Why Velvet Is On Trend And Here To Stay!

Why Velvet Is On Trend And Here To Stay!

11th Aug 2020

Posted by Laura Rich on 11th Aug 2020

Those of you over a certain age will remember when velvet in interior design was only popular in upmarket hotels and fancy bars. There was a time when only the most wealthy could afford to dress their homes (or themselves) in it; it simply shouts LUXURY and OPULENCE. This is the stuff of kings you know? (Anyone else thinking of that famous portrait of Henry VIII?)

But velvet has fast become so popular in our homes that you can buy everything from a velvet sofa (I’ve got one) and cushions, to rugs, carpets and even wallpaper! Here’s why velvet is on trend and here to stay! It’s definitely not just for the wealthy and guess what? It’s family proof too!

A beautifully decorated white living room
Image credit @thealexandersnest


You know here at Furniturebox, I regularly go on (and on) about TEXTURE in our homes. Velvet has to be one of the most tactile fabrics available in interiors right now. Soft to the touch and available in a variety of finishes - from crushed, matte, deep pile, or embossed to interwoven, this sumptuous fabric adds an indulgence that not only looks gorgeous but can survive family life, parties and pets! It literally goes with any other fabric or surface. You can use it to add a pop of colour and texture to any room, it’s versatility has secured its place as a popular choice for interiors and it is here for the long haul!

A textured pink armchair next to a fireplace
This gorgeous velvet chair adds an important pop of colour and texture. Image credit: newhomesforsale.co.uk on Pinterest


The velvets of old were made from silk (hence the cost). Later there were cotton versions available, making it a little more affordable. Nowadays there are synthetic versions - bingo! Now we’re talking! Now we can cover anything in it at an affordable price! But hang on, I hear you say, isn’t velvet a material in its own right? How can it be made of different materials? Well actually the term velvet describes the structure and weave of the fabric, not the actual material itself, so it can be made from any fibre and still be called velvet. Similarly, carpets can be made of wool or synthetic materials but still called carpet. You get the idea.


The more affordable synthetic velvets are pretty life-proof as they’re typically polyester based. Easy to clean and durable, dirt or spills can often be lifted by leaving them to dry and gently brushing or vacuuming off. If that doesn’t work, try sponging with the bubbles from a bowl of soapy warm water and patting dry with a cloth. My top tip is to have a lint roller handy if you have purchased a dark green velvet sofa and a black and white cat (yes, I actually did that and yes I have googled ‘can you dye cat hair dark green’). Always check the label before attempting to clean.


Whether you’re a fan of the minimalist look or you go all out for a maximalist style, velvet has a place in any interior. You can add velvet soft furnishings in the muted palette of a bright modern interior to add texture and luxury. Or how about styling your dining room with some gorgeous velvet dining chairs or an occasional bench or stool to inject some personality and glamour to a room? Whatever your style, velvet furniture is an investment. I think it will be here for the long run. 

The Pesaro velvet chair in black
Our Pesaro Velvet Chair - perfect for adding some luxury to your dining room