Furniturebox's Carbon Offsetting Pledge

At Furniturebox we believe everyone has a responsibility to be environmentally conscious and to do everything they can to protect the environment, maintaining our beautiful planet whilst trying to slow global warming. We will continue to do everything possible as a company to act with sustainability and the environment in mind, to ensure like our furniture, that we can keep enjoying the world for years to come.

Although we try our best to reduce our carbon emissions, unfortunately we’re not able to operate without any carbon emissions currently. Therefore for any carbon emissions we produce, we strive to offset these to achieve a carbon positive outcome. Here's what we're doing to this end.

Our Current Year Offsetting projects

Peruvian Brazil Nut Project

The Peruvian Brazil Nut Project

This is a world-class REDD+ project focussing on rainforest conservation in the heart of Peru. The project aims to reduce deforestation in over 300,000 hectares of Peruvian Amazon and reduce millions of tonnes of C02 from entering the atmosphere due to illegal deforestation.

Supporting local farmers and families growing Brazil nuts on the trees exclusive to the native forest, it ensures the local people and forests are protected from deforestation. To find out more please visit the Peruvian Brazil Nut Project.

Mai Ndombe Forest Protection

Mai Ndombe Forest Protection

The Mai Ndombe is the world’s second-largest intact rainforest after the Amazon and this project aims to protect this beautiful environment. So far the project has protected 300,000 hectares of vital Bonobo and Forest Elephant habitat as well as some of the most important wetlands in the world around Lake Mai Ndombe.

The project also helps to support local people by increasing access to education and vital medical care. Annually it is estimated a volume of 2.4 million Tco2 is avoided because of this scheme. Find out more about the Mai Ndombe Forest.

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