Christmas brain teaser: can you find all of the gifts in our Christmas scene? 

Celebrations might be a bit different this year but you can still have some festive fun trying to solve our Christmas brain teaser below. 

In our puzzle, Santa is still trying to get all his presents delivered in time for Christmas, but he’s been using his magic to throw them down the chimney and unfortunately, his aim was just a bit off this time. The presents didn’t quite land neatly under the tree. Amongst the furniture and the Christmas decorations, there are six presents that need to be found. 

Can you solve this brain teaser picture and spot all six presents hidden around the living room in under 90 seconds?

Here's why we wanted to create something fun and seasonal this year:

“Turns out that travel restrictions don’t apply to Santa as he flies so fast and travels at night when everyone is asleep, so he can visit as usual (thank goodness!). But he won’t be able to come down the chimney and into people’s homes because of social distancing rules. So we wanted to give kids and adults alike a heads up as to what their living room might look like as Santa launches his gifts from the rooftops.” — Monty George, co-founder of Furniturebox 

“As life at home carries on, we wanted to create a bit of festive fun for people, who are undoubtedly hoping they can spend Christmas with their loved ones. I know I’m reflecting on Christmases gone by, with the whole family huddled around a dining table, elbows glued to our waists as we tuck into a roast. At Christmas, family (and furniture) matters.” — Dan Beckles, co-founder of Furniturebox.

Think you’ve managed to find all the missing presents in the brain teaser picture? Check where they’re hidden below: 

Even if we’re not cramming as many people on to our sofa this year, or fighting to sit on the armchair closest to the tree and presents, our living room is still going to be at the centre of Christmas day. This festive brain teaser is a reminder of all the fun and excitement Christmas involves as well as those last minute panics over whether we’ve got enough food or dining chairs for everyone.