How To Decorate White Walls

How To Decorate White Walls

13th Apr 2023

Posted by Alice Ewens on 13th Apr 2023

Figuring out how to decorate white walls can actually overwhelm us when it comes to making décor decisions. In this week’s blog, we’ve got you some tips and ideas for how to make your white-walled home feel like yours.

White walls were all the rage in the 2019-2020 season. Crisp, clean, bright… and then we all had to spend about a million years cooped up inside our homes and realised that maybe we wanted things to feel a bit cosier and livelier. We’re seeing a definite shift in interior trends away from white to embrace more warmth through earthy tones and pops of bold colour. BUT! What if you’re renting and can’t paint your walls? Even if you’re not renting, there’s no reason to shy away from white-walled homes.

Why We Haven’t Totally Fallen Out Of Love With White Walls

A white-walled room creates the illusion of extra space and adds light. When coupled with a darker floor, this can add height and dimension. A white with a yellow or red undertone will keep a room from feeling cold, but still bright and airy. White walls can also create a more streamlined look and create the illusion of less clutter even in spaces that are actually quite busy. An office lined with packed bookshelves in white on white walls can still look effortlessly crisp and tidy! Plus, the dust won’t show up so badly!

White can do wonders for small box rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms where you don’t want to feel penned in by overpowering dark shades.

And it really is a blank canvas. White walls, as we’re about to show, don’t have to be boring.

How To Decorate White Walls Idea #1 – White on White

This can still look really classy. Accessorise with warmer neutrals to add a little bit of warmth, depth and dimension to the space. But, this can look really chic, or Mediterranean, depending on the materials you use. Go for slick white marble tiles, and faux leather with pops of gold and coffee for high-end glam. Go with concrete, stone, bleached-out wood, and rustic textures for a sunny Mediterranean feel.

Featuring our white and elephant grey Corona faux leather dining chairs with gold legs.

white living space with b3eige stoen effect greciaan inspired coffee and console table
Furniturebox Studio

Featuring our Athens console and coffee table in beige stone effect.

How To Decorate White Walls Idea #2 – Add Artwork

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s one of the simplest and easiest ways to dress up a plain white wall. Add pretty pictures to it! Whether you go for a gallery wall or some classy photographic prints in black and white, wall art will transform your white walls. You can hang pictures in frames without having to nail anything into the wall (great for renters!) by using adhesive strips like Command Strips.

Featuring our Tuscany High Gloss and Chrome Rectangular Coffee Table and wall art by Joanna Green @thegreenhouseart_.

How To Decorate White Walls Idea #3 – Black And White High Contrast

Create drama and dimension by going for bold black (or black-and-white) furniture. High-gloss can give some 80s-inspired Blondie vibes and we are here for it. Lean into that with some pops of colour and maybe some velvet. Alternatively, matte finishes and geometric shapes can feel classy and minimalist with a  modern-art flair.

How To Decorate White Walls Idea #4 – Industrial Chic

Pairing wood, concrete effects and black metal with stripped-back white walls will give that city loft apartment vibe to your space. Accessorize with some pops of copper and dark greens.

Featuring our Calla Black Velvet Tub Dining Chairs With Tapered Black Legs.

How To Decorate White Walls Idea #5 – Combine with Wood & Naturals for Boho Scandi Vibes

White looks really great when combined with shades of brown, so incorporate some hardwood flooring (or wood-effect lino) for a lovely, simple base. Add furniture in simple Scandi-inspired designs in whites, browns, oranges and tans to be in keeping with Nordic design. Soften things with natural fibres in soft furnishings and wall hangings.

How To Decorate White Walls Idea #6 – Get Artsy and Bold!

If your tastes lean more to the bold and maximalist, white walls can still work really well. If you’ve got an eclectic collection of furniture in different styles, colours and/or materials, a white wall canvas can help tie things together more cohesively.

white open plan dining bar area with white high gloss table, zebran print rug, green plant wall, green velvet bar stools and black velvet booth seat
credit: @houseofpru

Featuring our Mayfair Large White High Gloss And Stainless Steel Dining Table.

How To Decorate White Walls Idea #7 – Dress To Impress With Plants and Accessories

Even if all your furniture is somewhat plain and maybe even white too (we know so many renters and students that inherit basic and sometimes kind of boring furniture), you can add your own touch with your accessories. We’ve got lots of helpful blogs on how to dress sofas and beds to suit your taste, but you can play with tones and materials with temporary soft furnishings and plants. House plants are an excellent way to add dimension and personality to your space – they don’t all have to be green, either! Check out our blog on houseplants and home décor. LeafEnvy has some stunning plants available for home delivery!

Featuring our Pesaro green velvet dining chairs with tapered gold metal legs.

How To Decorate White Walls Idea #8 – Play with Light

Use mirrors to bounce light around your room and add interest to your walls. This is another great hack for smaller spaces as mirrors and white walls will create the illusion of more space! Throw in some strategically placed lamps to suit your personal style and really go to town with using light and shadow as a decorating technique. Lamps can add a cosy, more intimate feel and warmth to plain white areas, and can help break up an open place space into zones for different uses. We’ve got some great blogs on room zoning and decorating with mirrors too!

How Will You Do Yours?

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