Our Innovative Glass Table Top Protector Keeps Your Table in Mint Condition

Our Innovative Glass Table Top Protector Keeps Your Table in Mint Condition

20th Jul 2021

Posted by Alice Ewens on 20th Jul 2021

So you’ve found the perfect dining table and want to keep it looking perfect? Then a glass table top protector might solve your problems.

What is a table top protector and why is it a good idea?

glass table top protector on top of white high-gloss dining table, with 3 faux-leather dining chairs places around it, in a white dining room
Helen (customer review photo)

A table top protector is an extra separate surface that you place over your table to act as an extra line of defence! It’s like a phone screen protector for your dining table. They are heat resistant and designed for safety. Depending on the style and materials of the protector, it can blend seamlessly into your table’s design unnoticed or be used to modernise and refresh a piece. They can come in different colours, too.

Types of Table Top Protectors

clear plastic pvc sheet
flexible PVC sheet table topper.
image: pexels
close up of edge of wooden table, with grey vinyl table protector overlaid on it.
vinyl foam-backed table topper.
image: unsplash
side view of dark wooden table with glass table top protector on top of it.
glass table topper.
image: unsplash

Table top protectors can come in a range of materials. Most common are: glass, clear Perspex, flexible clear acrylic / PVC / vinyl, and soft foam-backed vinyl.

Why We Think Glass Table Top Protector Is The Best

We got our start in the dining furniture market, so we take our tables seriously! We wanted all our high-gloss non-glass tables to have the option of adding an extra layer of protection, and settled on glass tabletop protectors because we think they’re the best option.

Our glass protectors are clear (for now – watch this space!) so they won’t detract from the style and design of your table and won’t wrinkle, warp or degrade as other table top protectors can.

Our glass table toppers are made of high quality, 8mm thick heat-treated tempered glass that can withstand even the hottest items without damaging the appearance or function of the topper.

The corner of a black table with a glass table top protector on top
image: Furniturebox UK Glass Table Top Protector

Our table toppers come with silicone non-slip pads so the glass won’t slip, and no annoying air bubbles underneath. We also think they look really smart - sleek, carefully cut and elegant. They’re also a doddle to keep clean – just a clean cloth and spray bottle of water or non-toxic water-based cleaning product will have this sparkling and streak-free in no time. The edges of our glass protectors are also gently bevelled, meaning no hard or sharp edges. We also think this adds a little extra sparkle and class to it.

How To Measure For A Glass Table Top Protector

tape measure
image: canva

It's easy to get the right fit for your table topper. Using a measuring tape, stretch the measuring tape straight across from one side to the other side of your table. Get both length and width measurements.  

Our table top protectors come in a range of sizes, fitting most of our dining table collections.

Our most popular glass table top protector is the 120cm x 70cm option.

You can buy it right here!

Other Benefits to a Glass Table Top Protector

No Compromises On Style!

You can have the dream furniture, and keep it perfect, even in a busy household or if you have kids. We know that real life isn’t Instagram. We know things get spilt, knocked, scratched… but a thick glass table top protector will keep your table surface pristine, and any of those everyday accidents can be cleaned up quickly without lasting damage to the table itself. It means you don’t have to compromise on the furniture and style you want.

family kitchen, father and son huddled around laptop, with breakfast items around them.

Protect Surfaces From Sun Damage

white high gloss dining table from Furniturebox UK, with clear glass table top protector placed on top of it. The table and 6 faux leather chairs are placed in front of a sunny window.
Dennis (customer review image)

Not only do our glass table top protectors add a layer of defence against bumps and spills, but they also protect against any potential sun damage/fading. Our high-gloss finish dining tables don’t fade, but if you want to add a glass top to an older wooden table and keep it in the family for longer, this is a great way to do it without hiding that gorgeous wood texture.

Use It As A Photo Display!

You can use your glass-topped table as a big photo frame! That’s right, you can place photos, mementoes, notes, even dried flowers under the glass layer and keep them in place. We love a creative spin on things here, especially if it creates a multi-functional piece of furniture. Dining table and memory scrapbook all in one? Absolutely!

side-on close up view of photos and cards under glass table protector surface, showing how the table topper can also be used to display mementos.

What Our Customers Say About our Glass Table Top Protectors

Our customers love our glass table toppers! We have 52 customer reviews of them with 96% of those being 5 star!

“Looks really good. Definitely worth the money. And it’s a peace of mind knowing it’s safe with children. Very pleased.”

SHARON O (Customer reivew)
dining table in sunny dining room with 6 grey faux leather dining chairs. The table has a glass table top protector on it. The french windows and garden are reflected in the table top.
Julie M (customer review image)
photo taken from above of dark dining table with glass table top protector on it. The walls and artwork of the room are reflected in the glass surface.
Pamela H (customer review image)
Black high gloss dining table with 4 grey fabric dining chairs. Glass table top protector is placed on top, with black velvet table runner and decorative accessories.
Jule R (customer review image)
glass table top protector on dining table, with vase of flowers.
Sharon O (customer review image)

“Lovely table and topper looks fab and it protects from everything! It’s like a mirror.”

pamela h (customer reivew)
White high gloss Pivero dining table from Furniturebox UK with 6 grey faux leather dining chairs, in a bright white dining room. A glass table top protector is shown placed on top of the table.
Julie M (customer review image)

Other Ways to Protect and Care for Your Table

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