How To Style A Romantic French Dining Room

How To Style A Romantic French Dining Room

9th Feb 2024

Posted by Alice Ewens on 9th Feb 2024

Create a romantic French dining room perfect for Valentine's Day with our handy tips and inspiration.

With the 2024 summer Olympics coming to Paris, French interiors are creating a buzz and where better to inject a sense of romance than your dining room. We've looked at trending colour palettes and styles to create your chic French dining space.

What Defines The French Dining Room Look?

French-inspired dining rooms tend to be elegant, sophisticated and charming. The colour palette used in French interiors often involves a combination of soft, muted tones with pops of vibrant hues. Pastel shades such as light blue, pale pink, and creamy white are commonly used for walls, while bolder colours like red and deep blue are used for furniture and accents.

When talking about dining rooms specifically, French interior design can fall into 2 main camps - rustic French farmhouse or chic Parisian old-money glam. Both tend to feature large dining tables as a focus. Rustic styles will favour wooden tables with a more lived-in shabby-chic aesthetic. Chic Parisian looks tend to be fancier, with more elaborate details and more marble, glass and metallic elements.

Both French dining room styles use lush fabrics such as silks and velvet (a more rustic style will incorporate cottons and muslins too). French interiors in general are characterized by ornate details like intricate moldings, carved legs on chairs and tables, and crystal chandeliers. Wall decor typically features elegant artwork, mirrors, and tapestries. The overall effect is one of timeless elegance and refinement. And, given that Paris is the city of love, incorporating a French theme into your dining room will definitely set hearts a flutter in time for Valentine's Day!

An example of a more ornate 'fancy' French dining room with marble, velvets materials; cream, egg-shell blue, pale green and gold palette; and florals.

An example of a rustic French farmhouse style dining room, featuring scrubbed wood, faded blues, whites and greens, copper and lavender.

French Dining Room Inspiration

Here are some of our favourite customer images showcasing a little French je ne sais quoi that elevates their dining spaces from mundane to magnifique.

Top Furniturebox Picks For Nailing The French Dining Look

The perfect French-inspired dining set will give you the foundations to build your dream dining room from, whether you want city-chic or rustic farmhouse vibes. Here are our top pick:

Our Lynton Large Walnut Colour Wooden Dining Table & 6 Dining Chairs set is perfect for a darker and grander French chateau inspired dining room. Pair with a statement chandelier above and some silk and floral accents to nail the look.

Our Elina White Marble Effect Round Dining Table & 2 Nora Black Leg Chairs is the perfect bristo set to complete your chic Parisian salon inspired dining space. Add some large ornate mirrors and draping white curtains!

Our Salcombe Large Rectangular Wooden Table with 4 Whitby Chairs & 1 Large Bench will be a gorgeous centrepiece for any rustic French farmhouse dining space! Pair with wood panelling, rustic French dressers, some stoneware and linen accents, and lots of French lavender!

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