Valentine’s Day Table Decor Ideas

Valentine’s Day Table Decor Ideas

7th Feb 2022

Posted by Alice Ewens on 7th Feb 2022

This week we’re all about Valentine’s Day table decor - awesome tips and inspo for getting your dinner table looking stunning.  

Look, we know it’s just a day, and a commercialised one at that. We know you don’t need to wait ‘til one day of the year to show your special person that you love them. And, if you’re single, it can all be a bit annoying or downright depressing. BUT – hear us out. What if you could make it a luxurious experience that feels special, personal, and meaningful? Even– yes, even – if you’re single. We’re talking romantic Valentine’s Day table decor that can be for your partner, for your pals, your family or just for you to sip a glass of something lush and feel like royalty. We are here for ALL the candles and flowers - gorgeous and fail-safe ways to make your table feel decadent - but we can do you a few better than that.

Valentine’s Day Table Decor Tip #1: Nail The Basics (Your Table Settings)

Let’s start with some solid foundations. If you’re opting for a nice meal at home (cook it, Deliveroo it, we won’t judge!), having a nice table setting to eat from sets the tone. You can go full-blown fine dining with the salad forks if you want to, but some matching crockery and cutlery will go far. Visually pleasing and neat can make your table feel special.

For a bit of a fancier set-up, consider placemats, charger plates, a dinner plate and a bowl. Maybe napkins in napkin rings? Think: similar to Christmas Day special table settings but with more romantic colours and themes. Or, just some fancy cutlery, some gleaming wine glasses and a neat placemat under your favourite plates.

@hannahs.home.styling has opted for a pink and gold scheme, picking out the rose-gold splashes in their wallpaper. Gold placemats and pink crockery look stunning with the rose-gold wine and water glasses here.

@myberkelyhome has opted for rustic placemats with gold tones, crisp white plates and napkins with gold cutlery and cut-glass tumblers for a really elegant and un-fussy look.

Valentine’s Day Table Decor Tip #2: Pick A Colour Scheme

Now, this pretty much goes for all interior design stuff, but selecting a colour scheme and/or palette helps create a cohesive look. You can reflect colours already present in your room or accessories, or contrast with them. This can also apply to materials and textures. Similar, complementing tones and textures create a calm style. Contrasting colours and textures create drama and high energy. Either works for a Valentine's look in our book! When it comes to romantic colour palettes, the world is your oyster.

Metallics, jewel tones and high-contrast give a feeling of dramatic opulence. Neutral shades, pinks and reds, blushes, greys, whites and natural materials are softer and more romantic, even when coupled with metallics.

This is a great example of working with similar shades/textures. The table decorations in gold complement the gold in the chair legs. The pink and dusky red of flowers go so well with grey, and are also reflected in other flowers on shelves. A real 'soft romance' look.

This is a gorgeous example of high-contrast with colours and textures creating a really sexy but elegant look right down to the napkins and napkin rings.

Both @athomewithkirsty and @loh_lifestyle show how neutral shades and white flowers look stunning paired with pops of red.

Valentine’s Day Table Decor Tip #3: Kick It Up A Notch With Accessories

Of course, if you do want to go all out, we are here for it! When selecting accessories for your dining table, remember the colour palette theory we mentioned above for complementing or contrasting colours/textures.

Effortlessly Chic And Simple

@no10interirors has matched their table tray and accessories to the table, chair and wall colours of gold and white. This is so classy and romantic. We love it.

On-Brand For Valentine's - Petals, Chocs, Champers, Balloons...

Does anything say Valentine's Day more than rose petals, hearts and teddy bears? All four of these customers below have served their A-game with their traditional on-brand Valentine's Day decor!

Gorgeously Romantic Table Scapes – Garlands of roses, candles, sparkles

How about a tablescape? Tablescapes are like landscapes on your table. You can achieve this with lots of accessories that look nice together. Long garlands also create a really stunning look with less fiddling around. Both these customers below have opted for one of our Atlanta white high-gloss tables and styled them with stunning floral garland tablescapes and candles for a super-romantic banquet vibe.

Valentine’s Day Table Décor Tip #4: Alternative Valentines Ideas (it doesn’t even have to be about romance!)

Like we said at the start, Valentine’s Day can put a lot of focus on a romantic night-time dinner for 2 (in fact, we wrote a whole other blog on that!). But there are absolutely other ways of doing things.

Romantic Breakfast

Why not share a gorgeous breakfast together instead (as well as?!). Whether you go for something fancy, or toast and coffee, anything will feel special if it’s presented nicely! @home_by_pary has really gone all out with this phenomenal spread, but notice the colours that pop here – the orange, the dusky plum-purples, the grey and golds. A really sumptuous feast on a simple background.

Make It A Family Affair

Valentines doesn’t just have to be for a significant other. You can celebrate love in general, for your friends and family. @loh_lifestyle decided to throw a family Valentine’s tea party with this stunning tablescape that’s giving us winter-wonderland meets Mad Hatter’s Tea Party vibes. What a lovely way to share Valentine's with all the important people in your life!

Cake and Cocktails with your Pals

If you’ve never heard of the term 'Galentine’s', let us educate you! It was first mentioned in the show 'Parks and Recreation', but essentially it’s a celebration of your love for your besties (doesn’t have to just be for the girls). And we LOVE this. Cake and cocktails would be a perfect way to celebrate those ride-or-die BFFs. @mrsmclaughlin_home has kept the table decor classic, in greys, whites and chromes to match the table, chairs and room palette. That’s then reflected in the accents of the yummy goodies on display, with some vibrant pops of red and pink.

Are You Dressing Your Furniturebox Table For Valentine’s Day?

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