Get The Bridgerton Style For Your Home!

Get The Bridgerton Style For Your Home!

30th Mar 2022

Posted by Alice Ewens on 30th Mar 2022

Bridgerton is back! Are you drooling over all things Bridgerton style? We don't just mean the romance and heated glances! Want to live dripping in luxury, like Simon and Daphne? Or how about Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, or Queen Charlotte herself? Well, we've got all our best Royalcore pieces together to help you create your own Bridgerton-inspired home.

Let's get the basics out of the way first: Have you binged the new Season yet?

How to describe the Bridgerton style? And what the hell is Royalcore?!

Bridgerton is set in the Jane Austen/Emily Bronte Regency period of English history, which refers to the period between 1811 and 1820. This is when King George III ("Mad King George") had to hand power over to his son George IV, up until George III died. Regency style took a lot of inspiration from Classical Greek and Roman design, with lots of columns and scroll-work (even those gorgeous dresses have a straight up-and-down column look), and made ornamental with floral French-inspired motifs.

Royal-core refers to aesthetics based on West European royalty right back through history. It's all about refinement, elegance, intricate details, and opulence.

The modern Regency style is also being described as "soft royalcore"! Think, what would make a room feel rich, luxurious and fancy, but keep it 'sweet'. Modern Regency soft Royalcore sees a lot of straight lines with pretty flourishes and curls, a palette of pastel shades, marble, gold accents and pops of rich jewel tones. Lots of sumptuous heavy fabrics and floral prints.

A period-accurate (save for the electricity!) Regency style living room.

And a more modern interpretation of Regency soft royalcore in a living room.

Get A Bridgerton Style Bedroom

Where the magic happens, eh? Unless you've seen *that* library scene...

Bridgerton-inspired soft Royalcore bedrooms are all about opulence and feeling like royalty, from the moment you lay down to the minute you rise. A beautiful statement bed will be the anchor of a Regency-inspired bedroom, so go for structural shapes with a few soft curves, and then dress it to the max with luxurious fabrics. Egyptian cotton sheets, satin and silk will have you feeling majestic. Similarly, velvet touches (in the upholstery or your soft furnishings) will always feel regal.

Get A Bridgerton-Style Living Room

For a truly Bridgerton living room, or the"drawing room" if we're using Regency speak, go for soft, draping fabrics. Also, a central eye-catching sofa with soft, plump cushions, again in those sumptuous fabrics, will really work well. If, however, you want to go old school, then consider a wood-frame sofa. Otherwise, a more modern style with nods to Regency design, with rolled arms or Chesterfield buttons, will be great. Regency windows were big and tall, so a Bridgerton style living room will be full of light. Consider using mirrors to bounce natural light around and get the most out of all those textures!

Bridgerton living room mood board featuring pink velvet corner sofa, pink nad gold bench seat, round gold and glass side table, and gold window style wall mirror.
A pink and gold themed living room with Bridgerton touches!

Here's our Elsie corner sofa in plum pink, upholstered in a gorgeous soft-touch peach-fuzz fabric with a slight sheen. Also featured: the Cambridge Modern Gold Metal & Pink Velvet Upholstered Luxury Bench, the Novara Gold and Glass Round Side Table and the Zeus Gold Window-style floor/wall mirror (coming soon!).

Green velvet living room with Regency inspired style. Green velvet sofa and occassional chair, round glass and silver chrome coffee table, and ornate wall mirror in mirrored frame.
Or, go for green velvet -a very on-trend fabric and colour in lots of different interior styles at the moment.

Here we have the Elsie 4 seater sofa in emerald green, the Calla Chair in green velvet with silver legs, the Novara Gold and Chrome Coffee Table, and the Olympus wall mirror.

Get A Bridgerton Style Dining Room

So, we're not necessarily saying you need to go all out and replicate the elaborate Regency dining rooms! You can achieve a Bridgerton-inspired dining room with modern pieces that nod to that classic style! Marble, gold, silver, plush fabrics and lots of light in pastels with the odd pop of rich colour is where you want to head to get this look.

White marble and gold colour scheme for Regeny Bridgerton style dining room, featuring round marble effect table, white fuax leather chair with gold tapered legs, gold oval wall mirror.
A marble, white and gold scheme will scream decadent Regency Bridgerton vibes!

Products featured here: Our Palma White Marble Effect Round Dining Table & Corona White Faux Leather with Gold Leg Chairs. Also, the Jupiter oval wall mirror (coming soon!).

Grey and silver Regency inspired dining room featuring 6 seater glass and chrome dining table with 6 grey velvet knocker back chairs and round silver framed wall mirror.
Silver and grey is a sumptuous combination that's light and delicate! A scheme fit for Daphne Bridgerton herself.

Featured in this image: Our Leonardo 6 Seater Glass and Chrome Table & 6 Grey Velvet Belgravia Knocker-back Chairs, and the large Emma silver-framed round wall mirror.

How Are Our Customers Getting The Bridgerton Style In Their Homes?

It's always lovely to see how our customers are styling our products! Here are a couple that have got that Bridgerton vibe with a modern twist!

Here's our Vienna Cream Ashley Double Bed Frame with some pretty linens and a bedside table that's got that columns-and-carvings look we talked about at the start.

And here's our Novara round glass and gold dining table styled with 2 grey velvet dining chairs and pops of cream to get that elegant and regal modern royalcore vibe.

How Will You Get The Bridgerton Look?

mobile phone on desk showing Furniturebox UK Instagram feed

We'd love to see how you style our products to get a Regency royalcore style to rival Bridgerton! Make sure you follow us on Insta and tag us in your product pics!

We've also got heaps of inspo over on our Pinterest!

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