Ultimate Dining Chair Buying Guide

Ultimate Dining Chair Buying Guide

23rd Oct 2020

Posted by Kayla Wilson on 23rd Oct 2020

You've chosen your perfect dining table and you know how many seats you need so now it's time to choose your dining chairs. There's loads of choice from the design to the fabric and the chair legs, so here's a guide to choosing the right dining chairs for you.

Dining Chair Materials Available

There's two areas here to consider...the fabric for the chair seat and the material for the chair legs.

Seat Fabric

For the chair fabric you want to think about maintenance and how easy they are to clean up after spills - especially if you have young children. Faux leather will require a quick wipe with a damp cloth and job done, whereas velvet and textured fabrics will need a tad more scrubbing especially to avoid staining from some foods and liquids. You should also consider your comfort needs and whether a cushioned chair might be more suitable.

A close up of faux leather dining seat material

Faux Leather Chair Seats
Contemporary look and a popular choice. Easy wipe clean with a damp cloth.

A close up of velvet dining chair material

Velvet Chair Seats
Velvet chair fabric adds texture which contrasts beautifully against the clean lines of dining tables.

Chair Leg Materials

Choosing your chair leg material is mostly about astethics and the design you like. Sprayed black legs are a subtle option which doesn't detract from the seat design where silver chrome adds a more modern look. Going for gold is great for those who are feeling brave and want their dining chairs to be statement pieces.

A black dining chair leg
A gold chrome dining chair leg
Gold Chrome
A silver chrome dining chair leg
Silver Chrome
A wooden dining chair leg

Choosing a Chair Colour

Chair colours is one area where you can consider choosing bolder colour statements to create a dramatic effect in your dining room. Accented against a simple, elegant dining table a brightly coloured or unusual design chair can really stand out.

We have a huge choice of chair designs available (read on for more on those) and a selection of colour options to suit all preferences.

black faux leather chair material up close
Black Faux Leather
grey faux leather hatch design
Elephant Grey Faux Leather
white faux leather material close up for dining chair
White Faux Leather
velvet material up close in dark grey with a hatched stitch design
Grey Velvet (Pesaro Range)

cappucino coloured faux leather material in hatched design close up
Cappucino Faux Leather
mustard yellow faux leather with hatched stitching
Mustard Faux Leather
green velvet chair material fabric up close
Green Velvet (Pesaro Range)
teal green velvet fabric for a dining chair
Teal Velvet (Pesaro Range)

Dining Chair Styles Available

Here are some of our dining chair styles which are also available in different colours so you can completely customise your dining room to suit your style. Click on the images below to see more products from the collection.

grey faux leather dining chair with strip stitching and chrome legs
grey faux leather dining chair with modern chrome legs
ultra contemporary grey dining chair design for a modern dining room
hatched stitching design on a grey faux leather dining chair
grey faux leather dining chair in a modern dining chair design with chrome legs
modern dining table chair with grey velvet fabric and silver chrome legs
modern grey dining room chair with a subtle striped stitching and chrome curved legs

We're always adding new designs to keep our dining chairs fresh and new, check out the full dining chair category to get the latest.

Dining Chair Dimensions

It's recommended that you allow for at least 30cm of space between the top of the seat and the tabletop to allow your guests to sit comfortably. For standard dining tables the common dining chair seat height is between 45 and 58cm. The seat height is the distance between the floor and the part of the chair you sit on (the seat).

You also want to ensure that the seat depth or chair depth is comfortable to allow your guests to sit back comfortably and not find themselves teetering on the edge of the seat which can dig in to the back of their thighs.

Chair Weight Capacity

Manufacturers will weight test their dining chairs as part of their safety tests. Our dining chairs are weight tested up to 130kg.

Caring for your dining chairs:
Avoid strong or abrasive cleaning products, a simple damp cloth should be enough to get your dining chairs cleaned up and looking new. For dried on or tougher stains then some washing up liquid mixed with warm water and a gentle scrub with a sponge should do the trick.

Dining chair room planner infographic

Need some more inspiration? Try our free room planner to visualise how our dining chairs will look in your dream room before adding to basket!"


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