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  • Furniturebox: Flexible For The Future


    Here at Furniturebox, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and support. With us, the customer needs to be happy otherwise we’re simply not satisfied. We might be a small team, but we are always on hand to help out with your queries. Our high-quality products and fast, impressive service is what makes our customers happy. Now, we’ve got a new addition to our team to help us progress with our achievements - our new bendy forklift!

    We’re based in Wiltshire, where our flat pack furniture is stocked and sent out daily. The new forklift simply has to get a mention, it has much higher reach for our newer and bigger warehouse. With more stock, more tools and more staff, we’re growing every day, meaning we’re exceeding further as a company.

    What else has changed?

    Improved customer service! Not only do we have the fancy forklift to access the stock more efficiently, we’ve now brought Sarah on board as a customer service assistant. Meaning that somebody is always available to handle your enquiries, making your journey with us a quick and reliable one. Within just one day, you could’ve ordered and received your chosen piece of furniture!

    Stockists are expanding! Wayfair - one of the world's largest online home stores has now started stocking Furniturebox products. We're over the moon to have an average product rating as 4.7/5 stars. We’re only looking to improve upon this. As well as Wayfair, you can find our modern furniture range on the following platforms...

    furniturebox stockists

    Our hottest products right now?

    Our top trending products are the must-haves. Not just because of their quality, but because each piece of furniture that we provide comes hand in hand with impeccable service. If you do fancy checking out any of the pieces below, don’t forget, we offer a FREE next day delivery service.

    The Diamond Mirror Bedside Table

    Mirrored furniture has proven to be a top trend, and this stylish side table can be placed anywhere you fancy. As it’s not just stunning to look at, it provides an unsurpassed elegance. It stands out from the crowd.

    mirror bedside table furniturebox

    The Alexis Coffee Table

    This piece is the epitome of modern. High gloss blended with glass to offer a simplistic, minimalistic masterpiece. Working as a fantastic living focal point, there’s even space for storage.

    modern white and black coffee table

    The Giovani Diner

    With tinted black glass, contemporary black dining chairs and a striking overall look, this dining table is a faultless addition to any forward-thinking home. It’s simply a set that makes you go ‘wow’. We’re proud to have it as part of our dining furniture collection.

    modern glass dining table

    The Rotating Computer Desk

    This practical desk has a high gloss finish, is visually attractive and boasts incredibly practical storage usage. With a rotating shelf, you can fit this workstation into any modern setting, it makes for a perfect home office. Let the productivity begin!

    rotating computer desk

    Our plans for the future? To keep providing you, our loyal customers with modernistic, affordable, fast-arriving furniture that makes a real difference to your living surroundings.

    Furniture isn’t just furniture. It makes your home feel lived in and it represents your unique style. With Furniturebox - your dining table set or office chair will arrive the very next day. Before you know it, you’ve easily assembled your new item and you’ve transformed your living space!

    Don’t forget to check back in to discover new products, and thank you for reading...

    Monty, Dan, Trudie and Sarah

  • Welcome to the Team, Sarah!

    Sarah Cope has just started with us as our order processing and customer service assistant. Here you can learn a little about her and her new role with the Furniture Box team. Over to you, Sarah...

    From left to right: Dan Beckles (Company Director), Trudie Rowland (Senior Sales/Communications Executive), Sarah Cope (Orders & Customer service processor) and Monty George (Founder/Director)

    Furniture Box

    This is my 5th week working with the team at Furniture Box, and wow what a fast and enjoyable five weeks it has been!

    I previously worked for an Engineering company which produced components for the oil and gas industry and medical services; I was there for 7 years mainly in the office doing administration but also helping with despatch. Although I really enjoyed this job, I was looking for a new challenge.

    Monty and Dan were looking for someone to join Trudie in the office and here I am!

    How's It Been Since You Got Here?

    I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming start; flowers and a meal at our local Indian restaurant! I feel as if I have I’m part of the furniture already.

    I can honestly say the service customers receive is second to none. Every customer is treated as an individual with all needs and requests dealt with promptly and with a personal touch.

    The products we sell are stunning, great quality, and go for an economical price! My daughter already has her eye on the orange racing chair! We use these chairs in the office so I can vouch for their comfort.

    I am looking forward to an exciting busy time ahead of me learning and developing my knowledge of our products.

  • Our Unconventional Growth

    Open a small store, supply the locals with hand-crafted furniture. Keep the people happy and maybe you’ll grow. From there, you may open a second store. And after that, perhaps a third or maybe even a fourth. The pattern repeats and next thing, you’re one England’s main modern furniture suppliers. This was the route or at least the desired route for furnishing companies in the 20th century. And we’re sure it’s a path many pursue these days too. Us, however, we chose an alternative.

    modern furniture

    Our Alternative Path Selling Modern Furniture

    We’re slowly becoming one of the UK’s favourite furnishing companies. But, as said, we didn’t go the route that most do. We did it slightly differently and we’re proud of the way we did. Perhaps the best way to explore our alternative route is to talk about the time we were declared eBay millionaires and awarded the Business of the Year award for companies generating an over 500,000 turnover. This was without a physical store, something we still don’t have.

    We started out our company by doing the same process we do now but obviously a much lesser scale; selling the products on eBay to the style-hungry, bargain-driven people of Britain. It was well received. Very well received. We started generating a lot of sales and an equal amount of happy customers. For us, this was great. It was exactly what we wanted.

    As time passed and as we invariably grew, we started stocking furniture elsewhere. Firstly Tesco Direct. Tesco, being the commercial giant they are, was a great for us. Our sales grew and so did our knowledge of the industry. Since then, it’s been plain sailing.

    We now stock our goods on Amazon and Wayfair too. Wayfair is a particularly satisfying for us because, rather than commercial outlets, in-industry companies are now looking to conduct business with us. We see as a testament to our rapid growth without losing sight of what makes great furniture and even better customer service.

    From Here

    We’re looking to grow even more. Not too long back, it was just me and my business partner, Dan, running this company. We did everything. From the admin work to loading the van. Now we have two more employees and who’s to say we won’t have more soon. And to be totally frank, as we grow we’re sure we’re going to miss doing everything, but it sure is an exciting journey. Want to talk to us about any of this or perhaps one of products, give us a call. We love talking to our customers.

  • Flat Pack Furniture: A History

    During yesteryears, furniture was crafted by hand. It took a long time. This obviously meant all pieces of furniture had a sense of craftsmanship and history to it, which was great, however, it also meant furniture had a price tag that quite simply wasn’t attainable for most. And that wasn’t the only caveat to what should be such a simple thing; back then, furniture was hard to transport due to fact you couldn’t take it apart. If you decided you wanted a piece, it could be weeks before you received it.

    Furniture was an outright nuisance, so one certain innovation in the field was welcomed with open arms:

    Flat Pack Furniture

    As somewhat alluded to, in the past furniture was inaccessible; nice looking pieces were almost exclusively for the rich, unless it was an heirloom. That all changed when Swedish IKEA employee, Gillis Lundgren, had to screw his table’s legs off to fit in his car. Supposedly when placing the legs in the car Gillis had the epiphany ‘Why can’t all furniture be like this?’. The rest was history. The fact he was employed by IKEA made the process very easy for him and them.

    The innovation of flat pack furniture offered the world choice, suddenly it wasn’t so hard to imagine all types of furniture in every one of rooms. You could have a certain aesthetic in one and a different in another. To say the innovation took the world by storm is an understatement; even students could afford a desk, dining room, their own bed, and whatever else their house needed.

    Our Place In This

    The wave of flat pack furniture started in the mid-twentieth century. Now, here in 2018, we like to think we’re contributing something to the field. We like to think we’re pioneering.

    Why do we think we’re pioneering? Well, there’s one issue with flat pack furniture, it’s mass produced and as most use one supplier a lot of people can end up with similar furniture. You know who we’re talking about. We’ve entered a mostly saturated industry and offered consumers the opportunity to be different. And if you want to be different you can be within a day, as that’s our delivery time. One day. Pretty impressive.

    Here are some of our personal favourites within our inventory, an inventory that can make your house that little bit original

    Sandro Living Room Furniture Set

    If you want a sleek, stylish aesthetic that many others don’t have, this set is perfect for you. Coming in at only £279 (reduced from £329), this set is a fast track to impressing those who enter your lounge. And you can have it within 1 day if ordered before 1pm. That’s the service we offer.

    Alexa Dining Table

    Unfortunately, this table doesn’t speak to you and mistakenly ordered you a dollhouse. However, it does look incredible and acts as an easy way to inject a sense of modernism into your kitchen or dining space. It’s one of our bestsellers and is priced at only £159.99. A total steal.

    Orange Hatched Office Chair

    This chair is almost out of stock. If you want it - which we’re sure you are - you’re going to have to snap it up quick. The chair will elegantly splash some creativity into your office with its outlandish orange colouring. Selling at only £80, this chair is once again a steal.

    Flat Pack Furniture

    Furniture Box

    We like to think we’re changing the flat pack furniture industry with great pieces and even better service. As an industry, we deeply respect, all we want to do is better it. And we think we are. Do you? Let us know your thoughts on our inventory and service by giving us a call or by using our online contact form.

  • Our Visit To The Furniture Trade Show - Birmingham NEC

    An unmissable event for the furniture industry, the Birmingham NEC furniture trade show features over 500 exhibitors - showcasing premium furniture, accessories, fabrics and flooring. We were thrilled to be attending!

    The early morning snowfall was a bracing start to our day as the FurnitureBox team travelled North to the show, arriving bright eyed and bushy tailed...

    Trudie At Birmingham's Trade Show

    Sales executive Trudie was eager to start browsing!

    With the hundreds of traders sourcing the latest looks and fashion in vogue for 2018, we were super excited to discover the hottest trends throughout the five halls at the trade show.

    We specialise in modern furniture, so were on the hunt for fashionable, new age pieces, particularly glass and mirrored finishes; which is a popular, contemporary look amongst our clientele.

    The latest trend in mirrored surfaces was very evident at the show! We were pleased to learn that we are already offering the most sought after, swanky pieces in this style. Just like our diamond mirror bedside table.

    Mirrored furniture spruces up any room. It adds a touch of glamour, it adds character, and it undeniably makes a room that little bit more fanciful.


    Some mirrored furniture pieces at the Trade Show

    Staying on top of modern trend: FurnitureBox

    A dining room is the perfect space in which to develop a functional living area with stunning visual aesthetic. It’s all about making it appeal to your own style. When you’re eating with family or friends, to be able to look around and think “I really love this place.”

    We cater for large and smaller spaces; whether you’re located in a studio flat or a 4 bedroomed house. Our dining furniture range includes tables, chairs and full dining sets. We are flexible to suit your taste, style and needs.

    The team at Furniturebox headed by Monty George, Daniel Beckles and Trudie who manages the sales department, sell beautiful furniture throughout the UK to customers right here from our own website, as well as through Tesco, Ebay and Amazon.

    As a market leader in the latest fashion, good quality, ample stock with next day delivery, with prompt attention to all our customers, you can view our latest ranges here.

  • 2017, What a Year

    2017: what a year. We grew more than we ever could’ve imagined; even making it to the final of the South Wiltshire Business Awards 2017 for Best Performing Company! What an honour that was. Our business is only growing and growing, and we’re ecstatic. 2018 looks to be an even better year for us - we have a whole new range coming out, which we’re very excited for you all to see! But first thing’s first, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

    2017 Christmas

    We love Christmas here at Furniture Box. The jumpers, the markets, the food! It really is a great time. We hope you enjoy it well. And well NYE, we love that too. We always try to ring in the year in style. Hopefully - with your Furniture Box styled living space - you’ll be able to throw your best party yet this year!

    We sincerely hope you enjoy your festive period. When you’re done, we’ll be here waiting for you in 2018 - with our whole new stock!

    Here’s a few of our promises for 2018

    We’ll improve your living space

    We’ve got a whole new range coming out in 2018. If you decide you want some new furniture, look no further than us! Our stylish collection will add elegance, class, and comfort to your dining space, living room, bedroom, and even your office. Our existing and new product range is the epitome of modern living. Watch this space!

    We’ll continue to bring you affordable flat-packed furniture

    Our ethos is providing the general public with affordable, great-looking furniture that gets to you as soon as possible. We ensure our products are some of the most shrewdly priced pieces on the market through low overheads and minimal marketing - who really needs to market pieces that look this good, anyhow?

    We'll build an even better relationship with our customers!

    We’ve spoken about in the past about how important our relationship with our customers is. How can we build and improve this business-client relationship? Well, we can carry on producing affordable, quality, contemporary furniture. We’ll maybe never call it business-client ever again too.

    Have a good end to 2017!

    Have a great festive period! Perhaps see the period as your furniture evaluation time: see whether chairs are comfy enough; whether the dining table looks good enough; whether the sofa is spacious enough. You can make all these judgements this Christmas, if your furniture doesn’t quite match what you want, come see us with our new stock in the coming year and order some new furniture! We’ll help you out.

    We look forward to 2018!

  • We’re Here for the Blood-Thirsty Millennials and We Love It

    Millennials are often cited as the killer-generation. We’ve killed buying houses. We’ve killed cinemas. We’ve killed the diamond industry. We’ve killed beer. To put it simply, we’ve killed a lot of things. I’m not too sure how we sleep at night.  

    This is, at least, what we’re told. Killers. Rather extreme, don’t you think? We don’t think we’re killers. When we pour our milk into our cereal (another thing we’ve supposedly killed), I don’t think we envision the gushing insides of a 1%-led industry. We think of-- well, we think of our cereal. Sometimes we don’t even think about that (that’s usually when we spill our milk).

    We’ve given birth to many industries, like for example, social media.

    We’ve even resuscitated a few industries, one being Marvel comics. In the mid-1990s, the comic book industry was at an all-time low. The came the early 2000s when Hollywood started dipping their swinging lolly into the sherbet pack that is the multi-billion superhero movie industry. Millennials loved that. Marvel’s now a juggernaut on all fronts: movies, video games, figurines, etcetera; that doesn’t like it’s going to change.

    Millennials taketh, millennials giveth.

    We’re simply attempting to debunk the notion that millennials are compassion-free islands of anti-consumerism. We’re not. We’re just investing our money elsewhere, mostly online.  Commodities such as BitCoins, the famous cryptocurrency, have risen vastly. This wave of online consumerism has paved the way for many other great things.

    Vogue Coffee Table

    Furniture Box

    It’s safe to say we’re a very millennial company. We established ourselves on eBay, not on the high street of a witch-burning village. Which would make us part of the killer-wave, which we love. We see this as being at the forefront of consumer progression.

    We, and most importantly, you, are changing the way the market is dictated.

    With us you can work a 9-5 day, let off some steam with your work pals by having a pint or two, go home and cook some food, binge a Netflix show, and then, after all that, decide you want to order a new Vogue Coffee Table (that came up naturally didn’t it? Yes, very organic SEO). Long gone are the days where’d you’d have to rush off from work and hire a van to get a Vogue Coffee Table (so organic right now). We now have online shops, open 24/7. Which of course, transfers the power from the chains to the consumer.

    TL;DR: we’re here for the millennials. We’re for the new wave of consumers who believe they should get whatever what want, exactly when they want it. This format we offer, it empowers the consumer, and we’re all about consumer power. The internet should be seen as a Robin Hood-like figure within the realms of consumerism; it has taken the power from the big brands and put it right in the hands of the consumer. 

    Choose well. Choose Furniture Box.

  • Minimalism: The Future of Interior Design

    Minimalism was conceived in post-war America. It emerged in art, and then sprawled outwards, touching every crevice of society; most notably literature and architecture. Minimalism can be defined as finding value in less: less words, less graphics, less colours, less furniture. It’s stripped back, suggestive style invigorated millions. It created a new outlet - an outlet in which many found solace in.

    Why would anyone choose a minimalist aesthetic? It must look so cold! Whilst this is a valid argument in many cases; for example, if you went to a lodge in the alps and they had a minimalist design, that wouldn’t look very good. However, if you’re looking a modern look that calms the mind, minimalistic settings are irrefutably good.

    Those who adhere to minimalism’s argument is that, in this current world, we are perpetually distressed due to the clutter/stresses we carry with us. Stresses such as work deadlines, relationship struggles, money woes. Of course, a minimalistic setting in no sense will rid of these troubles. However, it will make you be able to tackle them in a coherent, linear fashion. You’ll come home, and rather than be uneased by all the commodities (or as we like to call it.. clutter) you’ve gathered over the years, you’ll feel soothed by your humble abode.

    Furniture Box: Stockers of Minimalist Designs

    So why would an outfit, which sells furniture, be talking about a philosophy of sorts that implores less furniture? Because minimalism implores good taste. We have good taste, and you’re here, so you must do too. Well done.

    We have some of the finest furniture ever to grace these anglo lands. Our products pair amazingly with minimalism, as they’re so good you always them to be the focal point. With our products, you, quite simply, don’t need anything else. We only stock show-stealers. Here are five of our products that would look fiendishly chic in a minimalistic setting:

    The Milano Black High Gloss Coffee Table

    This high gloss coffee/kitchen table would be an eye-pleaser in any room. Due to its unsullied elegance, this table quite simply doesn’t need anything other than chairs in its proximity.

    Perfect for a minimalistic residence.

    The Milano Black High Gloss Coffee Table

    Giovani High Gloss Dining Table

    This table’s subtle design suits a minimalistic aesthetic very well. Its precise style is undeniable.

    Impress your friends with your stripped back look.

    Giovani High Gloss Dining Table

    Alberto Dining Table

    Opulent. Chic. Impressive. Simple.

    One of our personal favourites, this table is bound to make jaws drop.

    Alberto Dining Table

    Georgio Dining Table

    Industrial base, au courant surface. Serve your friends and family sumptuous dinners in a stripped back environment with this inviting table. Perfect for any minimalistic dining area.

    Georgio Dining Table

    Pivero Dining Table

    Ruthlessly minimal. This table captures your attention by offering less. As explored earlier, perfect for minimalism.

    Pivero Dining Table

    Furniture Box: Choose Well

    When it comes to minimalism you have to choose well. Don’t rush it. Spend time deciding on what you want for your space. We have a plethora of tables fit for it. Choose well. Choose Furniture Box.

  • Furniturebox’s top tips when assembling flatpack furniture

    Prepare Your Building Workspace

    Flatpack furniture can come in all shapes and sizes, but it is always important that you create an adequate space for your build. It is no good doing it in confined areas, this can lead a poor build and frustration. We always advise that if you can overcompensate, then do - just in case you need that extra space. You may need it for unforeseen things like the packing debris!

    Also be sure to protect the furniture during the build. You may want to erect your furniture on a carpet or moving pads in order to prevent scuffs or scrapes. Although careful with deep shag carpet, these can make large amounts of tiny hardware vanish – very easily done!

    We advise that all hardware Is stored in a tray at the beginning of the build so that you know where it is, the last thing you want it to lose a vital screw which could scupper the build. It is good to lay all the items out on the floor so that you are able to clearly link each piece to the instructions.

    Carefully Read & Review The Assembly Instructions

    Start by reading the instructions in order to get an idea of the process and order that the construction will happen. Many people find visualising the end result helpful, going through the process with which things are going to happen, this minimises the risk of you going wrong.

    Don’t try and be clever and skip ahead or assemble steps 7&8 before 1&2. There are sequences in place for a reason, so stick to them. Pay close attention to each piece, sometimes there are minor differences between pieces, but if you get these mixed up it can mean you have to undo what you have done.

    If in doubt request help. Not everyone is blessed with good flat pack skills so give us a call or ask a friend to give a hand.

    Do you or do you not glue units?

    There is much debate over this point and both sides are half-right. If you are new to assembly, using any glue is likely a very bad idea. Many DIY flat pack builders make the odd mistake along the way. They will put a piece in the wrong place or face it the wrong way. To correct this mistake partial dis-assembly is required.

    Glue might cause literally the destruction of some parts if disassembled. To damage a piece of furniture while assembling is quite common. If glued, you will not be able to replace that one damaged piece cheaply, you would likely have to buy the whole piece again. Therefore use glue with caution.

    Other things to consider are:

    • Will it be moved?
    • Is it structurally sound enough, even with glue?
    • Is it safe to move it, when fully assembled?
    • Will it fit through any entrance or doorway in assembled form?

    All of Furniturebox’s items do not require any glueing, therefore we advise not to. However, if you are a confident flat pack builder and want to sure something up then you are more than welcome to.

    Apply General Building principles

    If you have done any DIY construction or assembled furniture, you will be very familiar with these. Measure twice when installing cabinets, wall units, etc.

    • While building, make sure parts are correct by visually matching pieces to the pictogram.
    • Look at the number of holes, placement of holes, edges for cues.
    • Make sure pieces face in correct directions.
    • Make sure everything is flush, level and square as you build.
    • Fully tighten bolts, fasteners, cams but not before it’s all put together.
    • Do not over tighten and try not to strip threads or heads of bolts.

    If you screw up, you will need to be able to remove and re-attach these to complete your project.

    Call or message us if you need help

    If you are an inexperienced builder there may be some things that you come across which you are unsure about – there is no shame in this.

    At Furniturebox we are on hand to offer any assistance we can so simply call or email us and we will be able to help.


  • South Wiltshire Business Awards 2017 Finalist

    South Wilts Business Finalist

    We made it to the final of the South Wiltshire Business Awards 2017 for Best Performing Company.

    Furniturebox is always trying to better itself to improve our customers experience whilst also maintaining competitiveness on the market. Where we can, we also like to help within the community and as a relatively small business we like to have that personal touch!
    Furniturebox were lucky enough to be nominated for the South Wilts Business awards in two separate categories.

    The first being the NEW BUSINESS AWARD:

    ‘This Award celebrates South Wiltshire’s best performing new companies and recognises those that have exceeded their initial targets for growth and financial performance in their first TWO YEARS of trading.’

    …and the second was BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD:

    ‘The Moore Stephens Business of the Year Award recognises the best of South Wiltshire’s companies with turnover of £500,000 and above.’

    Over the last two months Furniturebox has had visits from the SWBOYA judging panel. We were asked a serious of questions which aimed to find out about many different aspects of our business. It was a process which allowed us not only to talk passionately about what we do, but also learn from the Judges invaluable experience. It gave us lots to think about, but more importantly it meant we were able to interact with the community with which we work in.

    On June 22nd two representatives of furniturebox, Monty George and Dan Beckles, went along to the awards evening at the Salisbury City Hall. It was a glamorous evening with cocktails, music, canapes and they even had ex-JLS member Ashton Merygold performing. Hundreds of other local business showed up in the hope of winning one of the handful of awards up for grabs.

    Furniturebox placed third in the NEW BUSINESS AWARD, narrowly missing out on top position by one judging point. Unfortunately we did not make the final in the BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD, however we were up against businesses with decades of experience and ones that employed hundreds of people so there was not too much disappointment.

    We hope to return next year and demonstrate further growth along with many more happy customers!

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