Protecting Your Black Gloss Table Tops

Protecting Your Black Gloss Table Tops

9th Oct 2020

Posted by Dan Beckles on 9th Oct 2020

We've got more tips and tricks when it comes to all your interior and furniture needs. And in this addition, we're taking a look at how to keep your high gloss Furniturebox ranges in tip top shape! We've already spoken in lengths in our previous addition on the right care for your cleaning needs, when it comes to all of our ranges of glass/high gloss and leather care, in collaboration with the amazing Astonish cleaners!

However, a lot of people ask us specifically how they can care for their white and black high gloss dining tables, not realising that we actually have a brand new range of glass toppers to protect your gloss, and keep them shining for years to come. Our all new glass toppers create a stunning finish, while keeping the high gloss through transparency fully visible... have a see for yourself below!

A table topper protecting a high gloss dining room table

With a wide range of sizes available to fit any one of our size tables, and with a luxurious 8mm thick, hard tempered top for safety and durability, there really is no better way to protect your dining set. The toppers sit on silicon pads, and once positioned will not move, allowing brilliant full protection of your table. Perfect for family and everyday life, the toppers are stain proof & easy wipe/clean with all round protection for your piece of mind!

Check out our link below to order yours, along with one of our gorgeous white or black high gloss dining ranges. We promise you won't be disappointed!