Book Nook On A Budget For World Book Day

Book Nook On A Budget For World Book Day

6th Mar 2024

Posted by Laura Rich on 6th Mar 2024

In honour of World Book Day 2024, we look at the top tips for nailing your very own book nook or reading corner on a budget so you can curl up with a great read.

In a fast-paced world filled with screens and constant connectivity, there's something magical about escaping into the world of a good book. The theme for World Book Day 2024 is "read your way". What better way to embrace that than by carving out the perfect reading space curated just for you? Creating the perfect reading corner or book nook is not just about finding a quiet space; it's about crafting a sanctuary that invites you to relax, unwind, and immerse yourself. We’ve pulled together some tips and some mood boards of our best Funriturebox selections to help you achieve just that without breaking the bank!

The Foundation Of A Good Book Nook: Comfy Seating

book reading corner nook featuring moon chir papasan chair, warm terracotta walls, wood floor, arch mirror, bookshelf, round coffee table

A key element in any reading corner is comfortable seating. Opt for a plush armchair or a loveseat -  a 2-seater sofa is a great alternative – or hit that 70s revival trend with a moon chair. A full-length sofa is always a great option for getting your feet up, if you have the room! The important part is to choose seating that provides the perfect balance between support and softness.

Our maximalist 70s rock star revival-inspired reading room mood board features:

Illuminate the Pages: Thoughtful Lighting

book nook reading corner featuring green fabric modern armchair, glass and wood round side table, three-tiered standing floor lamp and lots of pot plants creatng a Scandi Boho look

Good lighting is essential for any reading nook. While natural light is ideal during the day, strategically placed lamps can transform your corner into a cosy retreat during the evening hours or duller weather. Consider a stylish floor lamp or a table lamp that complements the overall design of your space. Soft, warm lighting not only enhances the reading experience but also adds a touch of sophistication to your corner.

Our Boho-Scandi inspired book nook features:

Cosy Layers Make A Book Nook Magical: Blankets and Pillows

industrial style modern reading corner book nook featirng 3 seater tan faux leather sofa, green blanket, green and brick wall, black and cream arc lamp, round glass coffee table with black glass legs.

No reading corner is complete without layers of comfort. Enhance the cosiness by adding soft blankets and throw pillows to your seating area. Opt for textures and patterns that resonate with your style, creating a tactile and inviting space that helps you sink into your reading retreat.

Our modern Industrial-inspired reading nook mood board features:

A Splash of Personality: Accent Pieces Make The Story Come Alive

dark academia library inspired book nook reading corner feating 2 seater navy blue sofa with piped back, round velvet footstool, wood and black metal desk, dark wood floor, bookcase walls, black and gold lamps.

Elevate the aesthetics of your book nook with carefully chosen accent pieces. Incorporate colourful throw rugs, play with mixing textures, add vibrant artwork, or decorative cushions to add a pop of personality to the space. Consider multi-purpose roles in the room, such as desks or bookcases that act as statement decor pieces. Add ornaments and accessories that you enjoy looking at but which fit the overall vibe and theme you’re trying to create. Consider a cohesive colour scheme that complements your overall home decor, creating a harmonious and visually appealing reading retreat.

Our moody dark academia library-inspired mood board features:

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