Autumn Lighting Trends For Your Home

Autumn Lighting Trends For Your Home

26th Oct 2022

Posted by Alice Ewens on 26th Oct 2022

Autumn Lighting Trends for AW22 - we're seeing people embrace 'the cosy' as the nights draw in, with structural statement lamps in industrial, rustic and retro styles.

Autumn has crept up on us! One minute we were trying to figure out how to survive that crazy heatwave and the next, the leaves are falling, we're looking for the cardigans and having to turn the lights on by 6pm. The changing seasons can be a bit depressing, with the inevitable rain and gloom that usually comes with it, but it's a great time to revamp your home and get it feeling cosy, snuggly and inviting. What better way to beat the autumn blues than by using lamps and lighting to decorate your home? We've got the low-down on emerging autumn lighting trends, and we're excited to showcase our new lamp range.

Autumn Lighting Trends for Autumn-Winter 2022

We're seeing a real embracing of lamps to create local lighting, which creates a relaxed mood and helps create zones within the home. It's a shift away from just a single ceiling light.

Trends to watch out for:

  • Statement lamps with structural bases;
  • Creating cosy spaces and using lamps to add warmth;
  • Embracing a mix of materials from metal, glass and fabric;
  • Vintage glam meets rustic; and
  • Nods to retro design.

All of these lead to an overall trend towards feeling more intimate and informal in our home decor. This is reflected in the shift towards warmer colour palettes too.

Let's take a closer look! And while we're at it, allow us to introduce our fab new lighting range, carefully selected by our in-house interiors expert and product development lead, Laura! She knows a thing or two about trends and knows you're going to love this new range.

Lighting Trend #1 - Statement Lamps With Structural Bases

Lamps are taking on a dual-purpose role! Lighting that combines its functionality with decorative qualities is big. This means oversized and luxurious fabric lampshades with structural artistic bases for your side tables or hallway lighting.

Our new Saffron table lamp captures this autumn lighting trend beautifully. The perfectly oversized white fabric lampshade creates a lovely diffused light glow. It's sat on a stylish gold metal halo stand with a solid marble base so this is definitely a lamp to make a statement. It's also available with a black fabric lampshade too!

autumn lighting trends: modern table lamp - gold metal halo stand, marble base, oversized cream fabric lampshade
Our Saffron table lamp with white lampshade

Autumn Lighting Trend # 2 - Creating Cosy Spaces That Add Warmth

autumn lighting trends: floor standing lamp - gold metal arc lamp with round bowl lampshade on round marble stand, with living room in background
Holden Gold Metal Arc Floor Lamp with Marble Base

One of the big autumn lighting trends is to use lamps to create specific zones or areas that feel cosy and intimate. This works especially well for open-plan living spaces! Couple this with materials that diffuse the light, or are a warm colour themselves, to add warmth to the space.

Our Holden standing arc floor lamp fits the bill here. Its gold metal will add warmth and the light is directed downwards, making it great for creating a cosy zone in a living room, or office. It's available in gold, silver or black!

Autumn Lighting Trend #3 - A Mix Of Materials In Your Lighting

We're seeing more and more people embracing a mix of materials and finishes in their interior decor. This seems to be the case with lighting too, as lamps with mixed materials are definitely trending. Glass, mirrors, rattan, fabric, metal - all are welcome in any combination you please! Again, it's a reflection of that more relaxed approach to home design.

Our new Saanvi table lamp is another oversized beauty that combines a stylish textured fabric shade and structural base, but also incorporates a mirrored base to really bounce all that lamp light around and some silver metal elements. We really love how the Saanvi mixes up the textures and finishes! It's available with a black or a white lampshade.

statement lamp with mirrored rectangular base and oversized black rectangular fabric lampshade
Saanvi mirrored oversized statement lamp with fabric lampshade

Lighting Trend #4 - Vintage Glam Meets Rustic

modern table lamp - glass upturned hurricane lamp style clear glass base with cream fabric lampshade
Nora Clear Glass, Gold & Cream Shade Table Lamp Light

Lighting styles that bridge that gap between classy and more relaxed rustic settings are all the rage! We're seeing a rise in the popularity of vintage glam designs that will also suit a farmhouse setting with lots of wood.

Our Nora is exactly that - a really pretty lamp, similar to styles we've seen in popular home accounts like Mrs Hinch. The Nora has some vintage glam with the glass, gold and cream palette, but the cream fabric shade has some gorgeous texture to it that gives it a more rustic cottage-core look. This lamp screams rose gardens, scrubbed wooden tables, billowing curtains and french windows. The Nora comes with a white or cream beige lampshade.

Lighting Trend #5 - Nods To Retro Design

Another example of lighting getting in on the modern-meets-retro style that's trending. Minimalist and Scandi-inspired design is still big, and all hark back to post-modern designs from the 60s. Lamps that offer both modern style with nods to retro or even vintage elements are big. It's all about versatility - lighting suits a number of home styles or even stands out to create some dynamic contrast. We're seeing angle-poise lamps, and designs inspired by that ultimate balance of form and function, trending.

Our Manu lamp combines a tilted snowdrop head, angle-poise style adjustable head and sleek Industrial look with the black statin metal. The black and gold is Industrial meets 1920s glam. We love it and know it'll look great on bedside tables, office desks or living room side tables! The Manu is also available in white and gold!

modern retro lamp on bedside table - black metal anglepoise lamp with tulip shaped shade, on gold thin stand.
Manu black and gold desk lamp with adjustable head

What's Next?

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