Dining Room Rug Ideas For Different Purposes

Dining Room Rug Ideas For Different Purposes

25th May 2022

Posted by Alice Ewens on 25th May 2022

Are you looking for the best dining room rug ideas from real people just like you? We've collected inspiration from our customers to show you exactly what the right rug can do for your dining space.

The age-old question of whether you should put a rug under your dining table is a heated debate - in fact, we've got a whole blog on it! - but for now let's assume that, yes, you want a rug in your dining space. But you're a little stuck on the how, why and what you can achieve with your rug. We've collected a bunch of images our customers have tagged us in and grouped them into a few categories to help out:

  1. Tie Your Dining Room Together In Complementary Shades That Blend In
  2. Create Texture & Interest That Still Blends In
  3. Contrast with The Room But Compliment It
  4. Create Zones Within Open Plan Spaces
  5. Be The Focal Point & Really Stand Out In The Room!

Before we get down to it, are you looking to buy a rug?

Dining Room Rug Ideas #1 - Blend In

A rug can really tie the whole room together; the final finishing touch that roots the table and chairs within the room. A rug can also add some warmth underfoot if you've got wood, laminate or lino. Both of these examples show rugs that, while patterned, seamlessly blend into the floor. You almost don't notice them, and that's the point!

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Dining Room Rug Ideas #2 - Add Texture That Blends In

Both of the following examples have rugs with a more noticeable texture - shaggy rugs are deliciously snuggly underfoot! But notice that, while these rugs do stand out a bit more than those above, they still blend in with the overall colour palette of the room and tables.

Modern bright dining room with rug, and white table with 4 green velvet chairs with fold legs and round wall mirror on shaggy grey rug
Customer Review Pic - Aziza A

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Dining Room Rug Ideas #3 - Contrast With The Room

These next examples take things up a notch by creating contrast through texture and shades with the rest of the room. These rugs do still match the colour palette of the wider room.

Dining Room Rug Ideas #4 - Create Zones In Open Plan Spaces

Rugs are a great way to break up an open plan kitchen-diner or living room-diner and designate specific areas for different things. This can help create a sense of order and place in a larger open room, too!

Dining Room Rug Ideas #5 - Make A Statement!

Now, so far we've gone hard on the neutral shades of greys and whites... but rugs come in all colours (we've got a lot of coloured rugs too!). These last 4 examples have gone for statement coloured and patterned rugs that become a focal point for the room, and we love 'em!

How Will You Style Your Rug?

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