Small Bedroom Storage Ideas To Stay Clutter-Free

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas To Stay Clutter-Free

13th Jul 2022

Posted by Alice Ewens on 13th Jul 2022

Looking for small bedroom storage ideas? Look no further! We know it's easy when faced with a small bedroom to struggle with keeping your stuff neat, tidy and out of sight. When space is a premium, you want solutions that don't make the space feel more cramped!

We've gone through our products and selected the very best small bedroom storage pieces, and found some great customer imagery to help inspire you! Plus, some tips and advice on making the most of your available space. Small doesn't have to mean you compromise on style, tranquillity or comfort.

Small Bedroom Storage - Use The Underbed Space!

In most bedrooms, and especially in smaller rooms, the bed tends to be the largest piece of furniture taking up the most floor space. If you can use that same floorspace area for storage, you're already maximising available space. Ottoman beds and beds with drawers that slide underneath are a perfect way to keep things tidied away and out of sight entirely. You can use your under-bed space for clothing, toys, shoes, linens or even books.

Lucky for you, we happen to sell some amazing ottoman beds and beds with drawers!

deep padded fabric upholstered ottoman bed in pale grey linen fabric with deep button tufting. with grey linens in white room with pot plant, and insert of bed frame lifted on one side to reveal storage space beneath.
The Elisa Ottoman bed - side lifting
grey velvet ottoman double bed with gentle wingback and vertical stitching, with grey linens in white room with pot plant, and insert of bed frame lifted to reveal storage space beneath.
The Emerson Ottoman bed - bottom lifting.

Our ottomans are all easy to use on smooth-glide gas-powered hydraulic lifts. Bottom-lifting ottomans are standard, but the side-lifting Elisa is great if you need to push the bed right up into a corner. An alternative to an ottoman is to opt for a bed with enough space underneath to slide in drawers. Our Azure beds come with the option to purchase 2 or 4 drawers on wheels.

white pine bed with drawers underneath for storage, dressed in pink linens in pink room with white wooden bedside tables. Gallery wall above bed
Here's the white Azure with storage drawers again, this time in a customer's home. Image - @dailydoseofushome

Bedroom Storage Ideas - Bedside Tables

After under-bed space, the next obvious option is to use any space on either side of the bed for bedside tables or nightstands. Taking up relatively little floor space but offering flat top surface and potentially drawers, these are a great easy storage solution. We sell a big range of bedside tables to suit all homes and styles.

Simple Bedside Tables

Here you can see our popular Alma bedside tables in grey! These are also pictured above with all of the Azure beds. Modern, elegant and with that Scandi-inspired tapered leg, these bedside tables keep your room feeling uncluttered!

white wood bedside table with 2 drawers, tapered legs, gold handles
Customer Review Image - Steph S

Here's one of our newer bedside table additions - the lovely Taylor, with 2 drawers and flat top. We sell these in both white and black, with gold and silver handles, with 2 drawers or 1 drawer + shelf options! So, there's a Taylor for everyone!

grey gloss bedside table with silver handles, beside glam grey crushed velvet fabric bedframe in white room
Furniturebox Studio

Our Fossano bedside tables come in white or grey gloss, with two drawers to keep all your essentials neatly tidied away. The gloss helps reflect light around a bit more than our matte nightstands, which can help smaller rooms feel larger.

You can also get a lovely rustic farmhouse vibe in your smaller rooms by utilising a taller bedside table with a shelf that you can place handy wicker baskets on. We love how @athomewithfifi has styled one of our beds with these sweet tables and baskets! Keeping things tidy and stylish!

Mirrored Bedside Tables

A great way to bounce natural light around small bedrooms is by using mirrored surfaces for your storage!

Here, Jade shows us how our Italian Mirrored Bedside Table with 3 drawers gives the illusion of more space and light, especially when coupled with a long wall mirror behind, and glass accessories! Making perfect use of the narrow space at the side of the bed without cluttering up or adding too much height keeps this feeling open and fresh.

narrow 3 drawer bedside table with round cut glass drawer knobs, beside wood-framed bed in white room.
Furniturebox Studio

Creating a similar look to our Italian Mirrored Bedside Table, the Murano Mirrored Bedside Table is a narrower option, which makes it a really great space-saving storage solution!

Elevating the bedside table and keeping more space visible underneath is another great way to keep things feeling light and airy. Here, Kirsty has opted for our Porto Mirrored Bedside Tables that have gorgeous curved chrome legs and a single drawer. Glam and elegant!

modern bedroom with mirrored crushed glass diamond effect bedside tables that have 3 drawers each, either side of double bed with grey headboard. Lamps are fitted to wall above bedside tables.
Customer Review Image - Julie S

Our Stella Crushed Diamond Mirrored Bedside Table has 3 drawers for storage, mirrored sides and top to bounce light around, and this beautiful crushed diamond effect to the drawer-fronts to add some dimension and texture.

Small Bedroom Storage - Use Chests of Drawers

If you're able to forgo a wardrobe, using only chests of drawers can stop a small bedroom from feeling too cluttered. Keeping space above the bed clear and open helps create a sense of additional height in the room.

Chests of Drawers as Bedside Tables

Now here's a cool idea! Maximise drawer space while still having some flat surface space beside the bed for your lamp, alarm clock and book.

luxury modern bedroom featuring beige velvet upholstered bed from Furnitrebix UK and cream / gold linens, with black chest of drawers bedside bed with lamp.
@_homeofshade (check out our Fossano chest of drawers for a similar look!)
white modern low chest of drawers wit 4 tiers, beside a bed, acting as a bedside table with additional storage.
Customer Review Image - Shamima A
Our Alma chests of drawers match our smaller bedside tables!

Chests of Drawers for Bedroom Storage

Here are some other great examples of using our chests of drawers to provide a way to keep your clothes or other belongings out of sight. Our Alma drawers are really popular due to their modern fresh appearance and that angled, tapered leg that keeps space circulating around it. We sell them in grey or white, and in a taller version too!

The middle photo from @dailydoseofushome shows how you can also make a space feel larger with angled mirrors and a low clothes rail for hanging space.

Small Bedroom Storage - Shelving

You can create additional space to stash your stuff with some well-placed shelves. Keep things open and light with minimalist designs and unfussy straight lines.

Here, the simple bedside table and the white floating shelves really create a sense of light and space, putting the storage up higher without it looking bulky. We love how @ouringlefield has styled one of our glam beds here!

This functional office crafting space shows how minimalist furniture (that's our simple, modern Enzo White High Gloss Computer Office Desk) and a cube storage shelving unit laid horizontally with some handy storage boxes and baskets keep this room from feeling cluttered - there's a space for everything and the central floor space is kept clear.

This room really shows how a large wall mirror can make a small room seem double the size! Simple cube shelving and those floating shelves we can see in the reflection keeps belongings up off the floor, and the desk top clear too! That's our Valencia Grey High Gloss Modern Office Desk that we offer in a range of sizes and colours!)

white gloss shelves in stylish S zig zag shape, with round chrome supports. Shown with books and children's toys, in a colourful bedroom.
Furniturebox Studio

A low-lying bookcase can be a place for books, yes, but also accessories, tech devices, or toys! Our Siena White High Gloss Modern Console Shelf would be great to add some narrow but practical storage space to a bedroom!

modern office bedroom space. 
tall shelving unit in S zig-zag shape, beside matching desk and short shelves, with comuter, printer and books. Tall shelves house pot plant, makeup and books.
Customer Review Image - Susan S

Here you can see our Siena White High Gloss Rotating Computer Desk rotating desk folded flat against a wall beside the matching Siena White High Gloss And Chrome Tall 4 Tier Shelving Unit. The open design and chrome elements help to keep it feeling airy and not too bulky, but offering some really useful space to keep all our customer's office essentials tidied as well as having a place to display personal effects, makeup and books!

What Are Your Small Bedroom Storage Hacks?!

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