Ancient Greece Aesthetic: The Hot New Interiors Trend

23rd Feb 2022

Posted by Alice Ewens on 23rd Feb 2022

The ancient Greece aesthetic is making waves in interior design. This week we dive into all things Classical and Hellenistic for your home.

Greece is the word!

This new trend right out of the ancient world is already on the rise and it’s not hard to see why. It builds nicely off the back of the all-white and grey interiors that have been really popular over the last few years, but with a nostalgic, rustic touch. Lots of white, marble, stone and concrete finishes, with columns, plinths and structural elements. Fortunately for you, we’ve got all sorts of that right here at Furniturebox!

Pinterest is billing this growing trend as the “Hellenistic Revival” (‘Hellenistic’ means the ancient Greek world, from the word Helles which is what the ancient Greeks used to call Greece). Lots of people are checking out ancient Greek-inspired décor and we are here for it! This style is becoming popular for a number of reasons:

  • It’s minimalist, clean and fresh, bringing in the light and building off already-popular trends of white interiors.
  • This style is about bringing a touch of the natural world indoors with stone and concrete finishes.
  • It’s about the feeling that Greece inspires – warmer, happier, more relaxed times. Bringing a bit of escapism into the home after a few years of being stuck indoors isn’t hard to understand.
  • It’s about classical history; those ancient Greeks knew their stuff, from literature to philosophy, sciences, art and theatre. Having a few pieces in your home that have those smarty-pants vibes can give your space an intellectual lift.
  • It can make us feel like gods and goddesses! Drape me in a toga and feed me grapes, any day!

So let’s take a look at how you can incorporate this trend into your home style.

Ancient Greece Aesthetic For Interiors Idea #1 – Make a Statement

The ancient Greeks didn’t do architecture by halves. Imposing columns, grand temples, impressive sculptures… not the sort of things that disappeared into the background, were they? Inject a dose of stunning classical architecture with a statement dining table. Columns and plinths with marble or stone effect finishes will tick the box.

statement dining table with marble-effect top and ancient greece inspired plinth leg. Sits on blue and yellow rug, with matching console in the background.
Funriturebox Studio

Our Athens table is called that for a reason; the design is inspired by the Parthenon temple in Athens, with its striking columns and triangular shapes. This is the white marble version (with the matching console table in the background). It also comes in a range of finishes for the top: both white and black marble effect, stone, concrete, and elegant plain white gloss.

We have console and coffee tables to match all finishes that will complete your ancient Greece aesthetic look!

Ancient Greece Aesthetic For Interiors Idea #2 – Natural Stone Effects

The Greeks did a lot of building and sculpting out of eye-catching stone. Bringing these materials into your interior design is a great way to get some foundations for a few classic Hellenistic home touches.

Concrete and stone effect coffee tables with some well-chosen accessories will look fab!

console table with white marble effect top and silver legs, with ancient greece inspired accessories and large round mirror behind.
Furniturebox Studio

This is our Kylo console table with white marble-effect top.

stone effect round coffee table
Furniturebox Studio

Here's our popular Palma coffee table with the beige stone-effect top.

Ancient Greece Aesthetic For Interiors Idea #3 – Dress To Impress

Soft furnishings and finishing touches can really bring a style together. We’ve already shown you how a few well-chosen accessories paired with ancient Greece-inspired materials in your furniture can create a fab look, but here are a few other ideas:

large window style mirror in gold arch frame.
Furniturebox Studio

Our Zeus gold window mirror has that classical Greek arch shape, with geometric lines. It looks great with a gold Greek statue ornament!

Here, our Imperia white gloss table with its two striking columns has been dressed with a gorgeous linen table cloth that gives it extra Greecian vibes.

How Are You Bringing Ancient Greece Into Your Home?

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