Sunnier days are on their way, but if your garden could do with a bit of an update ready for the summer then these garden furniture ideas will help you to create the perfect outdoor space. Whether you want an open-air space for relaxing or to host garden parties, you need to spend some time picking out the right garden furniture that works for you.

Whatever sized garden you have these garden furniture ideas will help you narrow down the best way to use your outdoor space.

Comfortable seating area

The garden should be a space that you can unwind in, so one of the most important things is to create a comfortable place to sit down. Garden sofas are perfect for relaxing through the day and into the evening. 

Go for a contemporary look with the rattan Orlando set, a modular furniture set up that allows you to customise your furniture depending on your garden, style and needs. The textured weave adds a stylish touch to the garden furniture, but the material is tough enough to withstand the elements. 

Combine with brightly coloured cushions to make it even comfier and create the ideal spot for enjoying your morning coffee or entertaining friends.

A cosy reading corner

Make the most of every inch of your garden by using a neglected corner to create a cosy spot to read a book in. 

Use one of the armchairs from the Orlando set, surround it with some planters or trellises, and make your own little hideaway to escape from the world. With a few cushions, a throw, and a side table to perch a drink on, you'll have the perfect spot to relax all day.

Outdoor dining area

a family eating dinner outside on garden dining furniture
Image: Pexels

If you want to eat outside during the summer then invest in some garden furniture to create an alfresco dining space. 

Opt for an extendable dining table so you have plenty of space when you want to have guests over, and if you don't think you'll eat outside too often you could always move a small dining table from inside on to a dry patio. For a small garden or a balcony, you can choose a bistro set that's perfect for two people to enjoy a meal.

Soak up the sun

Invest in a comfortable sun lounger so that you can lie down and soak up the sun when it's out. There are plenty of options that will suit all garden sizes. 

Choose fold-up loungers in a bright colour or pattern to create a holiday vibe in your garden. Or pick a bigger wooden sun lounger with some neutral coloured cushions for a more classic look, but make sure that it has wheels so you can easily move it around and catch the rays through the day. Adjustable backs will also make it easy to stay comfortable throughout the day.

Create some shade

Don't forget to create some shade so that you stay safely out of the sun during the middle of the day. Parasols are great for covering up your dining furniture, alternatively you can consider a gazebo or marquee if you're hosting a garden party.

For something a bit more permanent, invest in a wooden gazebo and turn it into an outdoor living room. It'll provide plenty of shelter, whether it's sunny or raining, and you can add garden furniture inside, and some bright cushions to make it the perfect garden retreat.

Finishing touches

A garden path with overhead lighting during sunset
Image: Pexels

Once you've found the perfect garden furniture ideas, complete your outdoor space with some lighting so you can enjoy it in the evening. Add solar-powered lanterns or string lights to create a warm, inviting glow.

Garden furniture ideas: Planning your garden setup

When looking at garden furniture ideas and how to set up your outdoor space there are a few things you need to consider:

  • How much space do you have outdoors? If your garden is fairly small then you need to think about how you can maximise the space. Choose garden furniture that's versatile and easy to move.
  • Do you have space to store your garden furniture? Choose smaller or foldaway garden furniture if you don't have much room to store it. If you're planning to leave it outside all year make sure to pick strong materials.
  • Are you happy to spend time maintaining your garden furniture? Consider that wooden garden furniture often needs to be treated with oil and kept clean to prevent it from rotting. 

A garden is the perfect haven from the fast-paced world many of us experience. From comfortable seating to the finishing touches that make the space your own, these garden furniture ideas will help you to get ready for the summer and put together the perfect outdoor escape.