Our Unconventional Growth

Our Unconventional Growth

15th Mar 2018

Posted by Monty on 15th Mar 2018

Open a small store, supply the locals with hand-crafted furniture. Keep the people happy and maybe you’ll grow. From there, you may open a second store. And after that, perhaps a third or maybe even a fourth. The pattern repeats and next thing, you’re one England’s main modern furniture suppliers. This was the route or at least the desired route for furnishing companies in the 20th century. And we’re sure it’s a path many pursue these days too. Us, however, we chose an alternative.

Our Alternative Path Selling Modern Furniture

We’re slowly becoming one of the UK’s favourite furnishing companies. But, as said, we didn’t go the route that most do. We did it slightly differently and we’re proud of the way we did. Perhaps the best way to explore our alternative route is to talk about the time we were declared eBay millionaires and awarded the Business of the Year award for companies generating an over 500,000 turnover. This was without a physical store, something we still don’t have.

We started out our company by doing the same process we do now but obviously a much lesser scale; selling the products on eBay to the style-hungry, bargain-driven people of Britain. It was well received. Very well received. We started generating a lot of sales and an equal amount of happy customers. For us, this was great. It was exactly what we wanted.

As time passed and as we invariably grew, we started stocking furniture elsewhere. Firstly Tesco Direct. Tesco, being the commercial giant they are, was a great for us. Our sales grew and so did our knowledge of the industry. Since then, it’s been plain sailing.

We now stock our goods on Amazon and Wayfair too. Wayfair is a particularly satisfying for us because, rather than commercial outlets, in-industry companies are now looking to conduct business with us. We see as a testament to our rapid growth without losing sight of what makes great furniture and even better customer service.

From Here

We’re looking to grow even more. Not too long back, it was just me and my business partner, Dan, running this company. We did everything. From the admin work to loading the van. Now we have two more employees and who’s to say we won’t have more soon. And to be totally frank, as we grow we’re sure we’re going to miss doing everything, but it sure is an exciting journey. Want to talk to us about any of this or perhaps one of products, give us a call. We love talking to our customers.