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  • Furniturebox’s top tips when assembling flatpack furniture

    Prepare Your Building Workspace

    Flat pack furniture can come in all shapes and sizes, but it is always important that you create an adequate space for your build. It is no good doing it in confined areas, this can lead a poor build and frustration. We always advise that if you can over compensate, then do - just in case you need that extra space. You may need it for unforeseen things like the packing debris!

    Also be sure to protect the furniture during the build. You may want to erect your furniture on a carpet or moving pads in order to prevent scuffs or scrapes. Although careful with deep shag carpet, these can make large amounts of tiny hardware vanish – very easily done!

    We advise that all hardware Is stored in a tray at the beginning of the build so that you know where it is, the last thing you want it to lose a vital screw which could scupper the build. It is good to lay all the items out on the floor so that you are able to clearly link each piece to the instructions.

    Carefully Read & Review The Assembly Instructions

    Start by reading over the instructions in order to get an idea of the process and order that the construction will happen. Many people find visualising the end result helpful, going through the process with which things are going to happen, this minimises the risk of you going wrong.

    Don’t try and be clever and skip ahead or assemble steps 7&8 before 1&2. There are sequences in place for a reason, so stick to them. Pay close attention to each piece, sometimes there are very minor differences between pieces, but if you get these mixed up it can mean you have to undo what you have done.

    If in doubt request help. Not everyone is blessed with good flat pack skills so give us a call or ask a friend to give a hand.

    Do you or do you not glue units?

    There is much debate over this point and both sides are half-right. If you are new to assembly, using any glue is likely a very bad idea. Many DIY flat pack builders make the odd mistake along the way. They will put a piece in the wrong place or face it the wrong way. To correct this mistake partial dis-assembly is required.

    Glue might cause literally the destruction of some parts if disassembled. To damage a piece of furniture while assembling is quite common. If glued, you will not be able to replace that one damaged piece cheaply, you would likely have to buy the whole piece again. Therefore use glue with caution.

    Other things to consider are:

    • Will it be moved?
    • Is it structurally sound enough, even with glue?
    • Is it safe to move it, when fully assembled?
    • Will it fit through any entrance or doorway in assembled form?

    All of Furniturebox’s items do not require any gluing, therefore we advise not to. However, if you are a confident flat pack builder and want to sure something up then you are more than welcome to.

    Apply General Building principles

    If you have done any DIY construction or assembled furniture, you will be very familiar with these. Measure twice when installing cabinets, wall units, etc.

    • While building, make sure parts are correct by visually matching pieces to the pictogram.
    • Look at number of holes, placement of holes, edges for cues.
    • Make sure pieces face in correct directions.
    • Make sure everything is flush, level and square as you build.
    • Fully tighten bolts, fasteners, cams but not before it’s all put together.
    • Do not over tighten and try not to strip threads or heads of bolts.

    If you screw up, you will need to be able to remove and re-attach these to complete your project.

    Call or message us if you need help

    If you are an inexperienced builder there may be some things that you come across which you are unsure about – there is no shame in this.

    At Furniturebox we are on hand to offer any assistance we can so simply call or email us and we will be able to help.


  • South Wiltshire Business Awards 2017 Finalist

    South Wilts Business Finalist

    We made it to the final of the South Wiltshire Business Awards 2017 for Best Performing Company.

    Furniturebox is always trying to better itself to improve our customers experience whilst also maintaining competitiveness on the market. Where we can, we also like to help within the community and as a relatively small business we like to have that personal touch!
    Furniturebox were lucky enough to be nominated for the South Wilts Business awards in two separate categories.

    The first being the NEW BUSINESS AWARD:

    ‘This Award celebrates South Wiltshire’s best performing new companies and recognises those that have exceeded their initial targets for growth and financial performance in their first TWO YEARS of trading.’

    …and the second was BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD:

    ‘The Moore Stephens Business of the Year Award recognises the best of South Wiltshire’s companies with turnover of £500,000 and above.’

    Over the last two months Furniturebox has had visits from the SWBOYA judging panel. We were asked a serious of questions which aimed to find out about many different aspects of our business. It was a process which allowed us not only to talk passionately about what we do, but also learn from the Judges invaluable experience. It gave us lots to think about, but more importantly it meant we were able to interact with the community with which we work in.

    On June 22nd two representatives of furniturebox, Monty George and Dan Beckles, went along to the awards evening at the Salisbury City Hall. It was a glamorous evening with cocktails, music, canapes and they even had ex-JLS member Ashton Merygold performing. Hundreds of other local business showed up in the hope of winning one of the handful of awards up for grabs.

    Furniturebox placed third in the NEW BUSINESS AWARD, narrowly missing out on top position by one judging point. Unfortunately we did not make the final in the BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD, however we were up against businesses with decades of experience and ones that employed hundreds of people so there was not too much disappointment.

    We hope to return next year and demonstrate further growth along with many more happy customers!

  • Why do we believe our racing office chairs are the best on the market?

    There are many different office chairs and racing office chairs out there on the market and you may find it hard to choose which one to go for. If you work at a desk it is important that you have a chair that is comfortable, supports your body, looks the part and is going to last.

    Here are 4 reasons why we believe the furniturebox office chairs are the best value to go for:

    1. Quality

    Made from a high grade faux leather and finished to our exacting quality standard. The chairs really do have the look and feel of a well made execuitive chair. The strengthened frame means they are robust and able to withstand the most energetic of chair sliders, swingers and twirlers!

    2. Range/Look

    With 10 unique styles, there is a racing office chair for everyone in the Furniturebox range. Whether you want a plain black executive chair or want to make a bold statement with a little white and purple ‘go faster’ number, we have it covered. Each different in their own way, these chairs will really jazz up your work space and can enhance your individuality.

    3. Comfort

    The Furniturebox offices have been kitted out with these very chairs for 2 years now and have had no issues to report. With heavily padded seat, back and arm rest these office chairs allow you to focus in your work to your hearts content, have some games propelling yourself from one of the office to another, all without having an added distraction of discomfort or worry about breakage.

    4. Price

    Priced at under £80 these chairs are a complete steal! We believe they represent real value for money and you would be hard pushed to find a chair of a similar caliber for the same price.

  • How to get the 21st century contemporary interior look?

    The first evidence of interior design dates back to the stone age. From it’s early primitive days, design and home décor has constantly evolved and has seen many different developments throughout the century’s. From Renaissance and Baroque to the infamous Art Deco period, the world of Interior design has really conjured up some remarkable innovation and incredible aesthetics. But where is the ever changing tide of design taking us now? What do you need to do to get the contemporary look today?

    Modern interiors have in the past been criticised for being cold and minimalist, however today’s contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming, without being cluttered and dark.

    The overriding themes you must adhere to are simplicity, sophistication, texture and clean lines. Interiors are becoming more about a showcase of space rather than things and focus on colour, space and shape.

    Neutrals, black, and white are the main colours in contemporary style interiors. The palette is often punched up and accented with bright and bold colour. Black is often used to ground and define a contemporary style room. With walls painted in a basic neutral, you have a wonderful backdrop for bold coloured accessories. If the walls and windows are painted in pastels, the trims should be neutral. If a wall is a bright, bold colour, neutrals should be used everywhere else.

    Line and Space
    The most obvious and distinctive element of a contemporary style interior design is line. It's found in architectural details, use of bold colour blocks, high ceilings, bare windows, and geometric shapes in wall art and sculpture. The bare space, on walls, between pieces of furniture, and above in upper areas, becomes as important as the areas filled with objects. In contemporary interiors, less is more. Each piece stands out as individual and unique.

    Image result for furniturebox uk deskContemporary Style Furniture
    Smooth, clean, geometric shapes are essential for contemporary style furniture pieces. Upholstered furniture often wears black, white, or other neutral tones in textured natural fibers. Cover it in a neutral, black, or bold fabric. Fabrics often have a natural look found in wool, cotton, linen, silk, jute, and add textural appeal.

    Furniture pieces should be simple and uncluttered, without curves or decoration. Sofas, chairs, and ottomans have exposed legs. Beds and chairs usually have no skirt, trim, fringe, or tassels. Pillows add a shot of color and texture in clean geometric shapes.

    Keep in Mind

    Use furniture and accessories to make a bold statement in contemporary style interior.


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