Social Media’s Most Popular Cleaning Influencers & How Much They Earn

Social Media’s Most Popular Cleaning Influencers & How Much They Earn

1st Jun 2022

Posted by Seeker on 1st Jun 2022

Cleanfluencers vs cleaners: how many UK cleaner’s hours could one “cleanfluencer” social media post pay for? 

Cleanfluencers (or cleaning influencers) are the new celebrity sensation taking the world by storm with satisfying cleaning videos, home hacks and the best cleaning tips and tricks. 

This new social media phenomenon hit our threads in 2018 when Mrs Hinch first rose to fame with her Instagram account dedicated to home styling and cleaning videos. Cleaning has since become a key social media genre, with the hashtags cleaninghacks, cleaningtips and cleaningmotivation gaining millions of views and posts across Instagram and TikTok. 

As the popularity of cleanfluencers continues to rise, we reviewed which cleaning stars are the most popular in 2022 to answer the question: how much does it pay to be the world's top cleanfluencer? 

To frame this investigation in a real-world comparison, our research contrasted the earnings of the top social media cleanfluencers with the earnings of the average UK cleaner. We compared the average earnings per post of each cleaning influencer with the hourly rate of a UK cleaner to see how many days of professional cleaning one social media post could pay for. Let’s dive into the data! 

Furniturebox Cleanfluencers vs Cleaners Infographic. Visualising the number of UK cleaner's days one cleaning influencer post could pay for

Are you surprised by how many cleaner days just one cleanfluencer social post could pay for? 

The Most Successful Cleaning Influencers: Cleanfluencers Who Make The Most Money On Instagram & TikTok 

The most successful British cleanfluencer, and top of the list in our analysis, is Sophie Hinchliffe (AKA Mrs Hinch). Just  one of Mrs Hinch’s fabulous Instagram posts could pay for over four months of a UK cleaner’s time, that’s 129 days of earnings. 

As the most popular cleanfluencer, Mrs Hinch has an eye-watering £9,407.29 estimated earnings per Instagram post. That’s over 3x more than the average UK monthly paycheque (£2,016 per month). So, clearly it pays to have a beautiful, clean home.  

Second on the list, and the forerunner for cleanfluencers in the States is the queen of organisation, Marie Kondo. Famous for her systematic, minimalist home style and system of decluttering, Marie Kondo’s rise to fame is earning her an average of £8,659.27 ($10,899.64) per Instagram post.   

Marie’s earnings per post are the equivalent of 119 days of UK cleaner’s time. That’s 953 hours of paid professional cleaning! 

Earning a cool £2,410.10 per Instagram post, Becky Rapinchuk, known to her Instagram fans as Clean Mama, is third on the list. Becky’s quick and easy cleaning tips have gained her 759,000 followers and her own cleaning product range. But, when it comes to Instagram, her earnings per post could cover a UK cleaner’s wage for over a month (33 days).  

Furniturebox Cleanfluencers vs Cleaners - No. 3 - Becky Rapinchuk, cleanmama

UK cleaning TV and social media sensation, Lindsy Queen of Clean, is a firm favourite on ITV’s This Morning for her useful home tips and tricks. But how does her Instagram account fair? According to our study, Lindsy has an earning potential of £844.61 per post, placing her ninth on the list of cleanfluencer highest earners. Compared to the average UK cleaner, this average payment per post is the equivalent of 12 paid days of cleaning.   

What about our top TikTok cleanfluencers? TikTok cleaning influencers are seeing a rise in popularity as viewers adore satisfying and ingenious cleaning videos on “CleanTok”. This has led to over five-billion views for the hashtag “cleaninghacks” - we clearly love a cleaning hack! 

From our most popular TikTok cleanfluencers analysed, the highest-earning cleaning TikToker is the lovely Abi McMilan, known as cleanwithabbie, who earns over one thousand pounds per post. With an earning potential of £1,213.43 per TikTok, the Liverpudlian mum of two is the fourth highest-earning cleanfluencer in our study. To put Abbie’s success into context, the earnings from one post could cover the average UK cleaner’s wages for 17 days! 

UK TikTok sensation Kayleigh Taylor (@cleanwith_kayleigh) is the second most successful TikTok cleanfluencer and ranks in position five in the overall social media review. With an earning potential of £1,085.70 per post, Kayleigh’s seamless cleaning hacks are paying their way! 

So, who is earning the most per cleaning social media post? See the top-earning cleaning influencers below: 

The Top 10 Highest Paid Cleanfluencers on Instagram & TikTok 

  1. Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome), Instagram = £9,407.29
  2. Marie Kondo (@mariekondo), Instagram = £8,659.27
  3. Becky Rapinchuk (@cleanmama), Instagram = £2,410.10
  4. Abbi McMilan (@cleanwithabbi), TikTok = £1,213.43
  5. Kayleigh Taylor (@cleanwith_kayleigh), TikTok = £1,085.70
  6. Ria Stafford (@riorganize), Instagram = £1,039.40
  7. Kathryn (@doitonadime), Instagram = £938.01
  8. Samantha Pregenzer (@simplyorganized), Instagram = £858.98
  9. Lynsey Crombie (@lynsey_queenofclean), Instagram = £844.61
  10. Danielle (@cleaningwithdanielled), TikTok = £830.24

Top Instagram Cleaning Influencers Earnings 

InfluencerAccount FollowersInfluencer Earnings RankAverage Estimated Earnings Per Post (GBP)Working Day Hourly Rate: Earnings Per Hours Per Post (8hrs)UK Average Hourly Rate for a CleanerNo. of UK Cleaners Hours One Influencer Post Could Pay ForNo. of UK Cleaners Days One Influencer Post Could Pay For (8h/day)
Sophie Hinchliffe4,400,0001£9,407.29£1,175.919.121031.50129
Marie Kondo4,000,0002£8,659.27£1,082.419.12949.48119
Becky Rapinchuk759,0003£2,410.10£301.269.12264.2733
Ria Stafford327,0004£1,039.40£129.929.12113.9714
Samantha Pregenzer270,0006£858.98£107.379.1294.1912
Lynsey Crombie266,0007£844.61£105.589.1292.6112
Toni Hammersley255,0008£811.88£101.499.1289.0211
Gemma Bray237,0009£753.60£94.209.1282.6310
Danielle Dixon236,00010£748.81£93.609.1282.1110
Nicola Lewis178,00011£566.00£70.759.1262.068
Iryna Federico143,00012£456.63£57.089.1250.076
Melissa Maker124,00013£395.16£49.409.1243.335

Instagram remains the most popular and highest paying platform for cleaning influencers, with a total influencer earning potential of £27,889.76 per post across the top 13 most popular cleanfluencers. This could pay for 3,058 hours of cleaning based on the average UK cleaner's salary. That’s 382 days of UK professional cleaning, covered by just 13 cleaning influencer Instagram posts.  

When comparing the influencers, Mrs Hinch (the top earner) earns over £9,000 more than the lowest-earning Instagram influencer, Melissa Maker. Mrs Hinch also earns 8% more per post than the second-highest-ranking cleanfluencer, Marie Condo. 

Top TikTok Cleaning Influencers Earnings 

InfluencerAccount FollowersInfluencer Earnings RankAverage Estimated Earnings Per Post (GBP)Working Day Hourly Rate: Earnings Per Hours Per Post (8hrs)UK Average Hourly Rate for a CleanerNo. of UK Cleaners Hours One Influencer Post Could Pay ForNo. of UK Cleaners Days One Influencer Post Could Pay For (8h/day)
Abbi McMilan1,900,0001£1,213.43£151.689.12132.8917
Kayleigh Taylor1,700,0002£1,085.70£135.719.12118.9015
Jessica Haizman1,200,0004£766.38£95.809.1283.9310
Melinda Amalia229,5006£146.89£18.369.1216.092
Sarah Levasseur120,0008£76.64£9.589.128.391
Danielle Dixon110,5009£69.29£8.669.127.591
Lynsey Crombie61,80010£38.96£4.879.124.271
Lisa Jacobs46,20012£29.38£3.679.123.220
Nicola Lewis6,23013£3.83£0.489.120.420

TikTok’s cleaning popularity is growing and the 13 TikTokers we reviewed have a totally per-post earning potential of £4,633.47 which could pay for over two months of UK cleaners time (63 days). 

When comparing the highest-earning TikTok cleanfluencer, Abbie McMilian (£1,213.43), with the highest-earning Instagram cleanfluencer, Mrs Hinch (£9,407.29), there is an £8,193.86 difference. The highest TikTok influencer’s earnings per post are only 12% of Mrs Hinch’s earnings per post. 

Across both Instagram and TikTok, our favourite cleaning social media stars are making a total pay per post of £32,523.23. This total cleanfluencer earning is the equivalent of 446 days of work for UK cleaners - that's over a year and two months of non-stop cleaning! 

Our Most-Loved Cleaning Influencers

The secret behind most cleaning influencers’ success and popularity is their relatability, useful cleaning hacks and overall willingness to let us into their homes. Our favourite social media cleaning personalities let us into their dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and more to show real-life cleaning tips – that’s why we love them! 

So, which social media cleaning influencers have the highest number of followers?   

The Top 10 Most Followed Cleaning Influencers on Instagram & TikTok 

  1. Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome) = 4,400,000 Instagram followers
  2. Marie Kondo (@mariekondo) = 4,000,000 Instagram followers
  3. Abbi McMilan (@cleanwithabbi) = 1,900,000 TikTok followers
  4. Kayleigh Taylor (@cleanwith_kayleigh) = 1,700,000 TikTok followers
  5. Danielle (@cleaningwithdanielled) = 1,300,000 TikTok followers
  6. Jessica Haizman (@jessicahaizman) = 1,200,000 TikTok followers
  7. Becky Rapinchuk (@cleanmama) = 759,000 Instagram followers
  8. Chloe (@cleanitwithchlo) = 337,700 TikTok followers
  9. Ria Stafford (@riorganize) = 327,000 Instagram followers
  10. Kathryn (@doitonadime) = 295,000 Instagram followers


We set out to reveal the earning differences between cleaning influencers and working cleaners in the UK. To do this, the top Instagram and TikTok "cleanfluencers" were sourced from seedlists and their name, handle and followers were recorded. 

The Influencer Marketing tools for earnings for Instagram and TikTok were then used to show the estimated earnings per post and average earnings per post were calculated. This was then divided by 8 (the average working day length) to find out the influencer's hourly rate for a working day. The UK average hourly rate for a cleaner was then sourced from Payscale

Then the sum of "Influencer average estimated earnings per post/average hourly rate for a cleaner" was used to work out the equivalent number of cleaner's hours one influencer's Instagram or TikTok post could pay for. 

Data analysed May 2022. 

Image Licensing 

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