Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas To Brighten Your Space

Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas To Brighten Your Space

5th Jan 2022

Posted by Alice Ewens on 5th Jan 2022

Dining room wallpaper ideas as we head into 2022? We got you. We've been noticing a bit of a rippling in the home interiors landscape these last few months—wallpaper in the dining room is making a comeback! Minimalist design trends have kept dining areas plain, smooth and painted in neutral tones, but the autumn/winter interiors season has definitely seen prints and textures making a return. It's not the full every-wall-in-hectic-patterns wallpapering of the 80s (got me remembering my parents' 80s living room with gold-flock wallpaper on every wall, and brown carpet... bleh!). We're seeing feature and statement walls with a blast of wallpaper, and lighter plain walls around them.

We've been keeping an eye on how our very stylish customers have been doing things recently, and researching wallpaper trends, to gather up some key dining room wallpaper ideas for you.

The Why Of The Wallpaper

We all spent so long cooped up indoors staring at the same 4 walls over the various lockdowns, often with time on our hands, and injecting some colour and interest into our dining areas seems to be a bit of a reaction. We're seeing bold artwork and gallery walls (we even wrote a blog about decorating with mirrors!), bolder colour and pattern choices and interior choices that embrace the cosy and comforting. That's not to say the sleek minimalist trend is out - far from it - but we're definitely seeing people incorporating a bit more pattern and texture even into their sleek grey and white homes!

Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas #1 - Grey and White Homes

Grey homes are still a huge interiors trend. There's even a hashtag! And a lot of our customers are fans. But we've noticed some grey-with-patterns wallpaper making an appearance. It still fits with the overall clean and sleek vibe, but just adds a little bit of interest and depth to the walls. Metallic touches in silvers or gold add light and warmth.

Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas #2 - Panelling

Panelled walls are EVERYWHERE right now, and 3D wallpaper with panelling effect is an easy way to bring this to a feature wall of your dining room without having to get handy with the carpentry. This style harks back to older fancy home designs and can look really classy. We've seen panelling appearing in the grey homes, as well as seeing bolder colour choices, too.

Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas #3 - Get Abstract

We're still seeing this mostly in the grey/white palette from our customers, but things are definitely getting bolder, with oil-slick patterns and splashes of mint green, warm rose gold and blush, which lend themselves to warmer shades in accessories.

Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas #4 - Geometric Deco/Gatsby Vibes

This emerging trend doesn't surprise us - it follows the growing trends of jewel tones and sumptuous velvet fabrics, mixing boho with industrial styles. We're increasingly seeing bold geometric wallpaper patterns popping up in dining rooms, and navy does seem to be a popular choice, though there's still room for it in the "grey homes" palette.

Whilst this geometric wallpaper choice is less 1920s Deco-inspired and more retro-vintage meets Scandi, we love it! The mustard yellow and grey leaf shapes work really well with the warm wood tones.

That's our Novara round glass dining table with chrome starburst legs and paired them with 4 grey velvet Pesaro chairs.

Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas #5 - Nature and Florals

This one is a definite shift away from minimalist and is embracing a touch of maximalism. We're still here for it. It definitely feels like bringing a touch of the outdoors inside!

dining table with green leaf print wallpaper

Similar in style to our Pivero tables in high gloss white, grey and black. We do sell a wooden trestle-style table, too.

modern-retro dining area with dark floral wallpaper to one wall

We sell a VERY similar table - our Palma - in white, white and grey marble, and black.

What Would You Choose?

We'd love to see your wallpaper choices and how your style our dining sets, so follow us on Insta and tag us so we can feature you! Also, check out our Pinterest!

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