20+ Brilliant Mirror Ideas for Decorating

20+ Brilliant Mirror Ideas for Decorating

5th Jul 2021

Posted by Alice Ewens on 5th Jul 2021

Mirrors will always make a statement simply because they reflect the light and draw attention. So we’ve trawled our archives and collected 20+ mirror ideas just for you.

Whether you go for a big and bold feature mirror or a collection of stylishly placed smaller mirrors, you can work magic by decorating with mirrors as part of your interior design. We love a good mirror here at Furniturebox and given the popularity of our products, we think you do, too!

The Basics

Look for the Light with your Mirror Ideas

Place mirrors near light sources or directly opposite to bounce the light. Mirrors in dark corners will open up the space.

mirrored console table used as a dressing table in a sunlit bedroom, with pink velvet stool and pink accessories.
(image: @hannahs.home.styling)
Place mirrors near light sources to bounce light around the room.
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mirror ideas for dark corners - chrome console table with lamp and vase of flowers in shady living room corner, with rectangular mirror hanging above.
(image: @luxeblooms)
Add mirrors to dark corners to introduce light.
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Keep the Balance

mirror ideas for living rooms - modern fireplace with tv above it on a chimney breast, with a console table and rectangular mirror in each alcove on either side of the chimney.
(image: another_house_reno)
A pair of matching mirrors on either side of this modern fireplace adds width to the room and brings light to the alcoves in a perfectly balanced way!
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bright white dining area, with modern grey trestle table and 6 faux-leather dining chairs. A mirror is on the far wall, in a frame that makes it look like window panels, and it reflects a door and window/garden opposite.
(image: @dream_home_renovation)
This cleverly placed mirror reflects the view from the window and doorway opposite, bringing the outside space into the room from both sides.
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Mirror Ideas to Set the Tone

Using mirrors in your design is a great way to determine the overall feel of your room.

Modern dining room wit black gloss dining table and 6 faux leather grey dining chairs. Patterened wallpaper (gold geometric patterns) and green foliage. A wide rectangular mirror in a thick dark wooden frame is mounted horizontally on the wall above the table.
(image: Steve B)
Are you going for a more structured, ordered style?
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White room, showing a white wooden chest of drawers, with a simple pink and brass lamp, and wooden rainbow children's toys. A plant is on the way in a wicker holder, beside a small-ish round mirror in a gold sunburst frame.
(image: @thevictorian.home)
Or are you going for a more eclectic style?
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open plan living mirror ideas - a round glass dining table with silver chrome legs and white dining chairs, on a grey rug, on light wooden floor. In the background, a floor-lenght rectangular mirror, 2 potted plants, and a mirrored geometric design side table.
(image: Furniturebox UK)
Are you going for light and airy?
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Dining room with dramatic gold emobssed wallpaper, white gloss dining chir, grey velvet sears with flower arrangement. A modern glass drop chandelier hangs above, and a very large mirror is set against the back wall, in a dramatic gold gilt frame.
(image: DylanCraig87)
Or perhaps dramatic and luxe? (Mirrors can lift a darker design style without ruining that sumptuous, rich aesthetic).
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A bright and sunny room with glass ceiling, shows a grey tiled floor, a glass and chrme dining table with 4 grey leather seats, a long white floating shelf in  the far wall, and a grey velvet bench seat. A long vertical mirror hangs above the bench, in a dramatic silver and chrome frame.
(image: @at_home_with_the_pells)
Or maybe you want to do both bright AND dramatic!
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Focal Points

A gorgeous big mirror can act as a focal point of the room, drawing the eye to it. It can be the point in your room that you design around.

Dining room mirror ideas - White dining room with white dining set. A large mirror in a rococo style frame hangs on the chimney breast behind. The frame is white.
(image: Brunilda Q)
Dining room mirror ideas!
This statement mirror and the eye-catching dining set are both focal points for this room, but the neutral colour scheme stops either one from dominating too much.
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Bright living room with pale neutral shades of furnishings. Glass and chrome coffee table in foreground with flower arrangement. A large round mirror hangs on the back wall, in a large chrome/mirrored sunburst frame.
(image: @homewiththedarlings)
Living room mirror ideas!
Your eye is naturally drawn to the large mirror on the wall, which really ties the colours and style of this living room together.
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Let’s Kick It Up A Notch

Magic Tricks: The Illusion of More Windows

Window mirror ideas - Dining area with round mirror in the wall in a frame that makes it look like a window.
(image: @henburyhomesw)
A shaded dining area in a corner of a room. 2 window mirrors hang on the wall behind the table, in dark wooden frames with arched tops.
(image: @homebymacy)
DIning room mirror ideas - a white room with a round glass dining table that has chrome legs. a silver clock hangs on the wall to the right, and a white-framed window mirror with arched top hangs on the left wall.
(image: @little_gem_home)

Mirrors create the illusion of extra windows in your home. The window-style mirrors in the example above are definitely one to achieve this, but a similar look can also be achieved by using mirrors with structural or darker framing elements like these:

Mirror Ideas for a Different Perspective!

The shape and orientation of your mirror can also affect the sense of space in your room.

Bathroom mirror ideas - A bathroom wall above a bath  - white tiling in small rectangular horizontal brick pattern. Above this, a dark navy paint. A large rectangular mirror in starburst frame is hung horizontally on the dark paint.
(image: Dave R)
Bathroom mirror ideas!
This mirror's silver and chrome finish brings light to the dark navy wall. Its horizontal alignment mirrors the tiles beneath, while adding depth and width to the bathroom.
Hallway mirror ideas - a corner of a hallway. A set of white stacked nested tables in the corner with a potplant. on the facing wall. The floor is pale laminate, the walls are grey wallpaper. A large rectangular mirror in a starburst frame is hung on one wall.
(image: Customer Review)
Here, the vertical placement of the same mirror adds height to this corner, and the spotlights directed at the mirror bring light to an otherwise dark-ish corner.

Traditional or Modern Mirror Ideas?

It’s quite a traditional style to hang a mirror above a fireplace, and that can absolutely still look stunning. You can put a modern spin on that with a funky geometric mirror design, or even create the feel of a fireplace where there isn’t one using feature paint and a mirror.

Living room mirror ideas. Round mirror in a starbust frame hung over a fireplace, with statement floral wallpaper in the alcoves beside fireplace. A simple chandelier syle light fixing also hangs int the shot.
(image: Customer Review)
A modern living room with neutral colours. A modern fireplace. A round mirror in starburst frame is hung above the fireplace.
(image: @traceyglamar)
A rustic style kitchen with wooden table, grey faux leather dining chairs and wooden floor. Wooden dresser and cabinet can also be seen, painted. A chimney breast with no fireplace in the far wall, with a round mirror in a simple thin frame hanging on it.
(image: @living.the.dream.at.no13

Mirror Ideas for Hallways and Smaller Spaces

We all know that mirrors add light, but in particularly small spaces, go for more reflective surface and less solid frame to really maximise the amount of light. Avoid dead space and dull, dark corners as soon as you enter the home to keep it fresh, bright and inviting.

Hallway mirror ideas. Dark corenr at bottom of stairs. A mirrored console table and medium-sized round mirror in mirrored starburst frame have been placed here to reflect light from the front door.
(image: Anthony W)
Narrow hallway decorated in beige and cream. A white wooden dresser is placed at the far end, with a lamp and accessories. A rectangular mirror with frame comprising of overlapping mirrored circles is hung above it, reflecting the lamplight.
(image: @red_roses_home)
Entryway mirror ideas. Narrow hallways. One wall is entirely covered in plain mirror tiles. We see the opposite wall reflected in this, which shows a simple white wooden console table and a round mirror in mirrored starburst frame in its reflection. A dried flower arrangement is of grasses is also shown.
(image: @homeofzoe)

What’s in a Shape?

We’ve talked about the orientation of rectangular mirrors and how they can change the feel of your space, but what about different shapes?

Match your mirror style to the overall style in your home interior scheme for consistency, or deliberately add opposites to create a more dynamic space.

Round mirrors can feel more organic and flowing, while squared shapes can help organize and create straight lines. Round mirrors can also give a bit of a nautical vibe, because they make us think of portholes in a ship! Which might be why they look so great in bathrooms.

Bathroom mirror ideas. Bathroom with round mirror.
(image: @styledby_mh)
Bathroom mirror ideas!
Family bathroom mirror ideas - bathroom with nautical artwork and round mirror in mirrored starburst frame.
(image: @souter_for_four)
More bathroom mirror ideas!

Mix things up. Straight edged mirrors in a room full of plants, for example, could be a nice contrast (plus make it look like you’ve got twice as many plants!) or round mirrors in a room comprising mostly straight lines could add some flow to the room.

Modern small-ish kitchen. Decor is white and black theme, with round glass dining table, 2 black leather chairs, white cupboards with black countertops and black door handles. Lots of greenery and plants. A rectangular mirror hangs on the far wall, reflecting the plants.
(image: mydreamhome_usplus6)
Simple dining room with neutral walls, wooden floor and grey rug beneath a white gloss dining table with chrome legs, and 4 grey velvet chairs. a minimalist chest of drawers is against the far wall, with simple accessories. 3 mirrors hang above it - all round, in simple gold thing band frames. Central mirror is larger than the other 2.
(image: @home_by_pary)

You can get the best of both round and straight lines by incorporating a mirror with both! Check out our round mirrors with geometric frames, and rectangular mirrors with circular patterns in the frame.

Alternitvely, you can opt for a mirror that gives you organic flowing shapes. Our Crystalline mirror serves up a modern but soft look. Abstract and eye catching, with curves to diffuse light. The Crystaline really does it all, and it’s a firm favourite here at Furniturebox UK.

abstract modern mirror ideas - wall above a fireplace with 2x Furniturebox UK Cascina mirrors hung side by side to form long mirror piece. Mirror comprises of long mirrored square tubes, at different heights and lengths, to create a wavy pattern. Reflection is diffuse and soft.
(image: Claire)

Gallery Wall Mirror Ideas

Gallery walls are very "in" right now. You could add a few smaller mirrors to your printed wall art collection for bursts of light. You can also create a gallery wall entirely from mirrors. Use mirrors of the same size and/or shape for symmetry. Or, you could try lots of different sizes and shapes but with matching/complimenting frames. You could even go all out with a gallery wall of completely different shapes, styles and sizes for an on-trend eclectic look.

Gallery mirror wall ideas - modern simple living room with a mirror gllaery wall comprising of 10 small round mirrors all identical and connected, in thin gold frames.
(image: Pexels)
White brick wall with gallery mirror wall display. All mirrors are round, but in different style and sized frames, with a rustic boho feel.
(image: Pexels)
Gallery mirror wall ideas - a hallway with a collection of different mirrors all in different sizes, shapes and styles, hung together.
(image: Unsplash)

Multi-tasking: Mirrored Furniture Ideas

Get all the plus points of adding mirrors to your home with the added functionality of storage and or extra surface space. Mirrored furniture can really add a touch of class and glamour as well as that dreamy crystal atmosphere we’re so in love with here. This makes it the perfect choice for bedroom furniture, where we’re all about magical dreamy floaty vibes.

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