Your First Home Checklist: Essential Furniture

Your First Home Checklist: Essential Furniture

6th Sep 2023

Posted by Alice Ewens on 6th Sep 2023

Need a first home checklist for the essential furniture you'll want for the key rooms? We got you.

Moving into your first home, whether you're renting or buying, can be incredibly overwhelming. The sheer amount of work before you even get the keys is a mission in itself! There are lots of help and guides out there for the various steps but we didn't find much for keeping track of the essential furniture items you'll need if you're moving out for the very first time. So, we got our thinking caps on and came up with some handy checklists with links to relevant Furniturebox products to help you out.

The Furniturebox promise:

Budget-friendly stylish furniture options that don't compromise quality, are available right now and that can be with you the next working day if you order before 2pm, because everyone deserves their dream home.

First Home Checklist Rule No. 1 - Know Your Space And Your Budget

Don't buy anything until you know 100% what size space you're working with in each room or area. Plan your interior theme to maximise space and light and incorporate your personal tastes. Then, decide on your budget. We've got some helpful info here on where to invest your money when designing a room.

Now that's out of the way, let's work our way through the main rooms you're likely to need furniture and associated bits for.

First Home Checklist - Dining Room

dining room moving in checklist for 1st time movers

Your dining room (or dining space if you've got an open-plan arrangement) is a place to eat, socialise, and to spend time with family and friends. It's a hub of activity, and the dining table is often the largest flat surface most of us will have in our homes. The right dining table with comfortable stylish chairs will do wonders in creating an immediate sense of home.

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Featured Dining Room Hero Product:

round glass dining table with silver chrome starburst nested legs and foru beige modern faux leather dining chairs with diamond stitching.

Our Novara round glass dining table with chrome nested starburst legs + 4 Corona faux leather chairs is a regular top-selling dining set. Small enough to fit more compact spaces but still able to seat 4 comfortably. Matched here with our Corona faux leather dining chairs with matching chrome silver legs. We're showcasing the cappuccino beige chairs as a warm neutral that will suit most homes, but this dining set is available with different chair colours.

First Home Checklist - Living Room

living room moving in checklist for 1st time movers

The living room is meant for living in! So, you'll want yours to be comfy and reflect your personality. We usually gather in our living rooms to unwind, socialise or watch some TV so making sure you've got the basics in place can really give you a central hub for your new home.

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Featured Living Room Hero Product:

square green velvet sofa with button tufting sat in modern living room

A decent sofa is a living room staple. Our Jolene velvet sofa is a budget-friendly and on-trend upholstered sofa that will suit most modern homes! Shown here in the popular green velvet, but also available in a range of other colours.

First Home Checklist - Bedroom

bedroom moving in checklist for 1st time movers

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and you deserve a great night's sleep as soon as you move in. Making sure you have a good bedframe that will last you and an ergonomic mattress will set you up right. The rest is pretty much all about storage and organisation.

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Featured Bedroom Hero Product:

white pine double bed in modern bedroom with twin bedside tables

Our solid pine Azure bedframes + mattresses are a popular choice as they're sturdy, durable and budget-friendly! They come in white or grey and are available in single, double or king size with the option to add on a mattress and/or under-bed storage, this is a super easy and quick bedroom solution.

First Home Checklist - Office

office moving in checklist for 1st time movers

If you have the space for a dedicated office (whether it's a whole room or a corner of a larger space), making sure it's a space that allows you to concentrate whilst being comfortable is key!

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Featured Home Office Hero Product:

modern white gloss and chrome desk with rotating shelves for home office

Our Siena white gloss and chrome rotating computer desk is a great option for any home study or workspace - bright and modern, with rotating shelves that can be folded into and L-shape for a corner desk arrangement, folded flat against a wall or tucked under the desk itself for space saving.

First Home Checklist - Outdoor

outdiir furniture moving in checklist for 1st time movers

If you're lucky enough to have any kind of outdoor space, whether that's a full garden or even just a balcony, having an outdoor seating area can extend your living space. Plus, being able to just enjoy a cup of coffee in the fresh air can really help us feel grounded and calmer in our new homes!

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Featured Outdoor Hero Product:

brown rattan outdoor sofa chairs and table set with black hairpin legs in bright patio area

Our Lisbon outdoor set can seat 4 and comes with cushions and a table so al fresco dining is on the cards right away. It doesn't take up a lot of space and is easy on the pocket too, so is a great option for your outdoor space. Shown here in the brown rattan but also available in grey.

What Next?

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