Our New Extending Space-Saving Dining Table Solves All Your Problems

Our New Extending Space-Saving Dining Table Solves All Your Problems

21st Jun 2021

Posted by Alice Ewens on 21st Jun 2021

Our lovely Lira extending space-saving dining table is the latest addition to the Furniturebox UK family and we’re thrilled to introduce it to you.

The name ‘Lira’ comes from the Latin word Libra, meaning ‘to balance’, and we think that’s the perfect description of our new arrival. Its design is modern, minimalist but eye-catching, and it’s perfectly balanced on architectural starburst legs. The Lira comes in an all-over white high gloss finish that keeps it bright and airy, and the sleek soft-glide mechanism transforms it from a compact table to a family dining table in no time. Our Lira is all about being cool, calm and collected. Can’t get much more balanced than that when you want stress-free space-saving dining.

Reasons We Love The Lira Space-Saving Dining Table

It’s Space Efficient

Whether you’ve got a small dining room or an open-plan living area that you’d like to keep open and flowing, an extendable dining table has got you covered. Our Lira really is a space-saving and dining solution. We offer the Lira in two sizes – one extends to easily accommodate 4 seats, and the other slightly larger one extends to seat six. Plenty of room to eat together when you need it, but compact enough on a day-to-day basis to not overwhelm your space.

It’s All About Versatility

A young child with dark skin and natural hair is sat on a chair at a small dining table covered in breakfast items, looking at a laptop place amongst food/crockery. An adult man with dark skin leaning over and pointing at the laptop screen. Both are smiling.
image: unsplash

The Lira extendable space-saving dining table doesn’t have to just be for eating at. Maximise its uses and get the most from your home. If you need more surface for work, the table could double as a desk, a place for hobbies or homework. We’re all about getting your furniture to work for you and looking great at the same time! No need for one-trick ponies here!

Hassle Free Space-Saving Dining

GIF showing Lira extending space-saving dining table being extending, the central panel being lifted out and opened like a book to fill the gap, and leaves on either end being lotted back in to show completed extension.

All our furniture is super easy to put together, and really easy to extend/retract. The Lira comes with easy to follow step-by-step assembly instructions and a link to our Club Page where you’ll be able to find our assembly video too. The extending mechanism is smooth and easy. None of us needs the hassle of something that takes forever to set up!

The Sleek Contemporary Design

A sleek corner of a white gloss Lira contemporary dining table

We said it at the start, but the Lira's design, with those legs that let the light circulate and the white gloss finish keeps the table simple, light and airy. But this makes it another reason this extendable space-saving dining table is great for smaller rooms – it won’t dominate your space unless you want to make it a feature. Plus, it’s super easy to maintain with its wipe-clean surfaces.

You Don’t Need To Compromise

A white high gloss table decorated with red Christmas features
image: unsplash

This table IS the balance. No one likes to squeeze around a table that’s too big for the room, and no one wants to be figuring out where the kids are going to sit for Christmas. OK, we know mentioning Christmas in the middle of summer is kind of terrifying… but the Lira (or any of our extending dining tables) covers all the bases for your needs. You don’t have to pick space over special memories. You can have both!

We're in love with the Lira space-saving dining table and we think you'll love it, too!

Some Of Our Other Popular Space-Saving Dining Tables

The Novara Round Glass and Metal Space-Saving Dining Table

A round clear glass dining table with gold metal starburst nested legs, and 4 grey faux-leather Corona dining chairs, also with gold legs.

Our striking Novara dining table is a stylish and modern combination of shiny metal and glass, making this item a real eye-catcher. We offer the Novara with both silver and gold leg options and in two different sizes - 100cm x 100cm or 120cm x 120cm. The metal legs provide strong and sturdy support for the table, whilst the unique intertwined nest design is all about that modern style. This table really is capable of being a centrepiece in any home! Whilst not extending, it has that same light and airy feel as the Lira and is another space-efficient compact dining table. The fact that the Novara is round makes it flexible for adding in more seats!

The Renato White Gloss and Chrome Extendable Dining Table

The image shows a white high gloss rectangular dining table with a structural stacked blocks plinth base. Around the table are 4 white faux-leather dining chairs with silver legs.

Our elegant high gloss and chrome Renato extending dining table features an eye-catching ‘stacked base′ design with reflective bands of silver chrome. You'd be forgiven for thinking this table was a sculpture! We do two size options for this - one that extends 140cm to 160cm in length and can seat up to eight! Like the Lira, the Renato has an easy-extension mechanism and family-friendly wipe-clean surfaces. You′ll be hard-pressed to find a more stylish and adaptable dining table. When extended, the middle section adds a contrasting panel in dark grey offering a completely new look; two tables in one! A handsome addition to any modern home.

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Some Other Inspiration!

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