Style To Suit Your Space

Style To Suit Your Space

17th Oct 2019

Posted by Dan Beckles on 17th Oct 2019

Happy Thursday folks! One more day until the weekend, you've got this!

We all know that style is ever-changing, whether it comes to the world of interior/fashion/food/activities you name it, there's an ever changing market for it. However we do know that when it comes to designing your home, if your tastes change over the years/months/weeks or even days, it can be pricey to keep purchasing new furniture, especially if you're not feeling the silver sparkle and mustard that you've based your whole downstairs bathroom on! However, I have come up with a few tips and tricks below to make sure that your ever-changing style doesn't need to compromise your wallet and space each time!

1. Small room big ideas!

We all can't be fortunate enough to have a kitchen/dining room as big as the Kardashian's, however when you have those smaller spaces where you have to fill the room with careful consideration, then glass really is your best friend. Glass has the magical ability to make even the smallest of rooms that slight bit roomier!
The illusion through it's clarity, creates an almost invisible layer to the room, making your small kitchen / dining room space that little bit brighter and airier. This would be much different in comparison to whacking a great big black table in the room, taking all the illusion of space that glass creates. Lizzie's beautiful wee dining room here, perfectly explains why glass makes the most out of those small spaces. Here is our Selina glass and chrome table making all the difference.
A glass and chrome dining table making a dining room feel bigger

2. Using space to your advantage

I can't express how confused I get when I see a picture that someone has tagged us in, with one of our larger 6 seater tables, however they have pushed it up against the wall, and it can now only seat 3-4?... (This happens more often than you would believe). Understandably some people still want the larger table to store goods on, along with having the space to seat the family at dinner times, but they don't quite have the space to use it to it's full advantage. However there is an easy way to have your cake and eat it!

If you take one of our popular ranges of tables, per say our lovely Apollo dining table (we do this range along with many others in a 4 & 6 seater). I have seen countless people use the 6 seater as a dining table for 3-4 and use the back of the table to pop their TV or Computer, along with countless kids toys/piles of magazines, crammed up against the wall.

If you want to get the full use out of your dining table, I recommend purchasing one of our smaller 4 seater ranges, just to make sure that everyone is comfortably sat when enjoying mealtime, and using the wall space for shelving/wall storage/desk & TV space (check out this storage solution below). This needs to be compact and wall based, to make sure you get the most out of your room and more importantly, your dining space! (Not sure what company this is, just appreciate the neat idea! Got to support others ideas, but who knows, we may make this into a Furniturebox range one day