The All Important Furniturebox Guide To Buying New Furniture

The All Important Furniturebox Guide To Buying New Furniture

28th Mar 2019

Posted by Dan Beckles on 28th Mar 2019

Whether it's moving home or giving your space a splash of newness, then Furniturebox has you covered!

We're here to give you the right advice when it comes to buying those all important pieces of furniture, to make your space your own.

So you're probably already thinking, what are these guys going to tell me about buying furniture that I don't already know? Well read on and you may find out ?

Furniture Buying Rule #1

So the most important rule when it comes to buying furniture, and this needs to be shouted from the rooftops "DOES IT FIT MY SPACE?".Oh the age old question! You may have seen our brand new stunning Florini modern dining tables below, or maybe even our shiny high gloss Apollo dining tables? Thinking this is it, this is the one that's going to make my space stand out like never before, to show off to my friends and family at our next Come Dine With Me-esque party!

Florini Dining Table with 6 Pesaro Dining Chairs in Teal

Florini V Grey Dining Table and 6 Pesaro Silver Leg Chairs

As cool and sophisticated as it looks... measure, measure and measure again! Does this magnificent piece fit my dining space? And that's not even considering the room for chairs (we have many perfect accompanying styles, Willows are a personal favourite) and not forgetting the wiggle room for carrying the all important Sunday roast!

Ask yourself, 'Do I have the space to bring it to the table with the proudness and gusto, to show all of our guests that I meant business when inviting you all here for this banquet I have made?' Well if the answer is yes, then go ahead and put that shiny dream of a dining set straight into your basket! No-one wants their meal to be "the grace of a reversing dump truck without any tyres on".

A still image from the infamous Come Dine With Me Scene, "you won Jane".

Whether it comes to a dining set, bedside table or even the classic sofa (yes our Torino sofas are as squishy as they look) then measuring is key!

No-one really wants to wait in all day for a piece of furniture that doesn't fit their space, only to have to return it back again. Save yourself money and hassle.