Get Funky With Modern 70s Interior Design

Get Funky With Modern 70s Interior Design

16th Jun 2023

Posted by Alice Ewens on 16th Jun 2023

Get in on the modern 70s trend with our inspiration that's full of bold patterns mixed with boho neutrals and rock 'n roll aesthetic.

The 70s have been making a comeback in interior design for a while, with the shift away from pastels, crisp whites, and greys to embrace warmer tones and bolder prints. Following the pandemic, lockdowns, and now the cost of living crisis, many of us are looking to cosy up our homes. It's no wonder we're looking back to the 70s for inspiration. Bold patterns, flares, big shades and vinyl records are in, and brown is back firmly in the designer's handbook.

modern 70s home style
modern 70s home style, photo credit: CanvaPro

The 70s comeback has been making waves in fashion and culture, with recent hit shows such as Daisy Jones & The Six lending heat to the trend. There's been a resurgence of interest in vintage styles, driven in part by higher costs of living and wanting to be more eco-sustainable. This all makes us want to 'make do and mend' more - to fix up, recycle, and re-use - which gives more of an eclectic look to home design and fashion. The decor, the prints, the colours, the fashion and the music that suits those looks, has all put the 70s right back into the public consciousness.

That's not to say you need to roll out the gold flock wallpaper, shag carpets and your nan's awful curtains just yet! It's more about embracing a few 70s-inspired elements for a modern and fresh take on it.

How To Get A Modern 70s Home Look

Key elements of 70s home styling that you can incorporate in a modern way include:

  • Velvet;
  • Fringing;
  • Shaggy/fluffy fabrics (used sparingly!);
  • Jewel tones and metallics;
  • Earthy tones like burnt orange, mustard yellow, terracotta and dusky pinks/reds;
  • Bold patterns and prints - floral or circular will instantly give a retro vibe;
  • Accent chairs - the wicker 'peacock chair' instantly screams retro vintage vibes and you can recreate that look in a budget-friendly way with some well-placed garden furniture; and
  • Natural materials in your accessories and furniture like linens, wood, macrame, beading and wicker.

Pair these with Scandi-inspired and mid-century modern pieces for an up-to-date take on a retro 70s home style/.

Our Take On the Modern 70s Home Trend

Let's take a look at four distinct looks, all incorporating modern 70s elements that are still full of forward-thinking style. In the true spirit of the 70s, you don't need to spend a fortune to get a great-looking home!

'Denim And Leather' Industrial Modern 70s Home Decor

This look is led by soft denim, leather and pops of darker colours.

'Bright Boho Scandi' Modern 70s Home Decor

This look is inspired by soft, gentle warm tones, wood, touches of gold to catch the light and a few pops of rich bold colours and faux fur.

'Monochrome & Structure' Modern 70s Home Decor

This look is all about structure, featuring a lot of monochrome blacks and whites with pops of burgundies and burnt oranges. Strong lines and a few flowing fabrics soften the look.

bold monochrome black and white home look with burgundy and warm tones


Also featured: Lick paint in shades Beige 03 and Red 01, with scatter cushion 'Groovy Baby Cushion in Mulberry, Coral, Emerald and Military Green' from Lust Home.

Disco Queen Glam Modern 70s Home Decor

This look features a lot of black velvet and warm neutrals with pops of gold.

Other Ideas For Getting That 70s Vibe

Some other ideas and inspiration from our collection that we think ticks the modern 70s home decor boxes!

modern 70s accent peacock chair looks

Create your own vintage peacock chair look with a wicker or rattan garden chair indoors and dressed with 70s-styled accessories!


Also featuring Morrocan-style lamp from The Range.

How Our Customers Are Tapping Into The Modern 70s Home Style

How Are You Styling Yours?

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