Best Space Saving Dining Tables For Small Rooms

Best Space Saving Dining Tables For Small Rooms

26th Jun 2020

Posted by Laura Rich on 26th Jun 2020

If you live in a small space, you might think you don’t have room for a dining table and chairs. Finding space saving dining tables for a small space isn’t easy. We’ve put together some tips on what to look for when you’ve had enough of eating dinner on your lap!

Open plan living is more popular than ever and the separate dining room is becoming a thing of the past. There's a trend for dining rooms being repurposed as playrooms, offices, studios and gym rooms.

Many people are repurposing traditional dining rooms into play rooms like this one by @homewiththedarlings
@homewiththedarlings repurposed her dining room as a playroom

Whether you are living in a small space or your dining room has been taken over by the kids/work/gym, we’ve got some ideas for space saving dining tables and chairs. You can create a cosy dining area in a small nook somewhere in your home.

How To Choose A Space Saving Dining Table Set

There are a few things to consider when looking for the perfect space-saving dining set:



We’ve talked before about zoning areas in an open plan or long living room. You can utilise small areas within a room such as a bay window (enjoy the view while you eat dinner), an alcove by a fireplace (nice and warm in the winter) or even a space under a staircase (as long as there’s not a cupboard there of course). The benefit of placing a dining table and chairs set here is that you don’t need full standing height. As long as there’s room to sit down without hitting your head on the underside of the stairs of course! 

When deciding on a space for a small dining table, we recommend measuring the floor area first. Allow 75cm around each side of the table where you intend to have chairs, for manoeuvring. Can you push the table to one side when it’s not in use? Make sure the chairs you buy have pads to protect your flooring. Can you use benches instead of chairs to push right under the table? How about a set designed specifically to conserve space such as this Oxford space saving dining set. Or consider an extending table for when you entertain. 


A round table is a space-saving option because it takes up less floor space than a rectangle or square. A pedestal construction (a single central leg) offers maximum legroom. Or something with a twisted leg design, like our popular Novara Table, adds a bit of glamour to a space and won’t restrict the seating. With the benefit of there always being room to squeeze in one more little one, a round table offers flexibility. Add a glass top which will give the illusion of even more space as it ‘disappears’. As a general rule, the more floor space you can see, the bigger the room will feel.

A round dining table with a glass top will give the impression of more space.
@michelles_home bought a Novara Table and Milan Chairs Set and dressed it beautifully.

A square table has the benefit of being able to be pushed near to a wall or corner when not in use. You can utilise a space under a window in a kitchen for example, where there might be a radiator. A dining set won’t impinge the heat coming from the radiator so it’s a good use if the space is there.

Rectangular tables are sociable, the distance between you and your opposite diner is typically less than with a round table. So a rectangular table is perfect for those small intimate dinner parties. And even with a 4 seater rectangular table, there’s often room to seat people on the ends for those occasions when you have more people than usual to fit in! There’s always room for one more right? Rectangular tables are a popular choice for kitchen/diner rooms which are often designed into new-build family homes. 

A rectangle table and chairs set is great for a kitchen/diner room. styled the Leonardo Table and Lorenzo Chairs Set into her Persimmon new build home.


If the kitchen/diner set-up is for you, consider using a bar table and stools as an alternative to a traditional dining set.

A narrow dining table for a small space such as a bar table will draw the eye up, giving the illusion that it takes up less space. Taller than a regular dining set, it can also double up as a prep space for cooking. 

A bar table is a great space saving dining table, an alternative to a traditional dining set and can be used as an extra prep surface in the kitchen.
@rachelclareholland opted for a Boston High Bar Table in her kitchen diner, it tucks just perfectly in line with the kitchen units.


In a small living space, any furniture that is multi-functional is a good choice. A bar table that doubles as a prep space, or a good sized desk that can also function as a dining table. Benches and stools that can be used as occasional extra seating for a dining table. There are many ways to incorporate a small dining table and chairs into any space with a number of great space saving tables and chairs available.