Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bar Stools

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bar Stools

15th Feb 2023

Posted by Alice Ewens on 15th Feb 2023

Bar stools, or bar chairs, are a seating option that’s taking off and trending as a modern space-saver and stylish informal option for additional kitchen seating.

We’re breaking down the key things to know when considering a bar chair for your home, and offering up some style inspiration.

What Is A Bar Stool?

smiling man sat on grey faux leather bar chair stool
Customer review image from Lucy W featuring our Milan grey and silver bar chairs

Outside of pubs, bar stools, bar chairs, and counter chairs are an alternative to dining chairs, typically used within the kitchen or open-plan spaces. They’re taller than typical dining chairs and are used to sit at a raised breakfast bar or countertop.

Counter Chairs, Bar Chairs or Bar Stools?

Generally speaking, the names are interchangeable and using any of these terms will likely return search results that meet what you’re after. Typically, tall seats without backs or arms would be classified as stools, and bar or counter chairs have backs.

modern black and white kitchen featuring kitchen islans and 4 black velvet bar stool chairs with tapered black legd
Customer image from @thebrandonreno on Instagram, featuring our velvet Juniper bar stool chairs
modern open plan kitchen diner featuring grey minimalist breakfast bar and 2 grey velvet bar stool chairs
image credit: Canva Pro

Pros Of Opting For Bar Chairs

Bar chairs are great space-saving alternatives to traditional dining chairs. They work great in smaller living spaces where bar tables or counters can double as a dining table. Bar tables and counters usually have smaller surface areas, and stools or chairs typically tuck right under when not in use, keeping the floor and surrounding area clearer.

Bar chairs and stools are also great for adding extra seating! Kitchen islands or separate breakfast bars in addition to a standard dining table can offer extra room for guests and for more informal, relaxed dining or coffee drinking.

Another thing we love is that they can offer a working-from-home solution when paired with a bar table/counted or a standing deck.

Backless Stool vs Bar Chair

A backless bar stool will engage your core and promote ‘active sitting’ and can save you even more space by sitting fully beneath the counter or bar edge. But, a bar chair with a back will provide more support and potentially be more comfortable for longer periods.

split screen image showing black bar stools in one half and black bar chairs in the other half
image credit: Canva Pro

Pick A Barstool To Suit Your Home Style

Maximalist Bar Stools

Maximalist style packs a punch with bold colours, contrast, sumptuous fabrics, and metallic tones. Our Junipier barstools tick the box perfectly!

Seek & Chic Grey Bar Chairs

Ever popular, always practical, grey goes with everything. Our Milan bar chairs match our best-selling Milan dining chairs, with the same high-quality faux leather and diamond stitching. They look great in grey, whether you opt for the gold, silver or black legs.

Grey Faux leather Black Leg Bar Stools with diamond stitching
Here our customer Neil H shares his Milan Grey Faux Leather Black Leg Bar Stools in his review image

Industrial Bar Stools

The on-trend Industrial style can be described as urban minimalism that mixes wood with black metal, mimicking the look of old factories and warehouses. Pair our Marley bar chairs in black soft touch fabric with dark wood countertops for a gorgeous industrial look.

How Will You Style Yours?

mobile phone on desk

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