5 Dining Room Lighting Ideas To Transform Your Home

5 Dining Room Lighting Ideas To Transform Your Home

14th Sep 2021

Posted by Seeker on 14th Sep 2021

Choosing the right lighting is important for any space in your home, but when it comes to your dining room you can use lights to create the perfect atmosphere for different occasions. 

In this article, we take a look at some of the best ways to use lighting in your dining room, from bright functional ceiling lamps to cosy lights. Find out which dining room lighting ideas will suit your home.

Consider how you're using your dining room

Whether you're updating your dining room or you've just moved into somewhere new, there are a few things you should consider before choosing your dining room lighting.

Think about how much natural light the room gets and any ways in which you can maximise its potential. You can make your dining room seem brighter by adding mirrors and painting the walls in a lighter colour to bounce around light. 

It might be that you only need one set of lights if the room is already quite well lit, but if you're using it in the evenings and not much light gets in then you'll want more lamps, ceiling lights, or dining room wall lights.

You should also consider how you use your dining room and what requirements you have for the space. For example, is it primarily for weeknight family dinners? If so, you probably want some bright overhead lighting that's easy to switch on and off. 

If your dining room also doubles as a home office then a lamp might be useful as well. But if you mostly keep the dining room for special occasions and hosting dinner parties then you might want some more subdued lighting to create an inviting atmosphere.

Dining table lighting ideas

The best way to light up your dining table is from above with a ceiling light. But there are lots of different styles and designs that you can opt for with your dining table lighting, whether you want something that blends in with the rest of the room or a statement piece that draws attention.

Chandelier lighting

Chandeliers are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your dining room, which is perfect if you want to use the space for hosting friends and family. Plus, they can provide a lot of light from several different bulbs, making the whole room feel brighter. 

And chandeliers don't necessarily have to be old fashioned and a bit dated, there are lots of modern style chandeliers and ceiling lights that create a more contemporary look.

Simple ceiling pendant lights

Simple black and gold pendant lighting for your dining room

A simple pendant ceiling light can be the ideal finishing touch for a more laidback or minimalist interior. You can have one single pendant light or a series of pendants hanging down, depending on how much light you want to add to your dining room.

Opt for a transparent glass pendant over the bulb if your dining room is quite dark — but if you want a classic look, a solid dome pendant will direct all the light down onto your dining table.

Take a look at our classic matt black and gold pendant light here

Statement pendant light

Black and gold globe ceiling light that will make a statement in a dining room

Pendant ceiling lights are also a really good way to add something eye-catching that provides a focal point for your dining room. Instead of choosing something simple, you could go for a statement pendant that provides plenty of light but also creates shapes and shadows around the room.

Make an impression with this globe pendant with six lights. 

Small dining room lighting ideas

If you've got a smaller dining room, lighting is an important way to open it up and make it feel more spacious.

Either use one single large pendant light over the dining table to keep the focus on the centre of the table or several smaller pendants. Choose a simple design that doesn't draw too much attention and lights that don't hang them too close to the dining table. If you have them too low, or they're too big and eye-catching, it will make your space feel more cramped.

Standing lights and lamps

If your dining room is a multipurpose space, you might want to introduce different lighting options depending on how you're using it. For example, you can add in a standing light to brighten up a particular corner of the room or add a lamp to the dining table if you're going to be using it as a desk.

Lighting an open plan kitchen diner

Dining room ceiling lights over a dining table in an open plan kitchen diner
Image: Pexels

With an open plan living area, you can use your lighting to help define each space. Add ceiling lights above your dining table to create a focus on the area where you sit down to eat 

Then use spotlights or undercabinet lighting in your kitchen to make it bright enough for cooking. A standing light can help establish a divide between your dining area and living room as well. 

Lighting is an important part of creating an inviting but practical dining room. Choosing the right lighting options will ensure that you're making the most of your dining space and can help you to transform it into the perfect room for every occasion.