7 Tips to Use Mirrors to Brighten Up Your Home

7 Tips to Use Mirrors to Brighten Up Your Home

30th Sep 2020

Posted by Kayla Wilson on 30th Sep 2020

Reflect Light from Windows

Mirrors are a great way to enhance any light source especially if you have small windows, you can double the light in the room by strategically placing your mirror to reflect the window. Keep an eye on where the sunlight hits the walls in the room and you can place your mirror there to maximise that light.

You could also place your mirror on an wall adjacent to the window so the mirror reflects the window itself, giving the impression of the room being wide open with lots of light sources.

Making the most of light sources using mirrors in this way is a great tactics for making small spaces appear much bigger than they are.

Double Up on Plants

Placing a mirror behind some lush green indoor plants can double up on the effect of having a lush green room. It will also draw light to that area and turn your plants into a focal point in the room.

Kimberley B. used our Venetian mirror to brighten up her hallway and placed behind a fresh bouquet of flowers: “Looks fantastic and modern. Really opens up the hallway. Would highly recommend purchasing.”

A Venetian mirror being used to brighten up a hallway
800Photo from Kimberley B. submitted as part of a review at furniturebox.co.uk

Brighten Up Dark Corners

If there’s corners or areas of the room which don’t see much daylight or aren’t reached by the artificial light in the room, then consider placing a mirror there.

Increase Room Size

In this photo from Susan A. she’s placed our Starburst mirror to reflect back the room and give the impression of the space being much larger. The shape of the Starburst mirror helps enhance the impression of light by drawing the eye outwards from the centre of the mirror as it reflects the light in the same direction.

A Starburst mirror being used to reflect light in a room
Photo from Susan A.. submitted as part of a review at furniturebox.co.uk

Audrey B has really effectively used the large rectangular Starburst mirror to reflect back the dining room and kitchen to hugely increase the size perception of the room. Placing the rectangular mirror length-ways helps to maximise this reflection and enhance the lights in the room too.

A rectangular Starburst mirror being used to reflect light in a hallway
Photo from Audrey B. submitted as part of a review at furniturebox.co.uk

Use Different Shapes

Not all mirrors need to be a flat, smooth surface to act as a reflector of light in the room. Wall mirrors such as the Crystalline have different shapes and angles to reflect the light in different directions, casting light across the room. The contemporary and unusual design will also wow your guests and get attention from everyone who walks in.

A crystalline wall mirror
Crystalline mirror available to buy at furniturebox.co.uk

Mirrors as Wall Art

In the photo below from Rezwan A. our Aztec round mirror has been hung above this stunning fireplace to really make this a focal point in the room and utilises the mirror as wall art as well as to brighten up the room.

Rezwan says: “the mirror is really high quality and looks wonderful on our wall. Even the back of the mirror which you don’t see is finished nicely and smooth surface. So would definitely recommend this mirror and FurnitureBox to anyone. Oh and their price is way cheaper than what I’ve seen on other websites, so no need to look elsewhere.”

The Aztec round mirror being used as wall art
Photo from Rezwan A. submitted as part of a review at furniturebox.co.uk

Mirrored Furniture

Mirrors don’t just belong on walls! Mirrored furniture is an effective way to add light to dark spaces, especially bedside tables which brighten up the area next to your bed which can often be dark. These mirrored bedside tables which add light to your room whilst also acting as helpful storage to keep your bedroom a tidy, restful space. Mirrored furniture has become incredibly popular for its contemporary and minimal appearance as the furniture brightens the space but doesn’t appear to consume space in the room because its reflects its surroundings.

The Stella mirrored bedside table
The Stella bedside table is available to buy here

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