Cosy Home Ideas for Living Rooms & Dining Rooms

Cosy Home Ideas for Living Rooms & Dining Rooms

12th Oct 2022

Posted by Alice Ewens on 12th Oct 2022

Cosy home ideas to have your living rooms and dining rooms feeling snuggly and inviting this autumn!

The evenings are beginning to draw in and the temperature's dropping. Our living rooms and dining rooms play a huge part in our homes - where we relax and socialise, share meals, and entertain. So, creating spaces that feel cosy, snuggly and inviting through the darker months helps our well-being and sense of peace! We've gathered together some great advice and examples to achieve the perfect cosy home without breaking the bank (psst, the secret is all in the fabrics & textures!)

What Makes A Home Cosy?

There's a buzzword that's been flying around interiors blogs for a few years now - the Danish word ‘hygge’. Hygge means cosiness and connection created through quality time spent with good people. A cosy home is about finding your Hygge and creating inviting, sociable spaces.

What do we typically think of when we think 'cosy'? Soft fabrics, rustic touches, candles and soft lighting. Comfortable seating with warmth, and softness. A general sense of a space being lived in, with personal touches. Wood, velvets, chunky knits, fluffy faux furs, bright warm metal, pillows and throws. All create a sense of safety, comfort and an informal invitation to relax.

Cosy Living Room Ideas

Making your living room the sort of place you'd be happy to hibernate in is all about mood. Create the mood for unwinding but make it a little bit luxurious, so it's a nice place to spend time.

Cosy Grey Home Ideas

The Grey Home Trend is still popular amongst our customers because of its versatility. But grey doesn't have to be cold or lifeless.

modern grey living room with grey velvet sofa and throws, abstract wall mirror on wall
Customer Review Image - Shanice D

Our customer Shanice has layered her soft grey velvet sofa with lots of plump, squishy scatter cushions and a gorgeous faux-fur throw. Sat below our Crystalline statement wall mirror, which adds light without feeling too formal or rigid. The lamps and light fixing will also create a lovely soft glow.

Our Matteo 2 Seater grey fabric sofa is a modern, minimalist couch, but those tapered wooden legs add warmth and a Scandi feel. Sat here under a stunning wall-mounted bookcase, and with the warm tone to the wooden flooring, the rustic touches on the cabinet to the left and an autumnal-inspired lampshade, this is the perfect spot to curl up with a good book!

Cosy Warm Neutral Living Room Ideas

One of the easiest ways to make a living room feel cosier is by going for a warm colour palette. This means yellow, red, pink, orange or brown undertones. Then, the fabrics, textures, soft lighting and accessories are what really create that 'curl up and chill out vibe'.

modern bright living room space with mustard yellow fabric sofa, yellow cushions and round glass coffee table. Cosy home ideas with yellow tones throughout
Customer Review Image: Panzani C

This open-plan apartment living space is a great example of how cosy doesn't have to mean dark. So much natural light from these big windows and the yellow tones are reflected throughout, in the sofa, accessories and in the gold metal of our Novara round glass coffee table. The yellow is really sunny, and even at night time, this space is going to feel inviting and cosy, with a modern Scandi-inspired touch of 'Hygge'.

Wooden industrial style console table with solid wood top and black metal legs, three hurricane lamps with pillar candles, under large wall mirror.
Customer Review Image: Emy C

Wood often adds warmth to a space just with its brown and golden undertones. Here, our Kinsley solid wood and black metal console table creates a faux-mantlepiece feel beneath a large wooden framed wall mirror. Those candles and hurricane lamps will add some gorgeous warmth and soft yellow lighting as a focal point. This really complements the warm beige tones in the wall and carpet.

Cosy Home Ideas for Dining Rooms

Our dining areas need to be practical and useable spaces as well as inviting places to relax and socialise. We're seeing some gorgeous examples of cosying up round dining table! And, there does seem to be shying away from the all-grey palette.

Cosy Warm Neutral Dining Rooms

Just like in living rooms, a warm beige backdrop gives you a great base to build up a cosy vibe. Here, former Love Islanders Marcel and Rebecca Somerville went for one of our Leonardo rectangular glass and chrome dining tables with 4 of our white velvet Pesaro dining chairs for a light and bright dining set. The almond-white walls, soft curtain and warm wood flooring keep the space feeling open. The stunning rustic chunky knit table runner, dried flowers and candle make this a cosy corner to relax and unwind over some shared food.

Wooden Dining Tables & Cosy Fabrics

Wood dining tables are making a big comeback. Evoking rustic farmhouse kitchens with a modern Industrial twist, here. Our customer has paired their Industrial style wooden dining table (a lot like our Kylo dining table) with 4 of our Halle taupe fabric black leg dining chairs for a super modern but inviting look. This set, against the dark blue panelled kitchen units and warm wood chevron flooring, is a sleek twist on a more rustic style. The soft linen table runner and accessories soften the look and make it even cosier! We love it.

Cosy Green Velvet Accents In Dining Rooms

Green velvet is definitely trending! It looks equally great with wood and glass, and adds depth and warmth to a room. The soft velvet and the jewel-toned green colour is calming! Here's a great example from one of our customers, who has paired their large round glass dining table with 6 of our Pesaro green velvet dining chairs with black legs. This whole space looks inviting and cosy! The tall bookcase with artwork, potplants and wood accents throughout are stunning.

modern open plan kitchen diner with tal bookcase, round glass dining table, green velvet dining chairs, sofa in background
Customer Review Image: Sayu

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