Our September Charity Of The Month: Royal Papworth Hospital Charity

Our September Charity Of The Month: Royal Papworth Hospital Charity

31st Aug 2022

Posted by Alice Ewens on 31st Aug 2022

This September, we donated £10 from every single website purchase to the Royal Papworth Hospital Charity and raised a whopping £14,330!

What Do They Do?

Royal Papworth is the UK's largest specialist cardiothoracic hospital and the country's main heart and lung transplant centre treating over 22,400 inpatient and day cases and 48,400 outpatients each year from across the UK.

The hospital relies on donations to help:

• improve the hospital environment

• provide both state-of-the-art and additional equipment as required

• develop new ways of treating cardiothoracic diseases

• support and realise the potential in our hospital’s staff

• develop and expand the hospital’s research capability

Why This One’s So Important To Us

We also have a closer connection to the hospital than most. Some of our Furniturebox family are currently relying on the support and treatment provided by Royal Papworth, and others were saved by their dedicated team of surgeons, nurses and specialists in the past.

Lisa & Freya's Story

Lisa is our Accounts Manager. In March 2022, her 16-year-old stepdaughter very suddenly suffered complete heart failure. Until that point, Freya had been a healthy, active and gregarious girl getting ready to prepare for her GCSEs, but she was very suddenly in a life-threatening situation. After being placed in an induced coma, Freya was transferred to Royal Papworth. Then, after lots of care and a lot of determination on Freya’s part, she was finally well enough to be placed on the organ transplant list in July for a heart and both lungs.

She’s still waiting.

Royal Papworth represents hope, for Freya, for Lisa, and the rest of their family. Though it has been traumatic, things would be different if it were not for the care and on-going support of all the staff and surgeons at Royal Papworth looking after Freya.

Lisa says:

“The day Freya was told she was finally well enough to go on the transplant list, she should have been going to prom. So, the nurses surprised her with lots of different dresses to choose from, make-up, tiaras, bottles of Shloer, a handmade photo frame, etc. They really go above and beyond for her. Signing the paperwork for 2 new organs & a virtual prom all in one day was a bit overwhelming for us all. I want to let everyone know that Furniturebox is supporting Royal Papworth & spread it far & wide to raise as much money as possible! I'm sure Freya would love to show her nurses, surgeons, etc too!”

Nuala & Mark's Story

Lisa and Freya are not the only members of the Furniturebox family to have needed help from Royal Papworth!

Back in 2000 our HR Manager Nuala’s son Mark was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (a type of heart disease that causes the heart chambers to thin and stretch). He was given just days to live when he and his parents arrived at Papworth in December 2000. He had his heart transplant on 13th February 2001. Like Freya, Mark was an in-patient at Royal Papworth, and has gone on to live a full and healthy life. Mark even had one of the same assisting surgeons that has been assigned to Freya – Dr. Steve Tsui!

Mark says:

“The Royal Papworth Hospital is known internationally and medically as a world centre of excellence. To know the real Papworth though you must have experienced its true greatness.

When all felt lost for myself and my family the knowledge, care and compassion of this team have facilitated a donor's heart to give me the precious chance of a second chance in life.

The medical knowledge is second to none but what makes this team differ from any other is their level of care and compassion during the most difficult circumstances. The team feels more like a family and their desire to push boundaries and excellence lives on through the many of lives saved each year.

I now strive to make the most of my life, and experience as much as I can with my family, friends and loved one but also never forget that the past 21 years would not have existed without the brilliance of Royal Papworth Hospital and my amazing donor family. I will be forever grateful to my additional family at Royal Papworth Hospital”

As you can see, the Royal Papworth Hospital Charity is really incredibly close to us and an important cause that some of our work family have or are currently directly relying on.

Every single purchase you made through September directly helps this vital service – £10 from every sale regardless of what you bought and how much you spent. We are thrilled to say we raised a total of £14,330!!

We are so grateful for your help!

Love from the Furniturebox Family, Freya, Mark and everyone at Royal Papworth!