Why Do We Strive For The Perfect Home?

Why Do We Strive For The Perfect Home?

9th Sep 2020

Posted by Laura Rich on 9th Sep 2020

Do you ever consider how much time you spend thinking about your home? Planning what changes to make next? Changing furniture around or replacing perfectly good cushions with new ones? Why do we strive for the perfect home? 

A beautifully decorated living room in white and cream colours
A beautiful home. Image credit @lifewithrachelrose

Basic Human Needs. Safety, Food & Warmth.

I am interested in how the spaces around us shape how we feel and why we strive for the perfect home. What benefits do we get from moulding our living spaces into projections of ourselves when our basic human needs don’t really include a visual element?

A pink and grey themed dining area
‘Nice things’ are not essential to our survival, so why do we crave them?
Image credit @hannahs.home.styling

The Science of Character.

Your home is much more than the pictures of it you share on instagram. It’s your safe space, the place you return to at the end of your working day, the place you care for family, invite friends to and it should be the place you feel most relaxed and safe. The making of a home is an endless journey isn’t it; just when we finish one room, another needs attention. And while interior design focuses mainly on the aesthetic, (following and creating trends), everyday home decor is much more science based than you might think. The real trick is being able to combine the two!

Values and Experiences

The ‘things’ you choose to display, the books on your bookshelves, the artwork on your walls, the furniture you choose, all represent your character and experiences. They are an outward symbol of your interests and values. Probably without really realising it, you display your values in the way you dress your home. Are your walls adorned with photos of your loved ones? Family is high on your values list. Perhaps your kids’ achievement awards or your own awards certificates take pride of place? Intellect and education is important to you. Maybe your sporting achievements have moulded your personality so you display trophies and medals with pride? Take a look around your home and try to see what it would tell a stranger about you. The things we choose to keep and display tell the onlooker a little about who we are and the experiences we have had.

A white and cream dining space with family photos on the walls
Check out the family orientated home of @homewiththedarlings

Creating Order.

Many of us crave order, especially in this increasingly stressful and ever-changing world, and cannot relax until our homes are clean and tidy. If your home is neat, could it be that you’ve created a safe, calm space amid the apparent disarray outside? Our homes are an extension of ourselves, they are a part of our self-definition. It’s human nature to want to belong and our homes need to be special to us. 

The spaces we live in affect the way we feel so the aesthetic value is an extension of that basic human need of feeling safe. Added to that, a beautiful interior provides both a physical warmth and also a mental one - you know that feeling you get when you step inside your front door and feel ‘home’? I would describe that as a warm feeling - home is a feeling more than it is a place.

A Family That Eats Together, Stays Together.

Finally, your home is somewhere to make and eat food (which we all love right?) and somehow cooking just feels better when you have a nice space to do it in. There is a good reason why kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.

A grey and white balloon with sold written on it
Image credit @at_home_with_the_pells. Balloon by Touch Of Class Personalised Balloons

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘a family that eats together, stays together’? Many experts report that eating meals together is a great way of spending quality time with your family. When family meals become a routine, it provides a sense of security for children, and they develop a sense of belonging towards the family. Dinner is a great time to share the day’s events with family members, promoting good communication skills and family bonding.

A dinner party leaning in to share food
A family that eats together, stays together. Image credit: Canva App

Creating A Feeling

Just like that, the aesthetic of our home acts like a big hug around those three basic needs of warmth, food and safety. And that, my friends, in my opinion, is why we strive for the perfect home. 

A living room set up using brown, grey and white colours
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