Firm vs Soft Sofas: It’s All In The Filling

Firm vs Soft Sofas: It’s All In The Filling

23rd May 2024

Posted by Alice Ewens on 23rd May 2024

Why are some sofas firm and others soft and squidgy? It's largely down to what's inside them. We break down the differences plus the pros and cons.

When choosing a sofa, it can be a little overwhelming when there are so many things to factor in. Firmness is something we don't always consider when buying and then we can be surprised when our brand new sofa arrives. So, to help you make informed choices when it comes to investing in big living room furniture, we thought it would be helpful to outline how sofa firmness works, related to sofa fillings, so take a read .

sofa firmness rating guide - firm foam filled sofas, medium fibre-filled sofas and sofa feather-filled sofas.

Firm Sofas: Foam and Foam + Fibre Filling

Foam and foam + fibre filled sofas are the most durable because they will keep their shape for longer, though will be firmer. Foam offers a much more supportive seating position and doesn't need a lot of maintenance. A foam + fibre filling has a little extra padding for some added comfort.

3 seater tan faux leather sofa

Our Ida 3 Seater Tan Faux Leather Sofa is foam and fibre filled

Medium Firmness Sofas: Fibre and Fibre + Feather Fillings

fibre filled medium firm sofa with woman sat on it

image: Canva Pro

Fibre-only and fibre + feather filled sofas will use synthetic fibres (usually polyester) and are softer than foam-filled sofas. The fibres are hollow and pumped full of air. These fibres are then stuffed into the cushions, and will look nice and plump but will compress easily, so will need re-plumping regularly to maintain their shape.

Soft Sofas: Feather Fillings

The softest of all sofa fillings use feathers. Like fibre sofas, these will require plumping but they will last for years and are usually on the more luxurious high-end of the market. Feather filled sofas are great for people who want to really sink into the sofa rather than sit on it.

blue soft feather filled sofa with woman laying on it

image: Canva Pro

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