Flatpack Furniture: A History

Flatpack Furniture: A History

21st Feb 2018

Posted by Monty on 21st Feb 2018

During yesteryears, furniture was crafted by hand. It took a long time. This obviously meant all pieces of furniture had a sense of craftsmanship and history to it, which was great, however, it also meant furniture had a price tag that quite simply wasn’t attainable for most. And that wasn’t the only caveat to what should be such a simple thing; back then, furniture was hard to transport due to fact you couldn’t take it apart. If you decided you wanted a piece, it could be weeks before you received it.

Furniture was an outright nuisance, so one certain innovation in the field was welcomed with open arms:

Flatpack Furniture

As somewhat alluded to, in the past furniture was inaccessible; nice looking pieces were almost exclusively for the rich, unless it was an heirloom. That all changed when Swedish IKEA employee, Gillis Lundgren, had to screw his table’s legs off to fit in his car. Supposedly when placing the legs in the car Gillis had the epiphany ‘Why can’t all furniture be like this?’. The rest was history. The fact he was employed by IKEA made the process very easy for him and them.

The innovation of flatpack furniture offered the world choice, suddenly it wasn’t so hard to imagine all types of furniture in every one of rooms. You could have a certain aesthetic in one and a different in another. To say the innovation took the world by storm is an understatement; even students could afford a desk, dining room, their own bed, and whatever else their house needed.

Our Place In This

The wave of flatpack furniture started in the mid-twentieth century. Now, here in 2018, we like to think we’re contributing something to the field. We like to think we’re pioneering.

Why do we think we’re pioneering? Well, there’s one issue with flatpack furniture...it’s mass produced and as most use one supplier a lot of people can end up with similar furniture. You know who we’re talking about. We’ve entered a mostly saturated industry and offered consumers the opportunity to be different. And if you want to be different you can be within a day, as that’s our delivery time. One day. Pretty impressive.

Here are some of our personal favourites within our inventory, an inventory that can make your house that little bit original

We like to think we’re changing the flat pack furniture industry with great pieces and even better service. As an industry, we deeply respect, all we want to do is better it. And we think we are. Do you? Let us know your thoughts on our inventory and service by giving us a call or by using our online contact form.