13 Multifunctional Furniture Ideas Perfect for Small Homes

13 Multifunctional Furniture Ideas Perfect for Small Homes

10th Jun 2021

Posted by Kayla Wilson on 10th Jun 2021

We've been inspired recently by the exicting ways our customers have made our furniture multipurpose. Having multifunctional furniture is a great way to save on space, save money and reduce waste.

Home Office Multifunctional Furniture Ideas

A grey stylish dining chair being used as an office chair

Dining Chairs as an Office Chair

We've seen lots of photos of our customers using their comfortable dining chairs as office chairs. If you're limited with space in your home office then this is a great way to keep the room looking minimal by simply relocating your dining chair as and when you need it.

This also saves on budget! No need to fork out for a new office chair.

We've all found creative ways to work from home and for many of us that meant our dining tables doubling up as a desk during the day. But how about desk by day and vanity by night? This lovely customer shared photos of how she uses her Valencia desk for working from home but also as a vanity unit for getting ready by adding a mirror and a halo light. Either way, it looks like a peaceful, relaxing space for being productive or getting glammed up!

A vanity unit in a home being used as a home office desk during the day, shared by @norfolkavenue
A vanity unit shared by @norfolkavenue

Console tables are for the hallway right? WRONG!

This customer used her chrome and glass console table as a home office desk. The narrow and wide design is perfect when you don't have a lot of room to work with and the design looks sleek and modern.

A console table being used as a slim home office desk
A console table being used as a slim home office desk, from above
A chest of drawers designed for a bedroom being used as home office storage

Home Office Storage Idea

Just because we thought this was perfect for bedroom storage, doesn't mean it has to be used this way! This customer took our chest of drawers and used it as office storage for keeping organised, tidy and filing things away,

Multipurpose Benches and Seating

Our Cambridge benches have been popular for several years now and a big part of that is their versatility to be used for a variety of functions and purposes. Here's just a few examples of our how customers have turned this modern bench into a valuable piece of furniture across their home.

A velvet bench being used alongside a dining island
A velvet bench being used next to a dressing table
A velvet bench that has been converted into a glass top coffee table
A velvet bench used as additional dining table seating
A stylish pink velvet chair used as additional seating in the living room

This customer has been very clever and had a piece of glass made to size so she can swap out her cushion top for glass and convert it into a coffee table when she has guests over.

What a great idea to get the most of this bench!

Got some ideas of your own for multifunctional furniture? Share a photo on Instagram and tag @furniturebox_uk