11+ Inspirational Ideas for How to Decorate a Hallway

11+ Inspirational Ideas for How to Decorate a Hallway

12th Jan 2022

Posted by Alice Ewens on 12th Jan 2022

If you’re struggling to figure out how to decorate a hallway, we’ve got some inspirational ideas just for you!

First Impressions

You might have heard the phrase “you only get one chance to make a first impression” and that’s absolutely true with the entrance hallways to our homes. But it’s probably the area that we often neglect. In fact, your entrance hallway is a really important transition space within your home – whether from outside to indoors, between rooms, or between floors. But that doesn’t mean it has to be the no-man’s-land overflowing with coats, shoes, bikes and dog leads. How you decorate a hallway can set the tone for the rest of your home – for your visitors, but also for you, helping you immediately feel at peace in your own space as soon as you step in.

How to Decorate a Hallway #1 – Storage & Extra Surface Space

Whether you have a small and/or narrow entrance hall or are blessed with a wider more open space, keeping all the clutter out of sight will keep it feeling airy and spacious. If you can, keep all your outdoor wear in the porch, or cupboard, or consider a hallway wardrobe. You can also use chests of drawers as consoles with built-in storage.

Both of the above customers used our Alma chest of drawers (also available in taller options, and in grey) to provide some Scandi-inspired storage outside of the bedroom, coupled with tall mirrors and accessories that add interest.

Console Tables

Because of their slim-line design, console tables are perfect for hallways and can provide off-the-ground surface space for keys, wallets, or accessories to set that tone for your home. We sell a huge selection of console tables - from high gloss to chrome and glass finishes - as they’re such a popular choice for adding a bit of extra surface without overwhelming the hall.

@stylemyhome_12 has styled one of our console tables beautifully in their hallway - along with floating shelves to add height and surface space, and a wall mirror very like our Luna.

How to Decorate a Hallway #2 – Bring The Light In

Hallways are often narrow spaces, generally without a lot of external light and a lot of wall space. So, adding light can really make it feel a lot bigger. Hallway mirrors are a really popular way of bouncing light from doors and any windows, and we just so happen to have a huge range of mirrors to suit all spaces and all tastes.

grey walls and pale wood floor hallways with nested white square tables in corner, with potted plant on top. Large long starburst rectagular mirrow veritcal on wall behind
Customer Review Photo - Virginia M

Our hugely popular Large Rectangular Starburst mirror, which can be hung vertically or horizontally.

Alcove at bottom of flight of stairs, with warm wood floor and bannister, pae grey wall. Simple curved glass console table and round Venetian wall mirror on wall
Customer Review Photo - Karen M

Our Venetian round wall mirror. We also sell a glass console table very like this, too - the Turin.

Other Mirrored Surfaces

But you can also use chrome and other mirrored surfaces to create a similar light-bounding effect. This works really well in corners and under stairs:

Our Diamond mirrored end table bring light to an otherwise shady hallway corner.

Upper landing at the top of a flight of stairs. Warm wooden floor and bannister. White walls. Gold chrome and glass console table sits at top of stiars, with vase of flowers. Large gold-framed mirror hangs above it, reflecting blue and gold geometric wallpaper over stairs.
Customer Review Photo - Donna S

Our gold chrome and glass Leonardo console table complements the gold mirror and accessories here to bring warmth and bounce light around this landing hallway.


Light flooring and wall colours will also help keep the space feeling open. A hallway rug can add a little bit of cosy comfort as soon as you kick your shoes off, too:

@forever_home_ateam has styled our bright but cosy Toscana rug in beige in their entrance hallway, complementing the natural shades and grasses/plants.

How to Decorate a Hallway #3 – Accessorise It: Seating and Plants

If you’ve got the hallway space available, our gorgeous bench seats can add interest, set up the tone for your home and bounce some light around with their eye-catching chrome effect legs. Or how about a statement console chair tucked at the end of the hall with some potted greenery? You can achieve that on-trend mix of cosy and glam with our velvet fabrics and some well-placed throws, and bring the outside in (and filter your air the eco way!) with some big leafy plants.  

Shop our range of accent chairs and velvet dining chairs that will absolutely work well as accent/occasional chairs, for that opulent touch.

Stairwell. White walls and warm wooden floor/bannister. Large cermaic pots with tall shrubs/greenery in.

Bring some larger plants into smaller spaces to add interest, filter air and get some of the natural world into your hallway for a calming vibe.

Shop our range of accent chairs and velvet dining chairs that will absolutely work well as accent/occasional chairs, for that opulent touch.

Our incredibly popular Cambridge bench seats, available in a range of colour combinations of seat and metal leg frames.

How to Decorate a Hallway #4 – Make it a Multi-Purpose Space

If you’re blessed with a wide enough hallway, and you need to maximise workspace, consider using a hallway console table as your work desk. Keep it tidy, and keep a chair or stool tucked in out of the way, and you’ll still maintain that transitional aspect but carve out a little bit of dedicated office space. If you’re working from home, this can be a God-send when the alternative is working at the kitchen table or on the sofa/bed.

Our slim-line desks are great for smaller rooms or hallways.

sleek white gloos desk with drawer and chrome geometric deco leg frame, with matching velvet-seat bench.
Furniturebox Studio

Our gorgeous Cambridge bench seat now has a matching Cambridge desk! The bench will slide right in under the desk, maximising space in hallways.

@loh_lifestyle uses our Regent console table as a slim-line desk, and you can do the same.

How Would You Decorate A Hallway?

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