How To Purr-fectly Spring Clean With Pets

How To Purr-fectly Spring Clean With Pets

15th Mar 2024

Posted by Laura Rich on 15th Mar 2024

Our guide on how to clean with pets will have your home sparkling and pet-safe in no time!

With the days getting longer, we're starting to get that itch for the big spring clean! But if you're a pet owner, that offers some unique challenges to overcome. April is National Pet Month, so we've got some top cleaning and styling hacks for how to stay tidy when you've got a house full of fur!

Select The Right Furniture

clean with pets: a grey velvet corner sofa with wooden tapered legs is best couch for dog owners, pictured with round white coffee table in modern living room.

Your furniture is the foundation of creating a home that's easy to clean with pets. Short pile rugs and short nap polyester velvet are great options when shopping for the best sofa for dogs or cats. Polyester, including velvet, is durable, and a short pile means fur or mud won’t sink into the fibres as easily. Faux leather upholstery is also super easy to wipe clean, though it can be scratched, so it might be a better option for pets who aren’t prone to claw things. You also want to select furniture that sits on legs, making it much easier to clean beneath and making a world of difference in keeping hair under control.

How To Get Fur Off Your Couch: A Whole Lot Of Hoovering

Regular vacuuming is essential for keeping dog and cat fur at bay and it also helps deter fleas. Use the upholstery attachment to clean sofa cushions and throws. A rubber broom is also wonderful for wooden or vinyl flooring, as it collects dust and pet hair and can easily be disinfected.

Top Tip!
Use a window cleaning squeegee to clean pet fur from your carpets and couches. Drag up all the fluff and fur that the vacuum struggles to pick up. Viral tools are being sold to do this but we’ve found a regular squeegee works just as well.

Use Supermarket Basics To Neutralise Dog Smells

Cleaning with pets doesn't need to cost a fortune. Create a carpet freshener by filling an old and clean jar with baking soda and adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Give the mixture a stir to distribute the essential oil evenly, and keep it sealed tight. Sprinkle it on carpets or fabric chairs/sofas and let it sit for no more than half an hour, then vacuum it up to neutralise pet odours. Be sure to keep essential oils out of reach of kids and cats, as they are toxic to felines if they come into contact with a cat’s skin. And don’t use essential oils in your baking soda mix at all if you have a cat with asthma!

Dryer Sheets Are A Game Changer For Cleaning With Pets

Tumble dryer sheets are an absolute game-changer for pet homes. Use dryer sheet to wipe down furniture, carpets and electronics. They’re great at collecting dust as they are anti-static, and leave a nice fresh scent behind. These are better than using liquid aerosols or sprays as moisture can encourage dampness and mould in fabrics. You can even tuck dryer sheets inside cushion covers for a more permanent freshener. Attach a dryer sheet to a dry-mop or rubber broom using elastic bands then run around the floors to pick up dust and add a fresh smell. You can buy dryer sheets for as little as £2.50 for forty sheets. Biodegradable options are also available.

Clean Pet Stains By Blotting

For liquid stains on fabrics, spray with water then absorb with paper towels, blotting rather than rubbing to avoid weakening or stretching the fibres or pushing the stain further into the fabric. Sprinkle the stain with bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and leave for half an hour to neutralise the smell, then hoover. Repeat as necessary until the stain and smell are gone.

Don’t Scrub At Muddy Pawprints!

For muddy prints, let it dry first. Don’t rub or scrub at it as you risk damaging the fabric or pushing the mud deeper into it. Instead, once dry, hoover as much dry mud as possible. Then use a blunt knife to scape away at the remaining mud. On carpets, which are designed to be a little tougher, you can also gently brush at it with a steel brush. hoovering up as you go. Then you can use the same cold water and bicarb method as for liquid stains. For particularly tough stains, mix a quarter teaspoon of detergent (non-bleach) or white vinegar mixed with water.

Use Shaving Foam To Clean Pet Stains

You can use shaving foam to clean stains on fabric carpets and upholstery including faux leather. It doesn’t matter what brand, as long as it’s white. Cover the stain with foam, and leave it up to 20 minutes, then wipe away, rubbing gen/tly at the remaining stain. Repeat as necessary. A can of white shaving foam costs as little as £1.

Our Pet-Friendly Furniture Pick For Keeping Homes Clean With Pets

The Jolene Velvet Sofa

Heralded by our customers as "the easiest sofa to clean when it comes to pets”, the short-nap polyester velvet upholstery of the Jolene velvet sofa is incredibly durable and super easy to keep clean. Fur and dust glide right off the fabric and stains can’t penetrate deeply if accidents do happen. The firm style of the cushions means even a large dog can’t crush the shape out of it, and the tapered legs mean there’s plenty of room to get a vacuum or mop underneath to get rid of any pesky fur and dust clumps. We knew the design was exactly what our customers have been asking for. The fact it’s pet-approved too makes us even happier. It comes in a range of practical colours, including navy, grey, mink and burnt orange (perfect for ginger cat owners!)

clean with pets: large malamute on grey velvet 2 seat sofa best to get dog hair off couch

@lifewithmalamutes, showcasing the Jolene 2 seat grey velvet sofa, says:When you find a sofa fabric the pet hair doesn’t show up on and they can finally relax without the fear of the lint roller!

blue 3 seat velvet sofa with young woman seated beside sharpei bulldog in modern rustic room

@at_home_with_becks32a, who opted for the Jolene 3 seat in navy, says:I knew when picking the Jolene sofa that it was going to be the perfect fit for our home. Coco, who is a Sharpei/Bulldog, often malts and is very dribbly. I find the Jolene so easy to clean. It’s by far the easiest sofa to clean when it comes to your pet."

pale ginger car sat on burnt orange 2 seat cat-friendly sofa

@isabella_and_zachary chose the Jolene 2 seat in burnt orange, saying: We went with the Jolene sofa as the velvet is tightly woven, which means it’s practically scratch-proof. It has no loose threads or raised weave, which our cats find appealing. It’s a very easy-to-clean material.

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