Which Rooms Make The Most Money On Instagram?

Which Rooms Make The Most Money On Instagram?

5th Nov 2021

Posted by Seeker on 5th Nov 2021

Home influencer accounts on Instagram have totally changed how we consume interior design, trends and general home inspiration. Instead of trawling through home magazines, most of us will head to our trusty network of Instagram interior design influencers to see how we can spruce up our homes. 

And now, having a home decor influencer Instagram account could be a full-time job, as influencers across the globe are using their curated lives as a way to make big bucks. Which led us to the question: how profitable is our interior style online? 

We set out to uncover which rooms make the most money on Instagram, and the rooms which, when well-styled, could become a lucrative side hustle for you! 

So, to find out which rooms bring in the most earning potential, the Furniturebox team analysed 25 of the top interior design Instagram influencers, such as Mrs Hinch, Marie Kondo and Mad About The House, and evaluated their content from January 2019 - October 2021 to see which rooms featured the most on their feed and earned the most money. This was then used to calculate an estimated total earning per room, per year for each influencer, showcasing the jaw-dropping total earnings across the accounts and shed some light on the potential average earnings per room. Let’s take a look!

The Rooms That Make The Most Money On Instagram

An infographic to show which room makes the most money on Instagram following a review of 25 top interior design Instagram influencers.

In the top spot as the most photogenic and, more importantly, the most profitable room featured on Instagram is the living room, making over 1 million pounds per year for the top 25 influencers analysed! 

Yes, it looks like a scattered throw, coffee table and sofa is worth a lot more than just good vibes for home design influencers online. The analysis reviewed 1,766 photographs of living rooms across the 25 accounts that were posted in the 32-month window under review. In that time period, these living room snaps are estimated to have made a collective total of £4,147,501 for the group of influencers, the equivalent of £1,555,313 per year. 

On average, a year's worth of living room snaps has the potential to make each interior design Instagram influencer a cool £62,213 per year. 

The analysis noted that a key feature of these top-earning living room photographs was a well-dressed sofa, often featuring an array of cushions and throws to give the room some added personality.  

In second place is the kitchen, or the heart of the home, which makes a total of £946,787 per year across the 25 accounts, equating to an average potential earning of £37,871 per year. Surprisingly, snaps of kitchens were more popular than the dining room or bedroom, which are typically more aesthetically pleasing. Yet, the central room to a home, the warming kitchen stormed to second place, with many images highlighting sparkling sinks, kitchen shelves and countertop details. 

Bedrooms came in third place, with a total of £827,714 made per year for the top influencer accounts, and the dining room secured fourth position totalling £782,639 per year, equating to £31,305 per influencer, per year. Dining room images were some of the most compelling images found in the analysis, with the main focus drawing to interesting and beautifully dressed dining room table sets, fit for family and friends to gather around. One of the most popular dining room images was the seasonal dressing of the dining table, from Christmas layouts to summer party table details, the detail of the dining table really draws the eye. 

Across all six of the main rooms analysed, an eye-watering total yearly estimate of £4,620,143 will be made across the top 25 home influencer accounts, purely attributed to images of these key rooms, proving that it sure does pay to be stylish!

How Much Money Do Instagram Influencers Make Per Post?

Data from the Instagram Money Calculator revealed the estimated average earnings per post for each home influencer. Of the 25 Instagram interior design influencers, the top 10 earners per post are:

InfluencerInstagram HandleInstagram FollowingAverage Earning Per Post (£)
Stacey Solomon@staceysolomon4.7m9,242
Mrs Hinch@mrshinchhome4.1m8,116
Marie Kondo@mariekondo4m7,805
Syd and Shea McGee@studiomcgee3.1m6,057
Kelly Wearstler@kellywearstler1.7m3,384
Galey Alix@galeyalix1.6m3,102
Amber Lewis@amberinteriors1.5m2,954
Becki Owens@beckiowens1.4m2,814
Emily Henderson@em_henderson952k2,760
Angela Rose@angelarosehome1.3m2,686

But how does this translate to the rooms featured in their homes?

Table showing the earnings per room for the top 10 Instagram interior design influencers.

Taking a closer look at some of our best-loved Instagram interior design influencers shows that per year, Mrs Hinch makes £15,210 on dining room pictures and £33,463 on living room snaps:

Mrs Hinch Estimated Earnings Per Room Per Year (£)

RoomEarnings Per Year (£)
Living Room33,464
Dining Room15,211

The gorgeous contemporary, monochrome Hinch House is bringing in an estimated £85,181 per year for the family, just based on the earning potential of five (there’s no study in the Hinch household) key rooms in their home.  
Have you been inspired to turn your interior style into a profitable side hustle by starting your own interior design Instagram account? Polish up your own dining room, living room and bedroom to start your very own home influencer platform!

Top Interior Design Instagram Influencers Per Room

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, or perhaps inspired to start your own home influencer account, then you’re going to need some top-notch inspiration. Whether you want to make bathtub styling your thing or you need a new dining room design, we’ve got your inspiration covered as the analysis also reveals the top home decor influencers per room. 

The top interior design Instagram influencers per room, with the highest number of photos of each room from the analysis, are:

Dining Room

InfluencerInfluencer HandleNo. Posts Per Room (Jan 2019-Oct 2021)
Niki Brantmark@myscandinavianhome153
Amber Lewis@amberinteriors127
Emily Henderson@em_henderson124

Living Room

InfluencerInfluencer HandleNo. Posts Per Room (Jan 2019-Oct 2021)
Amber Lewis@amberinteriors256
Emily Henderson@em_henderson223
Syd and Shea McGee@studiomcgee187


InfluencerInfluencer HandleNo. Posts Per Room (Jan 2019-Oct 2021)
Becki Owens@beckiowens220
Syd and Shea McGee@studiomcgee135
Amber Lewis@amberinteriors129


InfluencerInfluencer HandleNo. Posts Per Room (Jan 2019-Oct 2021)
Emily Henderson@em_henderson130
Syd and Shea McGee@studiomcgee118
Amber Lewis@amberinteriors108


InfluencerInfluencer HandleNo. Posts Per Room (Jan 2019-Oct 2021)
Emily Henderson@em_henderson42
Niki Brantmark@myscandinavianhome37


InfluencerInfluencer HandleNo. Posts Per Room (Jan 2019-Oct 2021)
Katie Woods@comedowntothewoods68
Amber Lewis@amberinteriors59
Becki Owens@beckiowens58


We analysed 25 of the top interior design Instagram accounts to see which of the main six rooms found in our homes (living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, study) makes the most money on Instagram. 

The 25 home influencers were selected from a seed list review. The influencer's estimated earnings per post were found through the Instagram Money Calculator tool, this was then used to find the average earnings per post and converted to GBP. 

We then analysed each account and counted the number of Instagram feed photos on each influencer profile of the main six rooms selected, the image data collection was taken from January 2019 - October 13/14th 2021 (present-day, date of collection). 

The number of photos per room was then multiplied by the average earning per post to reveal the earnings made per room. We also uncovered the estimated earnings made per room, per year for each influencer. To find this, the earnings per room were divided by 32 (no. of months collected) then multiplied by 12 for an annual figure. 

Data collected and analysed October 2021.