The Best Layouts For Small Living Rooms

The Best Layouts For Small Living Rooms

7th Jun 2023

Posted by Alice Ewens on 7th Jun 2023

Small living rooms can be a bit of a faff when it comes to furnishing. The challenge is to make it feel homely without being too cluttered; to avoid it seeming smaller than is. We've caught up with our Product Design Lead (and former Estate Agent), Laura, to get the low down on the best layouts for small living rooms.

Many people factor in a snug or use an existing front room when adapting their house. Lots of new build companies favour the large kitchen/smaller living room combo. Or you might just have a small house or flat (small is beautiful by the way!). Either way, we’ve put together some tips and ideas for making the most out of your small living room.

Small Living Rooms Layout Guide

Let’s first tackle the practical side of dressing a small living room. You’re going to need somewhere to sit! A corner sofa (make sure it’s proportional in size to the room) is often the best option for a small living room. Alternatively, two small sofas positioned like a corner sofa offers the ability to add a side table into the corner space. If you need extra seating but don’t have the room for large furniture, try beanbags or large floor cushions which can be stacked to one side when not in use. Top tip, choose a sofa with legs to raise it off the floor. The more floor area the eye can see, the bigger the room will feel.

If you've got an open-plan space that needs to fit a dining table too, consider a round table and glass as this will keep the room feeling open and light.

Colour Palette For Small Living Rooms

Using mainly light colours will add to the feeling of space because light colours will bounce the natural light around (always a winner). Dark walls will create a cosy feel but could make an already small room feel even smaller. A darker colour on just one wall can trick the eye into thinking that wall is further away than it is; adding to the feeling of space in the room. You can always add smaller pops of colour into the space with soft furnishings and artwork.

@oliveshome_ here illustrates our point perfectly! The textures in the fabric choice add interest and dimension but the colours keep it all fresh and bright, and therefore feeling bigger! Featuring our Palma black round pedestal coffee table.

Create A Focal Point

If you’re lucky enough to have original features in your home, they can be incorporated into your design as a focal point or add contrast to the overall textures and colours in the room. New home? No problem: – create a focal point in the room with a wall of art, a modern fireplace or a coloured wall, anything that will draw the eye when you walk into a room will help. Try using lamps to zone smaller areas and don’t be afraid to go large with the lamps!

@no.55_home_reno here has used the chimney breast to mount their TV and a modern fireplace, in a darker colour that contrasts with the wall, to make it a focal point. Our Amalfi chrome and glass coffee table also acts as an eye-catching piece, too but blends into the room, bounces light and shows off more floor and making the space seem larger!

Small Living Rooms Storage Advice

Storage is everything in a small living room so choose your furniture for small living rooms carefully. Look at multi-purpose furniture wherever possible. Stools or benches that can work as extra seating or a side table are great if you don’t fancy the idea of beanbags or floor cushions.

Our Cambridge velvet-topped bench seat looking gorgeous here in @thedemehome's space!

Use the height of the room. Even if you are not gifted with high ceilings. Ladder shelving is great for minimising the impact on the higher spaces but still providing great storage space. Box shelves, especially with open backs, can allow for the wall colour to show through and can also be used as a room divider!

Equally, very low furniture, particularly along a wall of media, adds to the feeling of space.

Small Living Rooms Design Tips

Mirrors and Glass

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Mirrors and glass furniture are the heroes of a small living room, or indeed any small room – heck, just any room big or small!

In order to make the best use of natural light in the room, first address the window coverings; choose curtains that will pull back as far away from the window as possible, or a roller blind a similar colour to the walls. Then add mirrored and glass pieces. Any surface that helps to bounce natural light around the room is great.

Wall mirrors can make a room seem so much bigger! Plus, they can act like wall art, too. @keepingupwith104 uses one of our large black framed round Emma mirrors to reflect that natural light and make a focal point in the corner of their living room.

And, as we showed, earlier, a glass coffee table will seem to ‘disappear’ and will have the same effect as raised furniture. The more floor area you can see; the bigger the room will seem.

“Bring The Outside In”

You’ve all heard it said, but what does it really mean? Basically speaking, you can use plants to merge the indoor space with the outside space. I guess this only really works if you have a lot of greenery outside your window but even so, plants are just nice! They look great and add texture and colour to the room.

@ourlittlehome._ get it - look at that glass and the light, and the plant. Yes, we know this is the dining space, but you get the idea!

In summary, once you've chosen the perfect sofa for your small living room, we've got you covered for the rest of your small living room ideas. Add textures with light colours and accents in the soft furnishings and artwork. Use multi-purpose furniture, use the height of the room for storage and buy some plants!

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