Halloween Preparations: From Banquets to Cauldrons

Halloween Preparations: From Banquets to Cauldrons

28th Oct 2019

Posted by Dan Beckles on 28th Oct 2019

To get you in the mood, we've come up with a few ideas to get your house ready to look the scariest in town! Here's some simple tips and tricks that are low cost while still looking ghoulishly great this October 31st!

No1 - The Spooky Banquet!

. Mummy Brie: Wrap puff pastry around brie with some simple olive eyes for an instant and effective mummified look!
A mummy brie halloween party snack
.Ghostly Pizza Slices: Make mini pizza bases with a delicious tomato topping and cut mozzarella into Casper-like shapes, for the ultimate Halloween feel & rosemary eyes.. Mmmm!
Ghost style pizza slices
. Scary-Simple Meringue Bones: Whisk egg whites into peaks. While continuously adding caster sugar to form stiff glossy peaks. Once finished, place on a baking tray and form into bone like shapes for a spooky treat! Meringue snacks in the shape of bones
Graveyard Mousse Cups: Melt 150g chocolate in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until melted. Whisk 6 egg whites into peaks, scatter 2tbsp sugar and whisk until the mixture forms stiff peaks.
Add a tablespoon of egg white to the melted chocolate and mix vigorously, so the chocolate doesn’t cool and harden. Then fold in the remaining egg whites carefully using a spatula.
Spoon in ramekins and chill. Then serve with RIP frosted shortbread!Graveyard mousse cups as a halloween snack
Zombie Boogers: A classic feast for the eyes and mouth! Grab a pack of your favourite popcorn, salty or sweet or a mix of both! Then coat fully in ghoulishly green food colouring, mixed with butter and toss until dry!Green popcorn used as a zombie booger halloween snack

No2 - The Decor!

.Ghost in the wind: These simple ghostly windsocks are the perfect easy DIY decoration, to pop outside your home to greet trick'o-treaters! All you need is one white plant pot (or painted white if you got any spare paint knocking around) sharpie a ghoulish stare and cover the inside with dangling ribbon to float in the wind. Once painted and dry, place a hole in the top of the planter, and attach string to hang up to catch a ghostly wind!Ghost windsock decorations for halloween
Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Confetti Jars: Use Mason jars to store your spider sparklers, unicorn tears, and bat wings—but with a twist. Layer each one with a coat of glow-in-the-dark goo and turn out the lights!Glow in the dark confetti jars
The Bubbling Cauldron: Make your table come to life with this witches cauldron. Fill your Halloween ice bucket with dry ice and surround with red flavoured drinks, to make your table into a witches brew! A cauldron containing dry ice that looks like it is bubbling
The Classic Spiders Web: The ever classic and easiest Halloween DIY! Grab a handful of cotton balls and pull apart into long strings that resemble spiders webs, once strung, place all over the house for an old haunted house vibe that will scare even the spider lovers! Mwahaha!
A spiders web made from cotton balls

All images inspired via Pinterest and Country Life.