintage Shabby-Chic Distressed Rug in Beige.

This living room area looks so warm and cosy! The warm tones in the soft furnishings (closer to the floor) and the white on the walls adds height, and the use of our Crystalline Large Silver Contemporary Modern Wall Mirror bounces more natural light around from the windows.

This living room keeps the warmer beige/wood tones to the floor and walls, with the furniture being largely white and cream. This invites you into the space. That's our Sandro White High Gloss And Glass Coffee Table.

Living Room Colours Schemes - Contrasting Neutrals and Black

This colour trend for mixing neutrals and black is definitely on the up. It allows people to still the "make rooms look bigger" that comes with neutrals with the warmth of beiges and pops of black that add a few little Scandi Industrial flairs.

We really love the soft stone beige of the sofa and walls with the light wood flooring and those pops of black with the window-mirrors and our Palma black round pedestal coffee table.

cream and black living room wiht abstract rug, cream sofa and balck accessories with marlbe effect coffee table
Customer Review Image - Dalis A

The abstract grey and black rug, black throws, the black arc lamp and a few well-placed black accessories create a gorgeous contrast with the beige and white. Featuring our Athens white marble-effect statement coffee table.

Black and gold always looks incredibly glam, and definitely seems to be a colour combo we're seeing more of. It really does drip luxury! Adding in some cream and beige softens the look and blends with the warm wood tones of the floor here. We love it! Featuring our Novara round glass coffee table with gold legs.

Living Room Colour Trends - Grey & Pops of Colour

This is an easy way to inject a little bit of variation and warmth into a mostly grey interior. We're seeing green, navy blue and gold making some big waves. Even though green and blue are typically cooler colours, the darker dusky shades have warmer undertones. A few coloured accessories is a simple way to mix things up.

grey sofa and carpet with round glass nad gold coffee table
Customer Review Image - Silvana

Here we have an injection of gold, which looks fab with grey. That's our Novara glass and gold coffee table again.

modern living room with white and grey decor, navy blue cushions and abstract wall art, with white high gloss and silver chrome coffee table

The pops of that gorgeous navy blue in the cushions and the wall art lift this stunning living room and add some dimension. Featuring our Tuscany High Gloss and Chrome Rectangular Coffee Table.

grey and white living wiim with dark forest green cushions and a rectangular glass and silver chrome coffee table

And here, the pops of forest green soften the grey and make this living room look gorgeously soft and cosy. Also featuring our Leonardo glass and silver chrome coffee table.

A Grey Living Room Is Still Popular, Though!

More practical than plain white, but having a monochrome colour scheme in grey still looks classy and chic, and our customers are still loving it.

Look at the sheer elegance of this living room! That rug and sofa combo with the very cool artwork is so lovely. Featuring our popular Starburst Large Rectangular Full Length Modern Mirror.

We love the glamorous sheen to the wallpaper and how that reflects the velvet fabric choices. This room looks so luxurious! That's our Starburst Medium Silver Round Modern Mirror (80 x 80cm).

What Are Your 2022 Living Room Colour Schemes?

moile phone on desk displaying hte Furniturebox UK Instagram page

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